Best USB 3.0 Flash Drive 2015 – SanDisk Extreme 64gb – REVIEW

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“Everyone this is jimmy with jim s review room welcome to another review. Now when when i was looking for a usb flash drive. I was looking for the utmost for transferring huge video. Files but you d be surprised at how many usb.

30 drives actually perform just slightly better than usb 20. Versions. Now in this review. I don t compare pricing too much as you do get what you pay for.

But the sandisk extreme is known for how fast i can move so without further ado we ll get started the sandesh extreme is a tall lightweight plastic construction. It sticks out quite a bit though at three and three quarter inches and uses a very nice clicky retractable mechanism unfortunately with its title of being extreme it doesn t come in a more durable. All aluminum case nonetheless pro mine uses and considering and uses more in a commercial level. It s been holding up pretty well now in regards to speed and value extreme versions are possibly the best models.


They have right now from sandisk meeting allowing competitors out there right now and as stated i have the 64 gigabyte version and if you re looking for the upper 100. Megabyte. Close to 200 megabyte per second. Read speeds this sandisk is on the cheaper side surprisingly manufacturers patriots and corsair our two quick examples are priced at 84 and 169 dollars respectively for similar claimed performance now if you re ok with around 100 megabyte read speeds then you re looking around the 35 down the price range for a 64 gigabyte flash drive.

But what s more important are its features and the reason. Why i purchased this and correct me if i m wrong. But sandisk offers secure access and most if not all of their flash drives. Protecting your files with a hundred and twenty eight bit encryption now this allows you to share your flash drive without anyone seeing what you have stored in your vault to access the vault.

Open up the secure access program on your computer type. In the password. And all the files are there now this works on both macs and pcs as well so even if you lose your flash drive which i ve seen happen on job sites and especially in colleges. Where students are forgetting these in their computers at the library at least you ll know someone won t be able to see your private files.


And you can use the extra meem just like a regular flash drive as well by saving your files right onto the drive and not into the vault. And you won t need a password to access in the future now to the second most important part is speed and i m not a big benchmarking channel. But i ll try to show you some real world tests as an example. The first test is showing how fast a big file can be transferred over to the sandisk initial burst speeds are around 200 megabytes per second.

Which is very impressive and shortly after that it tapers down to about 180 megabytes per second. It s still crazy fast. Nonetheless. Though and a four gigabyte file can be completed basically in about a minute now when doing the reverse.

Though i found writing to my computer. Hard drive from the thumb drive yielded about 125 to 130 megabytes per second. On average. As well finishing a 30 gigabyte file in about 4 minutes.


Time now. Another test that people do is transferring very small files in this case. Photos at several megabytes each. And this would obviously be a little bit slower considering each file is being created copied and then written and a little over 6 gigs of photos.

The speed was averaging around 44 megabytes per second and finished. At about 2 minutes. In 30 seconds. In total time.

So with those basic or real quick tests. There and in real world testing. I guess you can say at least. What i use it for the extreme flash drive is very fast.


When compared to a lot of the other flash drives on the market and it personally suits my needs when transferring large video files from one computer to another now if you re in the market for a flash drive and you re working with some large files. I do personally recommend this so hope you enjoyed this video and i know it s a short one. But again i personally have been using this almost daily and it worked out well for me. So.

If you can please take your time to like and share this video and find me on my facebook or google pages. This is jimmy from jim s review room take care everyone. ” ..


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