Best External Hard Drives and SSDs for Video Editing

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“Hard drives are a nnecessity for a lot of video editing projects and choosing nthe nthe right one can make a massive difference to nthe speed of your editing in video. We re gonna take na look at the different types of hard drives and ssds navailable and my recommendations when it comes to the best ndrives for video editing. Relaxed music hey. It s justin brown nhere form primal video.

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So let s jump into it now when it comes to video nediting external drives can make a big difference to the nspeed of your editing. As well as the security of your backups nand your archives as well now depending on your computer. Nconfiguration and setup and depending on the hard ndrives that you ve already got built into your computer. Nwhere.

An external drive can speed up the process and speed up your whole editing workflow nis by separating the two so if you ve got a standard nhard drive. So not a super fast drive in your computer and nthat s got your operating system and all your programs nand everything on it. Then you can really speed up your editing by having your performance. Non your external drive having an high speed.

External ndrive for fast access to the footage. Fast access nto your project files that will speed everything up now. In some cases. You might already have a fast primary drive or nan operating system drive combining that with a fast nexternal drive.

And again. Keeping the two separate noperating system and your project. Files and media for your video editing can once again speed nthings up even further. So really everything ncomes down to the speed that you can access and ntransfer your files and access and run your programs to nspeed up the entire process.

Now. There s a lot of ndifferent options out there across a huge range of prices nspeeds and configurations so in this video. We re gonna take a look at what they are and my nrecommendations. If you re looking for the best.

External ndrive for video editing. And make sure you stick around n cause. I ll cover simple tip to help you easily backup nyour video projects on the fly that i ve seen help save nentire working projects from being lost. If your nexternal drive ever crashes now when it comes to drive there s really.

Two main nperformance considerations. The first is storage size nand. The second is speed obviously with videos nstorage is the big thing video files aren t small so having enough storage nis absolutely critical. But speed is also really important and using slow hard drives can really make your video editing.

Painful with drives these days..

You can usually get one or the other relatively cheaply. But combining the two into one drive is where it gets expensive ssds for example are fast. But they get expensive quickly as your nstorage capacity goes up hard drives on the other hand are slower. But you can get much much nhigher storage capacity versus an ssd for the same price with that in mind using a mix of the two different types really nstarts to make sense hard drives where the ncapacity is important.

But speed is not so critical and ssds where speed is nthe main requirement. But not so much the storage in regards to your video. Nand. Your editing process.

Where do each of these matter. Well the primary use for the ndrives. When you re editing are number. One working drives nand number two backup drives.

So number. One a working drive is where nyou store all your files. While you re working on na project. It s the name so here is where speed is important because these are the nfiles that you re gonna be working off and editing noff so the faster drives are gonna improve the response ntimes in your editing your rendering speed your ngeneral speed of editing.

So you need something big nenough to hold your files. But the focus is to get nsomething as fast as you can the second one then is back up drives. And this is where your storage ncapacity matters. The most so you wanna get drives as big nas possible to back up your current project files for nredundancy to archive all your completed projects any b roll.

Nfootage. Really anything that you wanna keep for the future nso that you have them handy. Now because these are typically backups. They re not gonna be nused for working files your speed isn t a big concern here so now that we ve covered nthe types of drives.

And what s important nlet s run through what i m currently using and nwhat. I recommend for each okay first off. We ll nlook at working drives now for small projects. I nuse.

Smaller fast ssd drives both to hold the editing. Nproject and the video footage now as these ssds or high nspeed drives are typically smaller. I ll use them as ntemporary storage. While i m working on these projects.

Nthese are the working drives once i m done with a nproject. I ll back it up or i ll archive. The project and then i ll clear off the ssd ready nfor. The next project.

So the biggest benefit..

I nget from working this way is that my working drive nall the files and everything are on high speed drives. So using an ssd. So the file transfer s fast nthe. Whole editing process works.

Fast. And it can also nspeed up your rendering and exporting. If you re nusing fast drives as well. I also make sure that nthe computers.

I m editing on have fast primary ndrives as well so that the operating system runs fast. And so that the programs run quick nand perform well as well so in regards to fast external ssd drives. The ones that i like are the one terabyte and two terabyte. Samsung drives.

These are incredible fast nbut. They re not cheap and with your external ndrives. It also comes down to how your drive is nconnected to your computer. There s no point having na super fast hard drive.

But losing all the speed with how you re connecting it to your computer. So you wanna make sure that you re using at least usb three or usb 31. Or thunderbolt three on nsome of the newer devices. The external drives that i m currently using are the samsung t.

Three drives now these are small nlight and incredibly fast. This one s a one terabyte drive. But there are different sizes available. So you just wanna get one nthat is able to hold the size of the projects that you re gonna have and the number of projects that nyou re gonna have on the go so in regards to backups and archives.

This is where you got your slower storage. Which is designed for nredundancy and backups the ones that i use are a usb three western. Digital my book drive these have a 7200. Rpm drive.

These are six terabyte drives you can also get them in eight. And i think there s 10s out nnow or very soon as well i like to backup. All my stuff nto. A network storage as well a nes so that i use that ni have a running backup of all my files and then i nuse these as an offsite backup.

So that i have a copy of my files here and running and accessible. If i need to but also external in ncase of fire or theft. So in regards to the western ndigital drives. I m really not someone that is one brand nspecific or the other i ve got some seagates as well my approach to it is to get the best bang for buck drive.

When you re nlooking to purchase..

These are the kinds of things nthat you re not normally buying everyday and next ntime you go to buy one. There. ll be a better nvalue drive. Available higher storage.

Cheaper price. So for me right now. I m using the wds. The western digitals.

But seagate are another nsolid option as well and most of these normally have naround a five year warranty. So they re really really ngood solid drives. So my process. Then is i nuse the high speed drives the ssds for the editing.

Once the projects are complete non. There then i ll backup to our network storage to nour live running backup. And then i ll also transfer noff to one of these put it in the cupboard nor put it externally offsite as a backup as well really even with these the transfer rate on these is actually nreally really surprising you connect them through with usb three. I was pretty blown away with nhow fast.

These drives actually are and how quick you can nget a heap of data onto them now. I ve actually used these exact drives to edit projects. Where we ve nhad a huge amount of data way more than you d fit nonto a couple of ssds. So they re definitely nhigh performance drives.

So my recommendation to you nwould be obviously dependent on your budget. And workflow nand. How many editing projects or whatever you re taking on nor videos you re producing is try to edit off the nfastest drives you can if the fastest drive nthat you ve got is your internal hard drive in your ncomputer. Then use that whenever possible look at nexternal drives look at fast external drives and then your nbackups can be slower drives.

But bigger drives so that you ncan back all of your stuff up onto them and put them away nin case of fire or theft. And really you should also nhave two copies of your backup. So one onsite and one offsite. So if there is a problem nyou ve at least got two copies you d hate to have to npull out your backup drive and find that the drive didn t work or that it had died nsitting and not running so i ve definitely seen nthat.

Happen as well so always have two backup ncopies of every backup drive. The other hard drives nthat. I need to mention in this video are your nportable backup drives and this is really a mix of the two this is the smaller drives nthat are two terabyte this one s actually a four nterabyte so it s a little bit bigger. But theses are just npowered off your computer.

So these are great for traveling with cause. You don t need to ntake the bigger drives with the power. Brick as well these are slower drives as well most of these are 7200 rpm. So they re fast enough to edit off.

But they re not gonna give nyou the full performance that you would with editing off an ssd or a fast external drive..

But i ll take these with nme when i m traveling so that i can backup huge amounts of data depending on the cameras and nthe projects. We re working on so that i can get the nbackups going. And if i have to edit off these these nwill work fine until we can come back to our nhigher speed drives here. But even just for portable backup drives while you re traveling nthen these are perfect so this exact one is a nseagate four terabyte and this is a western ndigital two terabyte and both of these are incredibly cheap now in regards to backups nand.

Not losing your video editing projects while nyou re working on them one tip. That i have is to nautomatically sync. Your working folder with something. Nlike.

Google drive or dropbox. And how you can do that is create a sync folder for either one of those two and edit your project files or your video files from those folders. So that way they re constantly nupdating to google drive or dropbox and the nlatest version is always going to be up there in the cloud as well now obviously this is gonna nbe dependent on how much data you re actually moving around nand your internet speeds. But wherever possible ni d try to edit directly from a sync folder.

So nthat if my computer died at any given moment. There. Is na backup. That is automatically done without me having nto manually do a backup backups are one of those nthings that if we have to do them manually a nlot of people don t do so you need to automate the nprocess wherever.

Possible and having an automatic backup nto. Google drive or to dropbox is a great way to make sure nthat that is actually done now. If you are editing in nsomething. Like adobe.

Premier. Then adobe premier does have na cloud backup option for you make sure you turn it on cause. Most people have it nbut don t have it turned on so if your internet is good nenough. This is something that i would definitely recommend you do even if it s just your project.

Nfiles or the working files. If there s not enough bandwidth nor internet capabilities to upload your entire nlot of footage as well make sure your footage is backed up to a couple of bigger slower drives. But make sure your working files nare automatically backed up cause. They re typically nmuch much smaller.

Now. If you re interested nin. Our recommended process for backing up your videos then check out the video linked on screen nnow that covers how we backup and archive. Our completed nprojects and the best process to be sure that your old nprojects are accessible enough to easily reuse parts or all nof them in future videos.

” ..

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