Best Apps for Toshiba Smart TV

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“Okay today we re gonna show you some apps that will run on your toshiba toshiba tv these apps will run on the toshiba smart tvs as well as the fire tv. You re gonna go through each one of these apps. Fairly quickly some of these we reviewed before if you stay with us to the end of the video. I m sure you ll find at least one or two of these apps.

That you ll want to try and lastly. All of these apps are a hundred percent free and legal okay let s get started and take. A look at an app. Called zoom.

Oh. This is what the opening guide..

Looks like on zoom. Oh. Let s start scrolling down. Here.

First you ll see some of the channels. That you recognized like cbs nbc. Bloomberg and then you may see some other channels that you re less familiar with usa. Today.

They do have lots of movie channels on here that you can check out honestly. I came on for some of the movie channels and then i realized that there was a lot more here and found a lot more interesting things to watch you should also note that there are lots of kid shows on here as well you see them scrolling by in just a second and in addition to that there are also lots of sports channels on here anywhere from golfing to climbing to race car driving to skateboarding to surfing..

You ll certainly find them all on here. They also have an on demand area. Where you can watch any of these channels on demand ok. We re now we re gonna take a look at pluto okay.

When you first get into pluto tv. This is what it looks like there s two main areas the live tv and the free movies and tv shows. We re gonna take you into the live tv. First here and this is the guide really nicely laid out categorized here.

So basically you ll see there s a movies area. Where you ll see about seven or eight movie channels..

And you ll see a news area. Here. Where you ll see nbc cbs c. Nbc.

Etc. You ll also have a sports area. Here. Where you see lots of sports channels.

Next up is 2b tv. This is what the main menu looks like on tobe tv..

If you go over to the left. You ll see a bunch of headings you ll see movie night comedy. You ll actually see not on netflix popular tv shows drama highly rated. They claimed to have over 7000 titles.

And i believe them that s our video for today as always thank you very much for watching and ” ..

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