Bit Heroes Explained – Daily Bonuses and Bounties!

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“Right welcome back to another episode of big boobs explains never going to talk about about bounties buffs. The daily and weekly reset. There s kind of a little minor like that so we re in the center of town if you go off into the top left hand behind these guys. There is a board that is one way to look at your bounties you get two bounties every day.

And you can hold up to ten bounties at a time. But there s no time limit on it so as long as you have the space you ll continue getting new bounties and you ll you ll hold the ones that have not yet completed pretty simple tasks you get most of them through just completing the game. As you would normally the only time that i ll start to get my list a little bit fold. When it talks about completing dungeons solo which is easy to do you just go back to old content.

And you can easily clear a lower level. Heroic dungeon and get these out of the way. Most of the rewards are not that significant in rune. Fragments.

Gems are always good. But gold not too worried about it materials. Etc. Not that big not that big of a deal and it s all explained here for you as well you can access that as well by clicking on the sign over here.


And seeing what you got to work on i ll typically wait until this fills out and then i ll go through and i ll run a couple heroic dungeons solo and you can kind of multitasking knock. These out thursday is the day where you will have a bonus to capture rate. And so a lot of players will actually use their thursday bonus to get that 50 capture rate bonus and run back clear old content try to capture some players that they re trying to catch up on and go that way let s see what else so you ve got a daily bonus. This resets course of day.

And you ve got the the timer through here a lot of players will try to coordinate what they re doing with what the daily bonus has already get that little extra bonus since the game is very grind intensive and very rng intensive you want to do it make every effort. And do everything as you can to try to mitigate that or improve your eyelids. So this is a way to do it so. If you have consumables.

Some of these bounties will give you a couple ppp tickets that you can try to use and consume to do a little bit more pvp so let s see consumables i ve eaten mine. But you can get some pvp tickets to that so since today it s pvp day. It would be a good time to run over here to your pvp. Get that out of the way and just a little more xp for it if you are flying experience or you know spending your honour to buy energy.

So i can run more dungeons. So i can get more experience that would make sense to save that consumable just save this not eat. It initially wait a little bit and use that consumable when it s most valuable to you so. If you want to go back.


And catch familiars or you want to go back and get more experience you can wait for your experience bonus to get them a bigger benefit from that you do see these boots down. Here. I m typically always trying to run with with at least gold boots on especially for a free to play character. Because if you are not you are just missing out on these bonuses.

So if you buy them on sale. So over here. You ll have sales little rotate through. Why i m on sale you will save gold and diamond bulk and they will pay for themselves.

So. Here you see that the gold potion gold potion is gonna cost a couple thousand. But if you run through all your energy and resources you ll definitely make more than that back so it pays for itself item. Find speed and apparently.

I m not wearing experience. So let s go get an experienced one i try to plan ahead and buy him on sale. But if you don t do that you can always come back here bite the bullet and get your bonuses that way so you are definitely missing out if you re not using your bonuses. Everything all these bonuses that apply your character you can see i mean your character sheet add it up these are all the additive bonuses.


So this does not show the daily bonus. And this does not show a specific bonus such as if there was a weekly special event going on they gave me extra experience and raves or unemployment rates. It does not show on the sheet. So you wouldn t need to add that in if you re thinking about it for example.

Today s daily show s pvp experience. That s not showed in that s not listed in here. So. The pvp experience bonus in addition to the experience bonus that will be your additive.

So that bring us to 133. And if i use 5 tickets this would actually give us some multiplier. So you can see that it will be times. 5.

For that experience so 1 3. 3. Times. 5.


Will get your total experience. These are multipliers the same thing when you go into a raid. So let s say my experience is a hundred if i go into a raid and i go into their heroic. There s no experience bonus here.

So that s not gonna that s not gonna change you will get the same experience amount from each level of difficulty. But if my capture rate is 50. If we go over here this is gonna double it if my my item find is a hundred percent this over here is mu times five. So i ll have five hundred percent item fund.

So these are the multipliers and then of course dungeon dungeons have them same thing over here you ll get experience through that and last. But not least the events over here so this week. We have trials the tickets will be a multiplier for it so you can see how many tickets you you use will multiply your bonuses like that so pretty straightforward. It is mechanically a lot of players don t understand so it s definitely worth putting a video.

So appreciate you watching have a good one we will see you ” ..

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