Can I Shower with it? Testing a 30m Water Resistant Watch & Explaining ISO & IPX Waterproof Ratings

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“I bought this watch from gearbest for 3 25. This is apparently 30 meters water water resistant. Which actually doesn t mean very much and i m going to immerse in water and see actually if this watch survives. But first i ll take it out of the packaging.

And we ll take a quick look at it because certainly from a distance this watch looks quite impressive. But i suspect it s not actually so impressive close up so actually i think this is a sort of mock leather strap. I don t think this is real leather at all in fact i m certain of it and on the back of the watch it says it does actually say stainless steel water resistant and there s a picture of somebody swimming on there but i wouldn t try that it s not a bad looking watch until you look closely and realize that none of the dials work. So i m not going to feel too downhearted.

If this breaks when we immerse it in water right time to get a tank of water okay maybe. I was being a bit optimistic when i said tank. I ve got a bowl of water and i m going to immerse the watch in there and while it s in there i assume. It s not going to break straight away.

I ll be able to talk about what the water resistant codes. Actually mean so let s put it in the water. I m actually a little bit nervous even though. I don t actually care about this watch at all so i m going to put it right in like that and i would say.

It s about 8 centimeters underwater. So as i said this watch is water resistant specifically 30 meters water resistant. Now you would think that that means that you could go swimming in it to a depth of 30 meters. But in actual fact this watch is not suitable for diving.

It s not suitable for showering bathing swimming snorkeling or any water related work. But it s suitable to wear and be splashed on by rain or cooking or whatever so to have got the 30 meter. Water. Resistant rating.

A selection of these brand new watches with brand. New seals and everything has been subject to 30 meters. Water pressure static. So.

The watch isn t moving around or anything basically that doesn t take into count things like the fact you move your arm when you re underwater..

The fact that the seals on the watch is degrade over time impurities in water can affect the conditions of the watch asically. Any water resistant rating. Less than 50 meters is useless. If you intend to wear it in the shower.

This watch does appear to be surviving. I don t think the second hand is slowing down or anything so i m going to sort of move. The watch around a bit bang it on the bottom. There.

See if i can get the water to actually go inside the watch and break it another system that s used to describe the waterproof rating of them items is called the ip code. Which actually stands for international protection marking. But people often call it the ingress protection marking the first number on the ip code basically means how much dust can ingress into it well that s not so important to us. So usually what you see is ip x.

The x basically means. That it hasn t been tested that doesn t mean that it is going to be susceptible to dust ingress. But it hasn t been tested so you shouldn t rely on that as a measurement. But the second number is how water ingress is into the item.

So ip x 1. Means that it can withstand. Dripping water. That fall vertically onto the item.

Okay. Which isn t going to be very useful for having a shower or going swimming. 3. Is spraying water.

4. Is splashing of water water jets is 5 6. Is powerful water jets 6 k is powerful water jets with increased pressure. 7 is immersion up to 1 meter.

Which i m saying is probably alright for a shower basically now one of the interesting things about the ip codes apparently that if something has been tested for ipx7 for instance so immersion up to one meter of water it doesn t actually mean that the watch has been tested for ip x..

1. Which is dripping of water. If you had a watch that was listed as ipx7 and then then it broke with water dripping on it really i suppose you you don t really have any comeback with the manufacturer. If a watch has had multiple tests so for example they have done the ipx one test and the eye picks ipx7 test.

You ll actually you should see ip x1 ip x7. So they should list all of the tests that the what that watch or an item has been tested for and it goes all the way up to ip x9 k. Which is powerful high temperature water jets so far it s actually handling this bowl of water. Really well.

Which is quite surprising probably because i ve never worn this watch. It s never been exposed to harsh outside conditions. It s never really been knocked about the seals. Haven t had time to get old and this is just tap water it s not seawater which will degrade the seals or chlorine in a swimming pool.

Which could potentially degrade the seals. But i am sort of banging it about of it i wonder if firm i open the crown. Whether or not that ll let water into the watch oh it though of course it s stopped i ve put the crown out of mine and i ve always found this water resistant marking. You know the the thing in meters.

Really confusing and actually gearbest probably get this people complaining about it all the time because i notice that on a lot of their watches that list them set list as water resistant. They have actually got a diagram. Which explains that basically a 30 meter water resistant. Watch is only splash and rain proof.

And then when you get up to the 50 meter watch as a diagram showing that you can swim have a cold shower. Now i think about it a hot shower is different to a cold shower. Because a hot shower will make the watch expand which will allow water to ingress into it. But if you want to be safe then you need at least fifty fifty meters water resistant and if it s got the code available ipx7.

I think we re going to have to do something a little bit more extreme. Okay. Here we have a bowl of scalding hot water well. It s not quite boiling.

Because i thought well i wouldn t have a bath that was boiling this watch is actually starting to are if you can see it..

But it s actually starting to steam up just about see a sort of haloing going on in there. It s a sign to me that maybe. There is some ingress here we go i m going to immerse. It let s hope.

There isn t some kiddie ischemic el in this watch that reacts with the heat. Well. There s no instant change in the behavior of the watch. Oh oh.

There s some bubbles coming out that bubbles are a bad sign. The hot water is going to break this i can tell ya bubbles. Mean that there s water going inside the watch they re coming out of the sun actually they re coming out of the backing plate still going. It s such a resilient.

Little watch oh. There s water coming out of all of the panels. Now right after a few more dips in the hot water taking the crown in and out this watch has finally given up the ghost basically the heat made the metal expand and indeed opening the crown combined with the hot water must have opened some more sort of crevices in the watch water got into it and it shorted it and destroyed this beautiful quartz men s wristwatch. Which i kind of half expect to start just working again.

But we ll see now it s broken. I kind of miss it. But there we go i feel pretty confident actually that if this watch had only been exposed to splashes of water washing up or you know when you re brushing your teeth or something i think this watch would still be alright. But certainly.

I probably wouldn t shower with this even if you got away with it a few times. Eventually it would break just to summarize basically you need a water resistant watch. That s 50 meters or more. If you want to shower or swim.

With it and if you re looking at ip codes. Instead then it basically needs to be an ip code of really seven or more thanks for watching this video. I hope you ve enjoyed it if you did please give it a thumbs up if you ve got any questions or comments about the ip x code or water resistant codes please leave them in the comments box down below. I m sure i ve got as much to learn as you about this really and i ll see you next time for ” .


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