Bittium Made the World s Most Secure Smartphone Even More Secure

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” m here in the beautiful city of oulu. I m here at bitumen after having having had a very big queue at schiphol airport aboard to my plane. It took 40 minutes to get the boarding pass went into the plane had to wait for three quarters of an hour. I lost my flight from helsinki to oulu so i had to take another flight before i did that i went to the lounge had some drinks had some food then i had to wait for another few minutes at the airport to board the plane.

Although yes so that means i m still waiting on my flights. The flight leaves at 1700 hours one hour delay that flight went well i landed in time. I was picked up by cindy who is the marketing lead here. I bit him and well how are you doing good to see you yeah.

Very well thank you so much are you okay yeah. This is c me. And now i said i m here obedient. This is the beautiful building of beaten.

Very nice architectural design very nice construction of metal and wood and you haven t seen the staircase. Yet so full of me on what s happening here at the head office of bitching in only famous. I believe and i m not sure i believe i m gonna see something new today so i ll soon find out exactly what kind of secret solution. I m gonna meet toffee and i just put them here tommy can i disturb you for a moment.

Because i have a question about technology. If you look at the future trends in areas in technology. What are these according to be jim. What what are your ideas about that well in our point of view they would be cyber security obviously wireless technologies digitalization as well as remote monitoring and analysis of bio signals cybersecurity is a big word.

Available. Inside of that well. Cyber security. Has been one of the most intensive.

Research and development topics for us for many years. Now. We have for example. Participated in several european research collaboration project.

As well as we have been leading a national research program. Ok and when you re leaving those kind of programs. That was an outcome on those programs was there kind of an end result lots of research results. Which we are then later on utilizing in our product development.

Okay product development. So that means new products new solutions. I guess. That is a reason.

Why i m here is that that s true we have actually something to show to you and i would ask you to visit..

Hari hari. And hari. Is hari. Is one stairs up from here one stairs up from here that s true left right left let me go hari.

And he will find. He knows that i m coming probably knows that you ll come ok. Let me. See that thank you so much much appreciate it ok let s find out where how he is and how he can give me more details about what s coming up for bid iam.

Ok. I m going into that space. And that space is a restricted area not sure if i i don t have the code. This is a damn steel door and i think let me see if i can get in and find.

Harry probably not one sorry. Hi. Okay. I ll pick your brain for a moment.

Yeah. Sure sure can we do it out there. No no no this is restricted area. This is restrictive.

But that s the one i m looking for yeah. That s right this is the b team toph mobile. Yeah exactly exactly the brand new phone the brand new phone not yet released. I m having one specific question to you okay.

Please do this phone was good already the tough mobile. One version right it was flawless. Yeah now you re coming with a new version. I don t see any reason to come up with a new version.

So why did you produce a new version. Why did you develop that we develop mobile security solutions. And we already have top mobile. Which is the most secure smartphone in the world.

But then we have the back end systems. And we have the mobile vpns and mobile device management. Which is the whole system and now this is a new device in the system. That is compatible with all the backup back end systems.

But this is more focused on ultra secure users in government agencies..

So this is even more secure. This has really nice look and feel so it is really easy to combine professional life and private life and data. Okay what can i take this one for you from a moment can i take the tough mobile. One version as well sure you have it with you yep can i go let me let me let me try and find out if that s really true it s off mobile version.

One tough mobile version too and i need to find a space. I think i ve got to do it over here and look want to compare the two devices together actually but i just want to take a very neat peek of this device over here and by the way it s not a replacement of tough mobile. One it s it s an add on to the portfolio kitchen. So you see the device over here.

That s the one version. This is the two version and taro can tell me more about the details of the tough mobile version. Anyway. It s a sleek design.

It s very nice crafted and has a magnesium body let me find out where tear is let me put these ones in my pocket. Because nobody s here and let me go to taro and it s going to tell me the details about this very slave device beechum talkin about you i think it s the next aries. Oh. It s close.

I just reviewed this device for a few seconds. Actually i have it in my hands. I don t want to know more details about it so great and they told. Me you re the person who can tell me all about that right absolutely that s true absolutely so first of all we have privacy mode button on the device.

This is something that you don t see on the auricular devices. So what this actually does is that that you press. It and i can actually show it here. So you press.

It for a second and what happens it will be on the privacy mode. So in this mode. The device. The microphones will be switched off the bluetooth will be switched off camera will be switched off.

And the sensor accuracy will be will be reduced to the level that it really cannot monitor what you are doing so the point of this mode is that the device cannot spy. What the user is doing and what s really unique about that so is that the microphones are actually cut off in the hardware level. So when you press. It the this hardware switch and the processor cannot affect at all on the other mic usability.

If you don t trust trust your phone or the applications. What they re in you press. It and you cannot be monitored at all this is one of the unique features what we have here on the device. We have an emergency button.

So it s on the top top of the device so if in a case of emergency..

You want to want to allow some help you just press. It and and the device will call to the number or send your location information to the to to somebody somebody who can then help you can you program that button. Which sufferer to have that give another function. Yes.

We have btt button and this can be also configured to do some other functionality as well. We ve also built a tamper detection inside this device. And and this we ve taken a step further our device is able to detect if you open it so it will erase the the the encryption keys or the data. It uses this device is able to detect if you open the front cover the display to try to take it out if you try to open the back cover or if you try to open the same lock tray the device will notice.

Not okay. Somebody s trying to tamper with me and take the data out it will erased it will also detect if you try to drill drill the device if you try to make a hole it on it it will detect that it s not only a smart device in so far. But it s also smart device in hardware. Yes.

Absolutely and and we under this protection. We have also a second layer of temporary detection. So if for some reason you are able to go through these protections. We have also circuit board level protection for the data.

So it will detect if somebody s tries to gain access to the process or memory or the secretary. So they are under protected shield and if somebody tries to open that it will also detect that so this is this is beyond anything what we ve ever seen before on on smartphones. So for those end users who can t wait to buy this product. I would say go to the website a bit him and order one ok.

There s much more to say of course about this product for now. There is a lab and i m really curious about what s happening in the lab. Exactly let s go to the lab. Ok.

So that means. I m now in the testing environment. That s water tests 1 meter. More than one meter.

Some of the tests are over half a meter a tablet tester of a meter have multiple climate chambers. One for higher temperatures lower temperatures they test up to 98 humidity and there is a drop test that this drop test device computer device different ways on the suction cups. This way that way. And that way so.

This is a 3d measuring device. You can bend the device in different ways to test extortion. You taught me about tools that we tested 219 newton s which is extreme force and now. I m done moving to the next stage.

There is also a great texting here that s kind of interesting..

I ve never seen a great tester before all right. That s really the end next up saamy vision charm about you why are you bringing the product to the market. Well. We know that there s a demand for secure devices.

We know that from discussions with customers around our current device and but the thing with secure devices. That is that quite often they might be secure. But they re really difficult to use and what we have done with this even even with the previous device. We brought our dual os and we brought the multi container.

Just to make this barrier of use in a security bar as low as possible. And what we have done now with the with the tough mobile. 2. Is that we have we have invested a lot in reducing that barrier.

Even further so first of all looking at the design. It is something that you could put in your in your suit pocket. It fits fits with the normal use it s comparable to any any smartphone on the market today ok so when we talk about customers who are you re aiming at what are your customers. So i would say any organization that this unconscious about security is it s a target market for this device.

But i would like to split them two to two groups. One of the group s is organizations or government agencies that are already today using secure devices. And the thing with with those is that they have a secure device which they trust. But very often it s a device that is only for the security part.

So you have it then you have your private smartphone as a separate device. And what happens is that then quite often at the time when you need that smart secure device. It s actually may be it in your drawer. It s in back at your office or it discharged.

So you don t have any batteries and at the other user group that i would like to bring up is issues that that are in think about the security. They would like to use a secure device. But they haven t taken that step yet of today because the difficulty of using it so so they don t want to go into our life. Where they need to carry two devices and now with this tough mobile tool.

We can actually serve both of these groups so they can they can use this one device. Which has has the secure secure element. The security measurement. But still it s usable as a standard smartphone.

I like to make this analogy between cameras. I think you can relate relate to this this quite well so if you think about this is saying that the best camera is the one that you have with you and the same goes with devices the most secure device is the one that you have with you thank you so much thanks all right so that sums up my visit here and beach him for now time to travel back to the netherlands let s go home. ” ..


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