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“To my video of best acer laptops for the year of 2016. Now you will will notice that a celeb. Top generally are quite budget friendly. I have selected the laptops based on performance.

Customer reviews. And price. Point. First up.

We have s. Os v. E5. Now.

The reason. I ve selected this laptop is best mainstream laptop from acer is due to its overall well rounded configuration it does not feature the powerful intel core i7 processor. But it does have an awesome value for money it features an intel core i5 5200 u along with 8gb of ram and a dedicated graphics card the nvidia geforce 940m try finding this configuration at such a low price elsewhere. Although this is not a gaming laptop it can play games at decent graphics.


This laptop has received almost flawless reviews with people facing the performance per dollar value. Some people have even reported playing starcraft. 2. And various other games on ultra settings.

You may not be able to play the latest games at high graphics. But the ability to play them at all in itself is a great thing to consider next up. We have a gaming laptop by acer. Until recently.

Asa. Was known for the dedicated line of gaming laptops. However with the nitro series. That have already made a mark this laptop is the acer aspire v17 791 g.

Natural black edition gaming laptop. It is supremely affordable and features hardware that are worthy of any great gaming laptop it features intel core i7 4720 hd processor 8gb of ram and nvidia gtx 960m graphics card there are other more expensive version of this laptop available with higher ram and ssds as well looks wise. This laptop is a beauty to behold. It is only one inch thick.


This is sooner than most conventional laptops out. There let us now have a look at a sub budget laptop. The acer aspire s7 won 5 1. To is an ultra budget laptop with a sub 300 price range.

It features an intel celeron processor. With 4gb of ram and 500gb of hdd. Now. This is a pretty weak hardware configuration.

So. If you are looking for a laptop just for simple word. Processing. Checking your email or just having casual entertainment.

Then there is no point in investing in anything more expensive beware that this laptop cannot game. Even the slightest. We will now have a look at a source altra book. This is the acer aspire s7 one of the thinnest ultra books in the.


Market that is slim. 051. Inches profile. This is the premium up top with the premium price point it features intel core i7 5500 ooh 8gb of ram and 256 gb of.

Ssd the screen is 133 inch. In size. And with touch screen. Enabled.

Unfortunately. The screen is only full hd. Wqhd would have been much better. Especially.

Given. The fact that this is an expensive laptop. Nevertheless. If it is a so ultrabook that you want then this one surely stands out at the end let s have a look at asus convertible laptop.


The acer switch. 10 which is yet another affordable machine by acer this is a small 101 inch attachable tab convertible laptop. You will find that this machine is more of a tablet than a laptop. If you look at it through a laptop point of view you will find that it s hardware is quite lacking in performance.

However from tablet point of view. The hardware of this laptop is quite reasonable with the intel atom processor. 2gb of ram and 32 gb of internal storage space you would be able to run all kinds of apps and even low demanding software without any issue. I hope you enjoyed this video.

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