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“So these cameras are ones that i m also looking into by iso over here here pretty good camera. I like it so that s one of these like things flip out on the side. Also i have no idea how to turn this one on aha found it. But that was it done.

Oh wait got it hey okay. So come over here. You can see it pretty well. And i don t know what that face was don t ask flip the camera around it s pretty good honestly if i say so myself no now i might great all right i don t care if there s no card in camera.

So if i plop it. What you see is my phone. Okay focus why am i like a square block. This is not minecraft.


I turned down at brightness where s the brightness sensor well and i took a picture and oh well that was that camera turned off immediately okay and then over here is another camera that i lack of very match their mind. It s on what in the world. Oh wait lens is retracted deep that that s not me and whatever obviously not more so so that camera. We re not gonna check out because it is not working why this is another camera that i liked every camera is broken today i like in it and then there s the big boy the very very big boy so i said i couldn t find that on button for out over here.

I don t care because according camera. But this wasn t the only one that works it worked great stop it are you gonna work no you re not well this is also like a very heavy sort of camera that probably is 1200. So we re gonna skip that and um see you guys in a minute hold on i don t know which one to get so i have a bunch of options besides this one. This is so i m looking at her like this one over here.

So it s turn on button. And then it has a camera right here so i all right. It has good focus also has the cool thing on top. I can zoom out on this one here that are over hey.


Where are the cameras so right now we re in best by checking out like we re just like looking for things and aha. Right here are some of the cameras that one that one that one and these ones this ones aren t really too good the other good ones were somewhere. Which i don t know i think i have found them i better call. I got to find a camera drones something that i can t for the cameras i mean this is a word like the gaming pcs err uh ah okay the motherlode from here there so set up the camera i got it it s good a sermon.

Okay. We have visited a new section. We have slight issue ok. This is a corsair one of my favorites pcs so pretty good i like it pretty much i very much like it it s a very good pc mouse.

It s very good this one over here. I also very much like so i m not gonna want to do that all right yes haha that works that works no there s a lawyer that works know that that s the surf shop. Okay oh. And the inside on this pc.


Is um. A little hectic as you can see all the rest. Don t have other ones. Besides this one this one and then all the rest are like laptops.

This one is a ibuypower. I like it this is kind of not much for starter again is it s a little bit for starter gamers. But not that much hold on i gotta get like a good ish bills mouse. Pretty then this one this is more for starting gamers.

Because oh yeah. This is laptop over here. Slight issue hmm. Okay.


So this one. I like very much it is a header pronounces basis. Okay. This one kind of has like a nah.

I would say logitech like more of a microsoft type pretty good and this one is another asus spamming. A spacebar is my most favorite thing to do alright. This is the best. The best of z best yes.

Oh my god guys. It s amazing. I m kind of hungry for some raisins this one s very silent which i like it s very good i like it well that ll be ” ..


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