Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera – 1st impressions

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“What s going on guys. Today blink just released their new xt. 2 camera. I i went to best buy and picked it up just got back with it today are going to unbox it get some test shots when they give you guys my first impressions of it before we dive into a deeper review later down the road.

But just to give you guys some initial perspective of this guy. The biggest thing that jumps out for this cam. Right here is that it has a 2 year battery life. So.

That is one exciting thing about this shoots 1080p as two way communication. No monthly fees does have night vision and it has a customizable motion detection. So we re gonna be testing all of that stuff later down the road. I just wanted to get this done and shot as quick as possible before the sky opens up behind me.

It is about to pour rain. Which is weird for may to be raining here in southern california. But hey is what it is let s get this guy set up but let me show you guys some test footage and give you guys my initial thoughts on this alright. Let s see what comes in the box.


Here. So we have got structured manuals. Got all the paper stuff we got our sticker here our decal here is the hub that comes with it so this is what the camera is gonna connect to usb on the side. But that right here and then we ve got the camera here.

So this has two double a batteries. Which is awesome hope you guys are not hearing a lot of this wind. We ve got screws. We ve got mounts.

It s like this is the other side of the mount that we have here. We ve got a couple of double a batteries inside okay. And this is what we have inside so it just has the spot for the two batteries here we ll find out what that is for later on this side. We ve got like a usb cable power brick and that is all on this heart.

Here. So that is everything that comes in the box. Let s set it up and take a look at the video quality now. Alright literally within minutes of running in the house to set this guy up it s pouring rain.


It s pouring rain outside. I will do the best to get the best footage that i can t for you guys with the camera is officially set up it did not take long at all we just went and downloaded the app and then just followed the on screen instructions so it was very self explanatory and easy to do we re now gonna set this up get. Some test shots for you guys and get a little wet butt is what it is now hopefully. We ll get this video up for you tonight okay.

So we re going to be jumping between this footage and the camera footage because i ve noticed that if i don t keep moving around that the camera just cuts off pretty quickly. So. I m gonna be kind of walking around in circles. Here so that way the camera can pick this up and detects the motion that we re gonna be seeing here on the camera to get you guys some footage on here so we re gonna be doing some weird walking patterns.

I get you guys a good idea of what the footage looks like and yeah. It s it s rainin. So oh one other thing is that in the camera settings. I went in i adjusted all the settings to the longest record time the most sensitive the highest quality is so that way we can see it at its best because we don t care.

What it looks like at its worst. So let s take a look at that and see what we got different view with the camera and see what it looks like i m going to be moving the camera around like this because it seems like recording. When it is moving around so this is me holding the camera like a vlogging camera to show you guys what it looks like but it sounds like there s all the best settings. That it has but let s set it down right here and see what kind of food in the rain all right we are out here at you can another look at flow.


It s gonna end look at the camera again nope when i got away um. We wanted to get a look at the camera. And see what it looks like looks good alright. So i ve taken a look at some of the shots and i m impressed i mean.

This is a hundred dollar camera that has no monthly fees and this is the kind of video quality that we re getting out of this. I thought that colors were good now the conditions weren t ideal. I mean it is raining outside which interesting enough about a half hour after i finished filming everything outside rain stops. Oh.

I don t know and the clouds came out and it was nice and bright and sunny. But we had to take off so i didn t get to record any more of a nice bright sunny day. But from what i got i was impressed i liked what it was the app. Itself was a little difficult to navigate i ll go more into all of that stuff in the full review.

I will say though that the one thing. I wasn t a big fan of and then i did not like was the night vision. The night vision wasn t that great i thought that looking at myself on camera. I was really blown out the image was kind of blurry.


I wouldn t expect this camera to be perfect in every aspect. Anyway. I hope that this first impression video was helpful for you guys gave you an idea of what. The camera is capable of after i spend a few more weeks.

With it we ll have a better idea of what we re actually dealing with here. I think. This is a great budget camera for a hundred dollars no monthly fees. It is battery powered and double a batteries too so you don t have to worry about getting those little watch batteries that i seen so many devices that i hate replacing because they re expensive to buy and you have to order on order them on amazon because i can t find it anywhere else.

This is double a batteries you have ton of these batteries all over the place. So i love the fact that it just takes regular batteries has no monthly fee for its love that too it is weatherproof so it can get wet and just seems to be it creates overall camera with all of the major features two way talk and stuff like that that you need in a budget camera. So if this video is helpful give it a thumbs up let me know you liked it don t forget to subscribe for more content like this one. And i ll see you ” .


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