Borderlands 2 – CHAIN LIGHTNING – Fast Farming For an Amazing Grenade

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” s going on guys killer six back with another guide for you today. And today. Today. We re taking a look at the chain lightning and how to farm it under a minute that s right and under a minute.

This is going to be a very fast farm a very easy farm and the chain. Lightning is undoubtedly one of the best grenade mods. If not the best grenade mod in the game. Now what makes the chain lightning.

So good well there s a few things number one most people especially on the overpowered levels will use the chain lightning as a healing. Grenade meaning basically you put on a ruby or a grog nozzle. What you can get as a quest reward items from the beard makes the man quest and you just throw this grenade at enemies while holding a healing weapon. Any moxie weapon and you ll get health back and since this grenade does so much damage.

It s going to give you almost your entire health back..

If not guaranteed all three health back so here. We ll have a quick example of just exactly how this works as you can see just as an offensive grenade. It s powerful. But it s going to take several on opa to kill anything as it would with most grenades actually there aren t any grenades really on op8 that are going to do work.

Themselves but as you see there i was down to like 18000. Health through one chain. 90. While holding the grog monocle and all of a sudden full health again.

And there you see it once again so now that we ve covered what this grenade does and why it s so good let s jump into how you re actually going to go about farming. This thing. So first you re going to go to the lair of infinite agony. And if you start on the the normal side of this this map and not the backside.

Where you fight angel from this side..

You re going to take this very first elevator. The one on the left because there are two elevators that you can take up and when you get to the top of this you re just going to take the immediate right and going through this door right here going to put you into this big hall. Now. This is where some people get confused and go the wrong way.

All you have to do is just head toward this first flame right here jump over the ledge and go straight forward from there you go through one more door. And now you re in the correct room already boom. Just like that you re already in the right spot. Now if these stairs to your left.

There is a chest up there as well if you want to you know maximize your farming time me. However when i m pharming for something i skip all the chests. I give everything and i just go straight for the item that i m farming now you will encounter all these other wizards here. But you want to skip all them and head up the left set of steps here to this wizard right here.

This badass sorcerer..

Now that is the person that can drop this it s always going to be a badass sorcerer and it s not going to be the farm ages. It s not any anything else. It s always going to be a badass sorcerer. Now you can get this on any difficulty level because as you can see from this video.

I get it on normal difficulty and this was as part of the hot 2017. Which was a big community event. Where we all just were farming like crazy for everything that we can think of basically every unique and every legendary in the game. And as you can see this farm takes less than a minute.

It s super fast super easy. And i think when i did this for the hunt. It took me maybe 10 15 tries. So yeah not a difficult farm at all i m pretty easy.

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So there you have guys as always i am killer. 6. And i hope this was helpful for you guys hope you guys have a great day i ll take care. ” .


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