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“It comes to downloading music online. There are thousands of sites available out there you you have your first split which are sites that are legal and sites that are today. I will tell you the five best free music download sites that are all legal when it comes to legally downloading free music on the internet. You re never gonna really find.

Ed sheeran. Sam. Smith kendrick. Lamar.

Drink hilary duff. No taylor swift might find hilary duff on there this is because they are signed to major labels and the major labels want to collect every single royalty from every single stream out there for example..

I ve post covers of me singing sam smith s song and i posted that to facebook. And then i would get a message from universal music the day or two after telling me to take that song down. Because i don t have the royalty rights to that song if you re looking for free music downloads for popular songs you likely never find them on the internet. If you do you re downloading them illegally the the cool thing about these best free music sites that are legal is you re you re going to find a lot of upcoming artists singers from around the world that you will have never heard of but their music is still really really good the first i d have come across is jamendo.

This is not your site. Where you re going to find like the new drake hit or taylor swift. It but you will find artists who are up and coming a lot of new artists a lot of european artists that are just starting out singer songwriters bands. You can download their music for free they put them up on this site because they want exposure and discoveries.

If you re into hearing music. That none of your friends have heard i know that s kind of a cool thing to do is to like show your friends..

The new upcoming bands this is the site where you would find that and you can download for free no royalty totally legal the second site obviously no surprise. We soundcloud is like the youtube for music. Most artists will have all their songs up on soundcloud. A lot of them will have their songs available for free download actually you soundcloud a lot for free music downloads.

When it comes to the vlog and like background music. So a lot of cool under beads are available. There and a lot of cool underground. Singers and upcoming artists as well if they re best free music download site.

Amazoncom might come up a surprise to some. People but amazoncom stores thousands and thousands of free songs here as well you re never gonna find major label artists..

Oh you would find a lot of the classical music and then you would find upcoming bands as well who want to list their music as free download on amazoncom. So a cool discovery tool just to go through use their filters they have available and just check out all this free music on amazoncom. The fourth best free music download site free music archive. No surprise in the title.

There. A good thing about free music archive is they have a lot of live takes of free music downloads. So there s a popular site called kxb and they do really cool live video sessions with really famous artists they ll often put their free free music download of those takes on free music archive. That s another approach.

If you re looking for free music download from players who are assigned to major labels. You can likely get those songs as live takes on free music archive..

The fifth best free music download site facebook pages. If you follow your favorite artists pages. They will often post free music download links to remixes or live takes. Sometimes usually you ll have to like or share.

The song to get the free music download. So there is a bit of a deal where you have to trade something in return to get the free music download. But what you trade is usually free yourself. ” .


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