Borderlands 2: Maya destroys BNK-3R, almost crashes game

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” s up everybody its man of little moral fiber. Here my name is luke. I i ve been playing a little bit of maya recently and i had uploaded a where i killed saturn in about 3 shots. Making use of the skill chain reaction and the pimpernel.

This was because each shot. I have has an 80 chance to ricochet towards another enemy. And if it does that it will then pimpernel out again creating 5..


More pellets and so you can theoretically get you know infinite pellets on an enemy with multiple hit boxes with good rng and so people had asked to see this kind of kill against bunker. And that s what we re seeing now as you can see it dropped my frame rate down. Quite a bit. They re probably almost crashed my game.

Because borderlands. 2. Was trying to run all those calculations on how much damage was actually being done to bunker now because bunker is a staged enemy even though i did enough damage to deplete his health bar..


There he still has to fly around and come into the finishing stage much like the warrior would for example. If you did a bunch of damage to the warrior. You know how he goes down towards that one area of the lava. So you can deal that final blow on him.

And that s where he spits its loot out bunkers much the same way where he has to fly over on this end of the platform. Before you can go ahead and finish him off. I figured i d try to jump up grenade jump to him in melee him because i thought it d be funny..


But my grenade jump. Obviously failed and that was a no go there so we went ahead and finished bunker off. I ll be sure to check and see if we got any good gear from bunk from bunker uh. Remembering this i don t think i got any good gear at all.

But you know i ll give it a shot anyway jumping around in bunker. You can kind of see how he s constructed here with multiple hit boxes inside of him and whatnot when i m actually looking inside of him and so that s why it s probably so easy to get a bore or chain reaction kill on bunker. I ve heard that even the nth degree the gauge skill could probably do this as well with the pimpernel and that s because every time..


The pimpernel hits something it then flowers out into five little orbs and each of those little orbs can reflect into something else and then pimpernel out again. So you can really get quite a few orbs going with this particular setup and i really like it and enjoy it i will eventually try this against high pyrius. I m not sure how i m going to set it up or even if it s possible. But i ll definitely give it a shot for you guys and let you know how that went so i do thank you guys very much for why i ll be sure to show you my gear and skill build here at the end of this video or its going on right now actually if you haven t yet please take the time to subscribe.

I d really appreciate that otherwise i do thank you guys very much for watching one more time and i hope to ” ..

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