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“Sun and moon have been released now for a few weeks. And i have to to say that the games as a whole are fantastic. I love the plot. The you meet along the way and the overall new and improved features add to the games of course with every brand new pokemon game.

Though there is a new challenge to be conquered in the many battles of a lola. There is always a best team to take on the challenge and to help you as the player get through the game. The best way possible with the team of the best six pokemon. We find suited for the challenge.

Here with me today to discuss the best team of six is none other than the gen. 4. Fan himself. Mr.

Fourth. Gen gamer. Hey. Guys.

I m josh or the fourth. Gen gamer. And despite my user name. I absolutely love gen.

7. And i m so excited to tackle this best team with mystic alice ruining youtube channel with lots of pokemon content. Some of it featuring this video like my all team s video click the i in the upper right for pokemon randomizer. Tutorials and plenty more let s get this started.

So. If you guys are veterans to my channel or to the best team series you guys have a general idea of how we build the teams. But this team is actually a little different because of ultrason amoun. Introducing a couple of more things this time.

We will be including two two moves. If need be because of man x surf. They re in different parts of the story and not postgame like most other main games are like always though this team will be able to help you take on the formidable bosses of the game since the totem pokemon trial captain s rivals ether foundation and its bosses team skull and its leaders and finally for an added bonus. Altering across imagist.

Because of how difficult this legendary pokemon is now before we showcase these pokemon. There are a few guidelines that we re putting in place to make sure. This team is most accessible all these pokemon selected must be available on both ultra sun and ultra moon and we are considering these to be caught in their normal game locations. So no egg moves in addition.

We won t be including any legendary or mythical pokemon. Ultra. Beasts or the tapu s lastly to celebrate the launch of ultra sun and moon mystic and i will be giving away two copies of these games. One each click the link in the description to enter the ultra moon giveaway and check out my video that mystic helped me with for the ultra sun giveaway to enter you need to subscribe to both of us on youtube and follow us on twitter twitch subscribers will get 5 bonus entries as well the last day for these two giveaways is on december 16th.

Good. Luck. Now let s have a look at this team. So yeah.

This giveaway should be pretty fun and we do some pretty fun stuff on twitch such as shiny hunting shiny wonder trades solo runs nuzlockes etc. I can just guarantee. It s a lot of fun. So definitely give us both the follow on twitch for some amazing pokemon entertainment.

Anyway starting off this team. We need a stirrer pill come on and i couldn t think of any better pokemon than papa leo. Why papa lil. You asked well arezzo does a series on his channel that i am sure most of you are familiar with where him in a partner go into heavy detail about the best stirred pokemon for that specific game or a zone.

I sometimes disagree on services like in hoenn or cinnamon last year. But this game. I gotta say i agree with him and supra. The research is very well done and the points.

They d give definitely point towards popolo being the best oh i have no objections if you guys want proper details about why poplu is the best oh check out a rises best starter video in the description. Or the icard link in the corner slid off papa leo and eventually pre marina s moveset..

We have its signature water type moves sparkling aria not only can this move be used with the primary mz. But this is just a hard hitting move for water coverage before you learn this move just use whichever water type move that you may have this water coverage will be imperative for total marowak. Olivia both in the elite. 4.

And her grand trial. Fabless clay doll hat booze. Grande trial and key aways battle in the minute trial. You ll also want a fairy type moves such as moon blast.

Which will absolutely obliterate. The powerful totem komodo and will be useful in some more niche cases such as house nova and crow bominable nana sableye lucy means beware and perhaps most importantly ultra knock rosman teaching the tm shadow ball obtainable right before the ghost trial will also prove very useful in some other niche scenarios. Where you need that ghost coverage. We found that this provides some nice backup for certain battles like that pesky totem mimic you or asa role as elite 4 match especially if your main coverage for these fights goes down the last.

Lot you could really fill with whatever you want. But we recommend an additional coverage tm such as psychic or energy ball psychic seems to be the best option as you get it early enough and will prove its worth in fending off all those annoying poison types with that being said. Let s move on the first pokemon on our team jeez. I know last year in the top 10 hardest pok mon to evolve in cinnamon video.

I talk smack about this pokemon and now it s on the best team and to be honest. It s actually a lot better than i thought it would be you can capture this pokemon. The moment you get pokeballs and i mean that quite literally because it is the first static encounter you can run into grubbin starting off isn t exactly the greatest. But once it evolves in the charge bug and then later on into vacaville.

It gets better charger bug is a physical attacking pokemon. But then it when it evolves. It turns into a special attacker being likable back in sun and moon you would have to wait until vast pony canyon to evolve church bug. But with the new games you only have to wait till.

Bush mountain on lulu island. So you get viko vault. Way earlier as a cool added bonus for charge bug you can even slip on an evo light to make its defense is more durable. You can find an evo light on a kala island in coney cooney city.

I will leave a video to that in the description as mystic said since charge. A bug starts off as a physical pokemon. You ll be running with spark for a while eventually to be replaced with thunderbolt upon evolution. This will be your go to move with viking boat.

Given its insanely high a special attack. This electric coverage will be crucial for totem arachnid. Totem. Mimic use sos calls skarmory house.

No i ve earned guzman s goliath. Pod and masquerade neely s elite for match. Lusa means. Milotic lana s arachnid in minish trial.

Gladion s covet. As well as the rest of the zubat line from team skull. As far as bug. Coverage goes.

While you re a charged bug. You ll have bug bite. Early. On.

If you evolve. Before level. 30. Borne.

You can get bug buzz as a viking boat. But that probably won t be the case since blush mountain is decently far into the game right before the pokemon league. You will gain access to the move reminder on mountain killa. So feel free to teach bug buzz before going on to remedy.

This we have to have our first move tutor selection signal beam you gain access to this at hehehe beach. After getting eight bp from mantine surfer..

This is a fun minigame. They added an ultrasound to moon so enjoy it you ll find this bug coverage to be extra useful for totem. Laurentiis and alternate kras m. a.

Filling our next slot is tm energy ball. While available on the second island. You will need to wait for the machamp ride pokemon to get this tm regardless. This will still be important to combat habbo gastro dawn and lana s lantern once again during minish trial for all you ultra moon players for our last.

Lot we decided to make another tm in flash cannon despite being to their late game. Tm. This will still prove its use in fighting minish trial. And any other late game fairy types literally right after you pick up pokeballs and are able to capture pokemon.

You can pick up the second pokemon on the team. Which is munchlax and then later snorlax right. There on route 1. Snorlax.

Is the variety team member or essentially the sixth member josh and i picked to complete the team. But because it s route 1. It s the second available pokemon to capture snorlax is great for filling in any variety team slot for whatever you need as the most normal types are and get very many moves to pick from whatever weaknesses you need to fill up or if a pokemon faints snorks can clean up half the time as long as you re not against a fighting type pok mon plus. It s a pleasure to bring back this happy sleeper back from the best team for camp to a quick tip for raising your munchlax make sure you pick up the soothe bail early on in the game on route.

3 of melimeli island to guess their likes as soon as possible as far as moves go strikes is pretty flexible as mystic said. It is the variety team member although. I do highly recommend learning giga impact level 34. And slapping the snore.

Liam z. Obtainable. In he city on this thing. For some preposterous pancake action.

Snagging tm return from malli city. Will also be a hard hitting stab move that will be very beneficial as far as the last two moves go. There is a lot of flexibility you can always try for more coverage. Via tm such as brick break wild charge of rockslide or way up the levels for crunch heavy slam or high horsepower.

I believe the combination of wild charge. And heavy slam would be the most advantageous but out of every pokemon on this team the move selection for this one is by far. The least significant our next team member kimi. Found at the trainer s school being a lowland crimer.

A lowland muck makes its return from sin immune. And there s no surprise. Why poison and dart typing is just an overall amazing typing in a lola muck is bulky can hit hard and only has one weakness being ground it may not be like it s kanto counterpart being only poison typing. But you guys will see that it s dark typing comes in a lot of handy on our low and journey.

It s dark typing has more than impact in its primary typing. Actually a new guys will see that once we get into further details of how this pokemon does against certain trainers. It s poison typing comes into play a lot. Too don t get me wrong.

I just feel bad for the fairies. The only downside to muck is that has more special poison attacks than physical. And it s special attack isn t the greatest. But poison fang can last you for a while.

I ll let josh explain the rest early on in the game at melee. Melee meadow. Be sure to snag the poison barb to boost any of these poison moves. Although.

The moment that you reach level 40. You can ditch poison fang for gunshot as long as this move hits. You will destroy almost anything in your path. Having this poison coverage will provide some fantastic backup for total aransas.

As well as gladion s type. No since it will be holding the grass memory..

An addition this will allow muck to lead the fight in many other situations. Such as tomer bombed a house leafeon and raichu loose means clefable and litigants minna s grandal. Andrew bombay. As well as malice entire team goddamn poison coverage is more important than i originally thought for this game.

You ll also get bite early on eventually to be replaced with crunch. Another crucial stab coverage move this will be handy for that absolute pain in my ass omni boosted disguise totem mimic you as well as a sorrows elite for match favas brucks ish and hypno and the insanely overpowered alternate asthma side note feel free to teach muck toxic for this battle to toxic stalin. If you re having problems facing this absolute beast next. We have another move tutor selection ice punch.

You once again. Only need. 8. Bp from mantine serve to receive this over on uh lula beach.

Having guys punch will provide some great coverage specifically for flying in ground types. The last slot. We can fill with the tm brick break which you can t learn until you evolve into muck. But when you do get it you ll be able to easily defeat any steel types in your way not surely bring in to the next slot of our team.

Mr. Lucha and the kind of the fight. Jack black. So i thought this joke would be perfect this pokemon is amazing for how early you get in the game being right after lee mistrial on round 3.

Unfortunately you can t use it for lee mistrial or the totem pokemon. But for the remainder of the game. It is pretty amazing whoa whoa hang on there comments section. Don t freak out this is mystic from the future.

And i realize i done goofed you can get a hallelujah before lee mistrial at the route to pokemon center. Alas is looking for a sparrow traitor for that. And you have a halooo iv of max attack. So forget about what i said earlier and give that totem radek.

Gumshoes and lima a brick brick to the face 118 speed in 92 attack for a male. A male. A pok mon is that rageous plus holla is right down the corner. And you can bring this message to door to kick his ass this pokemon cannot speed.

Everything really easily and can clean up a tough turner battle. No problem at all for any early game. Problems. Fighting in flying typing.

Is also a solid combination for taking on most of the trans into lola. And it also has a pretty fun move pool. 2. Flying press.

The animation is bullock old. Watch picking move set for hawlucha is quite interesting thanks to its signature move. Flying press. Originally introduced in gen.

6. Along. With hawlucha. As the first ever.

Dual type. Move. Gen. 7.

Gives. This flying fighting move. A considerable boost from 80 to 100. Effectively.

150. After stab..

This is a powerful move and in itself provides a lot of coverage for some tough battles from term laurentiis and has toros to halla and nanos grand trials. Gladion s zoroark loosely means lopunny alima during minish trial and provides some great backup for when you battle mallow and minish trial. Despite the sheer power of this move. We still lose some coverage due to its double typings.

Such as bug steel and rock to address this concern teach the team s acrobatics and brigh break both available on the first islands this will help greatly for the totem pokemon toad you maru komodo. Ruben bay. As well as mo lane lana s arachnid and minnows trial and olivia all of which we have our main coverage for. But this will provide some nice backup for for our final move slot.

We decide to go with the tm x scissor. This is a solid move to provide some additional coverage for psychic and grass types. That may be encountered within your adventure for this last. Pokemon josh and i were very surprised that would be on this team.

I ve always thought of it as ugly and slow. But we were wrong because this pokemon is the hardest hitter on the best team for ultrason immune viewers. I present to you muds dale now we are both aware that this pokemon has very slow speed but look at its other stats. They are god to your level 125.

Based attack 100 base hp and its defenses are pretty solid. We underestimated this pokemon hardcore in our opinion. We feel that this is the best ground type pok mon you can get in the games. Mud bright also evolves into mud.

Still a little 30 and to be honest. That s a pretty level four an evolution of this caliber mud bright. Even has 100 based attack jumping jump puffs mystic seriously let s keep the cringe in the roblox community real life lego simpsons simulator. My dude whatever my guy yeah move sets go yikes anyway like mystic said.

This thing is a goddamn powerhouse to cover our ground coverage. At level 24. You will get high horse power. Which is a fantastic ground type move eventually to be replaced at level 47.

With earthquake. This ground coverage will be perfect for totem marowak and toja damaru as well as plumeria moline olivia housing simmer and ride shook lions lucario all of team skills poison types except the zubat line ultra khan squads ploy poem in a small while key aways and sophocles entire teams immense trial and a partridge in a pear tree well not really. But it might as well be with how important ground coverage is in these games that not surprised you then i have something especially for you muds dale comes in at an overwhelmingly obese 2028 pounds the sixth heaviest pokemon currently in existence so you bet your ass you will teach this thing heavy slam at level 34. Effectively destroying any ice fairy or rock types in your path.

You ll also want to teach tm rockslide not only for more coverage. But also to combat guzman s viking bolt for our last move. We are going to teach tm toxic given how bulky muds dale is you can always use this move to catch a new pokemon even if it s on a timer or whenever you see the need be you can even talk sixth alternate kozma as i said with muck. If it comes down to it well that was the best team for ultra sun and moon.

I know that this team is relatively slow. But aloha dis has slow pokemon in general. It s got a relatively good selection of fast pokemon. But the pokemon.

We chose just outperform them with more attack power and most of the fast pokemon are glass cannons and would get stomped down easily especially with how powerful these totem pokemon are they may be fast attackers. But they can t one hit ko the totems even what the z moves. Most of the time anyways. What do you guys think though would you put anything different on the team let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

As i know there will be a lot of comments. So josh didn t we have a video and your channel. Too something about easter isn t that like months away who says we can t celebrate easter early with some easter eggs. I love easter eggs and i hope you do too because mystic and i just put together the top ten easter eggs in ultra sun and moon check.

It out. And don t forget to enter both giveaways thanks for a beyond mystic. If you guys did enjoy this best team. Though why not leave a like and subscribe to my content for more theories.

Pokemon countdowns. What if scenarios and more until then though guys i am mystic umbreon and i ” ..

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