BEST VLOGGING SETUP 2020!! (Camera + Lens + Mic + Tripod)

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“What s up everyone my name is chris winter and in this video. I m m gonna go through what i think is one of the best blogging setups for people and also one that s relatively budget friendly and guys. If you make youtube videos definitely make sure to check out my brand new list that i just made the best cameras for youtube. I ll go through some of the cameras that will be best for you so.

If you want to check that out i ll put a link in the description box below this video you can take a look. Anyway. Let s now take a look at this vlogging setup. So hopefully i can help you guys figure out if this is the right kind of setup for you so.

This is my vlogging setup that i d recommend for most people especially if you re just starting out or if you want to improve your vlogs. Say you ve been using something like a phone for example. This here is definitely what i would be recommending. And it comprises of around about three or four four different parts.

Now the first and most obvious part is the camera body itself and the camera. Though generally recommend is the canon sl 2. Or 200 d. It s a relatively new dslr and it s got a couple of really good features for vlogging.

The very first feature that i recommend in pretty much any vlogging setup is a flip out screen. And this one s got it right here so the great thing about this is that when you re going to be vlogging. You re generally going to be holding the camera yourself you can actually flip the screen around and you can see yourself and make sure that you re going to be in focused and in frame being able to have this screen is awesome as well when you re traveling because you can flip it around and then have it on the back here as well and then if you are traveling you can flip it and then close the screen so it s actually protected when you re actually gonna be traveling so you don t actually scratch the screen. The other thing about the canon sl that i really like is that it s got dual pixel autofocus.

Now. What is the dual pixel autofocus. Well. If you know anything about canon dslrs.

They ve had this for the last few years. And it s been a bit of a revolution because dual pixel autofocus. Means you re gonna be getting smooth and cinematic autofocus. Pretty much wherever you point your camera.

So with the vlog. You generally aren t gonna be using manual focus unless you re a bit of a pro. But you re gonna be quickly. You know having the camera here if you re pointing this way.

Whatever is going to be in front of you is going to be coming smoothly and cinematically into focus. If you ve got it here. It s got face tracking as well so you know that even if i m just holding the camera right here. It s going to be tracking my face.


And it s going to be focus. It really does work really well now a lot of cameras back in the last five six seven years especially dslrs had really bad autofocus. So it is great that the canon so2 now has dual pixel autofocus and i can t recommend it highly enough another thing about the canon so2 is that it s got a microphone jack. Which brings me to my second point.

And this is something that s really important for a blog and that is having an external microphone. Now some cameras don t have the option to have an external microphone in something like a canon g7x or a sony. Rx100 mark v. But it is nice when you can have it because you can get better quality sound.

If you ve ever tried to use a camera without a microphone. Jack you might have noticed that the sound is a little bit tinny a little bit hollow and it doesn t sound great. So. What i ve gone and added to the canon so2.

Right. Here. Is this microphone and this here is the rode videomicro now this one here is actually relatively cheap and all of this kit right here is relatively cheap in relative terms this comes in at around about 50. Which is actually quite good value.

And it comes with this very little thing right here. Which is called a dead cat you can actually take this off. And you can see that this is the size of the mic microphone. It is really quite small hence the name micro.

But we ll put this back on right now and what i ve actually done if you can actually see this this normally is a little bit larger. I ve actually gone and used my my beard trimmer and it trimmed some of the fur off the excess fur. But i think that this looks a little bit better. And that is why the size of this is a little bit smaller.

But all you need to do is plug it on top of your camera wrap that around and then it s pretty much good to go the other gratefull. Oh sorry. The other great thing about the rode videomicro is that it doesn t require batteries so a lot of other microphones especially the higher end ones will require a battery and a lot be required to turn them on so i ve known that the rode videomic pro. The old version you have to turn it on all the time and if you didn t turn it on you wouldn t have any good quality audio and that was pretty unfortunate.

So this is nice for vlogging because you can pretty much just turn it on and you re good to go. So the next thing that we re going to be talking about in this setup is on the front of the camera right here. And this is the lens. Now the lens to me in vlogging is actually really really important for a few different reasons firstly this lens here has image stabilization.

Now this is super important for vlogging because generally when we re vlogging. Most of the time. We re gonna be hand holding the camera. We don t have a tripod although i do have one right here.


But a lot of the time. You will see that most vlogs are going to be held at about arm s length. And although we do have our arm to have a bit of stabilization. It s always better to have a lens with image stabilization.

The lens that i ve got right here is the canon the lens that i ve got right here is the canon 10 to 18 millimeter stm. It s a relatively budget lens as well. But the great thing about this lens is that it s got image stabilization. It s got great auto focus because it s a stm lens.

Which means. It s going to have silent autofocus as well it really does pair up well with the dual pixel autofocus in the camera. The other great thing about this and the reason. Why i recommend this as my number one go to lens for vlogging is that it shoots at a very wide focal length of 10 millimetres.

So a standard lens. That you would get with your a normal dslr is this one right here. This is a 18 to 55 millimeter 18. On the wider wide angle.

It s pretty wide. But when you re holding your camera like this you re mainly going to be getting your head in the shot with a 10 to 18 millimeter. It goes way wider and you re going to be getting a much more dynamic shot. And it s a lot easier to make sure that you re gonna be in the frame rather than having to worry about this one here.

Which is a little bit too cramped for me. So you ll see that most vloggers. The likes of let s say. Peter mackinnon.

Casey neistat you re on austin. They always a really wide lens and that s how you re gonna be getting that great dynamic shot. And you re not gonna have to worry too much about your focus. Because it s going to be a wider field of view and also being in frame.

So. This is definitely a lens that i would highly recommend the other great thing about it is it s super light it s like incredibly light lens. I ve got a 50 millimeter f1 point eight here and there about the same weight so highly recommended for me this lens right here the 10 to 18 millimeter stm now the last thing that i m going to talk about in this vlogging setup. I don t normally make videos this continuous.

But i m on a roll here is this right here. Now this is a little tripod from a company called manfrotto. Which is actually a very popular tripod company in the photography community. But they made this little tripod here.


Which is called the pixie mini. Now when you ve seen a lot of vlogging videos. You ve probably seen a tripod that looks a little bit a little bit funny. It s called a joby gorillapod.

I ll put a photo up right now and you can see that that s got a series of balls. Connecting it which allows it to be really flexible. I ve used these before and i m not a huge fan of it unfortunately they can be quite good. But there s a few different things that i don t like about it firstly.

I do find it looks a little bit funny generally they just look a little bit crazy secondly. They can be quite big unless you want to get a smaller one but they can t hold as much weight and thirdly the balls and the sockets that they have in that tripod they can become loose with time they lose their strength. So what i recommend is actually this tripod here this is the manfrotto pixie mini like i said and there s a couple of things that i really like about this tripod firstly. It s very solid.

So the legs themselves they can t bend of course this means that you can t hang it up in a tree or something like that but i found with vlogging it generally isn t that that s not what you end up doing you normally be putting it on the ground or on a table. Or wherever you can find and this works perfectly well for that and it s very solid and it s not going to lose its strength. The second thing that i really like about it is its build quality like i said. It was really.

It is really well made it is made out of a very solid kind of plastic material. But everything does feel really good. And it doesn t feel like anything s going to rust or kind of corrode after time the last thing that i really like about this and probably my favorite thing about this tripod is this little button on the front here. It s got a little red manfrotto logo and if we press this down.

You can actually see that we can now move the head on the top here and if i let go of it it s now locked in place. So let s connect this quickly to my camera just by spinning the thread right here. And you can see now without me holding that button or pressing it down the camera is in place nice and solid. But let s say we quickly want to change the position of the camera press down the button.

And the camera is locked solid right there. So let s say we are going to get a time lapse of a sunrise. All you need to do is quickly press down the button. And you can leave the camera right there.

Let s do it a bit higher and we leave it there down leave it there it s a small thing. But i really really do like this and i think that manfrotto are onto a real winner here. And i think that this in the future might be a little bit better than the joby gorillapod especially over the long longer term. So definitely one of my favorite things on this vlogging setup.

An essential one here again this is really quite cheap. I think around about 35 depending on where you gonna buy it highly recommended the manfrotto pixie mini. I ve got one last thing. Which i m going to add on to this little little blogging setup.


And that is this right here this here. Don t worry about the strap. This is a strap that i had from my panasonic gm1. But it s these little things on the end and these are clips.

Which allow you to quickly and easily remove your shoulder strap. So of what i can do right here. I have these little clips on my camera as well all i need to do is click them on and clip them on and now i can actually have my vlogging camera on my shoulder and the great thing about this is that if i want to i can quickly under clip. It and clip.

It and i don t have to actually worry about trying to feel all out those standard shoulder strap connections either way so it really is fantastic you can pick these up for just about 2 or 3 dollars on amazon depends on where you can find them. But i thought they were fantastic clip them on and it s just a lot easier than having to carry your camera around and the great thing is that if you ve got a multiple pairs of these which i do i can now quickly change my shoulder strap to the other camera. And now i have my shoulder strap on my panasonic gm1 pretty cool really really do like these little clips. And i think they re going to work quite well for something like a vlog.

So there you go guys. That was a very long winded kind of overview of this very awesome blogging setup. Look there are gonna be better cameras. I mean you could also always get a camera like a panasonic gh4.

Which is going to be shooting in 4k. But to me. Vlogging isn t necessarily about the absolute best image quality and dealing with 4k files can be a big pain. Because they can be quite large.

And quite heavy. So 1080p shoots. In slow motion with a canon s. O.

To pair. It up with a nice microphone at the rode videomicro then you ve got the nice lens the 10 to 18 millimeter. This is really important and this will really change the game for you guys and then top it off you ve got the the manfrotto pixie mini tripod really steady quite small but very very nice tripod and then if you want to have your shoulder straps. We ve got these little clips.

Which i will put a link in the description box below. But that s pretty much it guys. I also generally pair it off with a gopro got my gopro hero. 5.

Here that s it for me. I m going to have my coffee and see you guys in the next video thanks for watching. And hopefully you guys got a little bit out of this video see you ” ..


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