BEST iPHONE CABLE AmazonBasics iPhone Cable Review

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“Dad s i got that iphone cable that i unboxed for you guys the amazon amazon basics. I don t want to give you guys my review on it first all hi hide. All the new dads out. There.

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If you guys care to help me out by clicking then so i got this cord on amazon it s the amazon basics iphone lightning cord nothing too fancy you know somebody even mentioned in the comment of whenever i was unboxing this cord is that oh great an iphone cord. But the reason why i wanted to review. These cords is because when uh probably two weeks ago three weeks ago. I was having a lot of trouble with my phone particularly the port here every time i plug in a cord into the phone.

It wouldn t like just click in and charge. I had to like put it in and then i d have to like hold it or press down on it to rin. I d have to sit there and a whole bit like that for a long time. And i thought man.

What is wrong with this cord. So let me god then i was like okay maybe. It s just a cord. I think there s a short in it or whatever i ll give this amazon basic cord and we ll test it out so i learned a little bit more first of all about iphone cords.

There is a certain you want to make sure there apple certified which all of these particular ones are these amazon basic ones. These also come with a two year warranty. I believe on them. Which is pretty good they i think they do make some of them out there with a lifetime warranty.


But the reason why i didn t go at the lifetime warranty is because well apples change their cords and so the old ones. I really can t use anymore so if it had a lifetime warranty it wouldn t really matter so i mean wireless charging is already a thing so my next funk that phone may not even have a cable that i need for it. But for the time being i decide to go with this one. Now.

The reason. Why i decided to go with the amazon basics by the way. I ll link this up down in the description below if you guys care to check this out. But the reason why i went with the amazon basic is because of the thanks for the price.

I got six feet of length here. And i got two of them. And i believe it cost me like fifteen sixteen bucks. Something like that i ll link up the prices.

I ll put the link down the description. Y all can click that to go. See the prices. But if this is certified so it does the problem that i was having here is i think some junk got stuck in there i went and got my bad.

I was having battery problems we got the battery replaced and whenever the guy was replacing it i asked him about that. And he said. Oh yeah. That s all fixed.

You know i guess he cleaned it out or whatever so now we plug this in whenever i go to charge my phone. It just snaps right in and it works. It s great finally. I was like fooling around with that for so long this cord.


Works. Great this is my my iphone case. I ve talked about before. Which is also acts as a wallet this opens up and you can put stuff in between there.

And there s spaces for card. There s a video about that i ll link it up right up there. But the cord fits in between the area that the case maker gives you for this case to be able to plug in your thing. I ve seen some of these cords where they re like they re like stick out a little too far on the sides here and so they don t fit all the way into the cases.

But this one is made very similar to the apple cords you know very slim. So that they can fit in those small spaces and they plug in very nicely. I got a nice little click there i don t know if i can hear you already nice click there so it works well gets in this plug in just into place right where it needs to be and it starts charging in charge. It seems to work well as a charger now whenever i was searching these online.

I was one a little woman 2 lifetime mortgage just to see what they had and what the price was then i started to look at okay how much length of cable can i get for the best price and then that s whenever i found the amazonbasics and i was like man they just took everyone else out by this by far so i got a 6 foot cord. Here. And i think the other ones were they were closer to like 10 for a six foot if not more they may have been 11 and i got this for eight. I want to say seven or eight bucks.

I can t remember after taxes and whatnot. So that s the main reason. Why i want this. I was able to get two six foot cords for this almost the same prices.

I would have gotten just one three foot cord. So i was like a cord and a half is what i would have been getting so i can definitely attest for these amazon basic chords. They work. Great haven t had any problem with them yet they they snap in just fine.


They power up just fine they fit the holes just fine they fit around my case. Just fine. And i so far there s no fraying or messing up or anything like that but again. I ve already i ve only have already had it for only just like two months.

Maybe a month. I don t know when i did that unboxing video. So if you guys need some some chords. I can definitely attest to the amazon basics.

And i will link those up down in the description below. If you guys care to check them out. Don t want to watch more of the dada reviews. I ll put some more videos right there on the screen.

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Let me know what it is down in the comments below. And i ll see if i can get it for you uh. What. Kind of phone.

Cord. Do. Y. all.


Use. Y. all. Have y.

all. Use. These. Amazon.

Basics. Let. Me. Know.

That down. In. The. Comments.

Below. As well y all have a great one dad. ” ..


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