Canelo/Chavez, Jr.: A Fighting Tradition Full Show (HBO Boxing)

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“U003e narrator the following is a presentation of hbo sports crowd noise engine running fighting fighting sounds speaking foreign language speaking foreign language yelling speaking foreign language fighting sounds applause u003e ring announcer el ganador de esta pelea por decision unanime esquina azul cheers and applause u003e u003e narrator of all the never ending stories that embody. The mexican nation and its people. There is no tradition as deeply embedded here as this one nothing else evokes as much history inspires as much pride and fuses so perfectly the notions of where they re from and who they are into one so this is mexico and they are fighters. The tale of the red headed boy born in the city of guadalajara has already ascended into national legend.

He followed his older brother into the boxing ring and discovered a preternatural gift for the craft soon emerging as the country s next. Great hope and then the proud world champion known simply even regally as canelo. The legend of preceded his very existence thanks to a father who epitomized everything mexico reveres about its fighters. But if being born into boxing could have been a burden julio cesar chavez junior has always seemed at ease with his fate at home with the notion that his feats could thrill and delight his countrymen in so many other places they might get lost in a sea of sporting heroes.

But here in mexico fighters stand apart fighting sounds. They re carriers of a history dating back not just generations. But centuries u003e u003e ring announcer roja azul cheers and applause u003e u003e narrator that makes bout on may 6th not just a clash. But a celebration not just a collision.

But the continuation of a story that will persevere long after the sound of any bell. So they are mexico and this is its fighting tradition at the height of the aztec empire in the middle of the millennium. A warrior s directive was holy and unequivocal capture the enemy and sacrifice them to the gods in modern times. The nation that s risen atop the ruins of that ancient civilization may look to its warriors for more symbolic inspiration.

But there is a sanctity that endures to their pursuit. The expectation that every time a fighter like canelo alvarez steps into the ring. He s representing his people to any number of deities judging from above u003e u003e. The fighting tradition in mexico.

I mean you go back. Many many decades. I remember my grandfather for instance who was an actual fighter would tell me these stories of of how he would fight in the streets with boxing gloves for pride and no money at all you re born with with boxing running through your veins u003e u003e narrator at age 26. He of the freckled face and cinnamon tinged hair has become the latest personification of all that glory.


The youngest of seven brothers from this small town juan a cat lan just outside of guadalajara u003e u003e narrator all these years later his gifts have made him a superstar in mexico and beyond u003e u003e from guadalajara. Saul canelo alvarez. Cheers and applause the bell rings u003e u003e right hand shot by canelo and canelo can t. Miss the curtains are closing alvarez landing everything this is target practice.

There s a perfect straight right hand. What a performance by canelo alvarez. U003e u003e narrator. The may 6th bout with julio cesar chavez.

Junior will be the 51st of canelo s career. A career highlighted by a 48 1 1. Record three world titles and then also distinctions of the immeasurable variety u003e u003e. It s canelo s time and and you can see that when you go inside.

These gyms and you ask these kids who you want to be like and the only word they can think about is canelo u003e u003e narrator. They say that about canelo now just like others before them said it about the hallowed legends. Who preceded him men like carlos za ra te who in the 1970 s epitomized. The mexican fighting style as one of two boxers in history to put together two streaks of 20 of more knockouts in a row u003e u003e narrator.

If the memories that endure are in large part visceral. There s also immense satisfaction in being a member of the most celebrated cohort in the land u003e u003e narrator. Indeed to understand why a fight pitting canelo alvarez against the son of julio. Cesar chavez.

Is such an event in mexico. One must consider the unmatched legacy of chavez. Senior cheers and applause u003e u003e narrator chavez would eventually win world titles in three different weight. Classes and legendarily win.


The first 87 bouts of his career u003e u003e. So that s it they threw the towel in it s over u003e u003e narrator as an unrelenting force of nature who at his peak in the late 80s and early 90s was the best pound for pound fighter in the world revered even worshipped by millions of mexicans u003e u003e. I actually remember my father taking me to julio cesar chavez s fights as a kid chavez sr to us was was you know the that iconic figure that you know that everybody every fighter wanted to be like u003e u003e narrator so on the night of june 7th 1996. Oscar de la hoya found himself in an unenviable position going toe to toe in the ring with his aging hero u003e u003e and now more blood as de la hoya again lands with the right and chavez is already starting to flow above the left eye u003e u003e having to separate my feelings and my job what i have to do was very very difficult but i m a fighter myself.

And i had to take care of business that was the bottom line u003e u003e that s it he s calling the fight the fight is over u003e u003e narrator the de la hoya bout was the first time chavez was ever stopped before the final bell could sound and two years later a rematch ended in another de la hoya victory still those losses and the two decades that have passed since have done little to diminish chavez s stature u003e u003e. He gave hope to a whole country every time he would step inside the ring until this day. He is my hero to this day. I admire him i look up to him because he has done so much for mexican boxing u003e u003e damas y caballeros de culiac n.

Mexico the undefeated julio cesar ch vez junior u003e u003e narrator julio cesar chavez junior s early career success more than a decade ago was all the more impressive considering it came under the undeniable spotlight generated by his name and bloodline u003e u003e. Oh. That was the julio cesar chavez trademark u003e u003e narrator. Though along the way.

He was often reminded of a harsh reality u003e u003e. Where do you think he learned it u003e u003e from watching his dad s film possibly also yeah. U003e u003e narrator fair or not that as the namesake of a boxing legend comparisons to his famous father were inescapable as were the reminders of how hard it would be to reach the same rarified air u003e u003e. An amazing display of power punching by julio cesar chavez u003e u003e narrator and over the past few years.

What hasn t gone well can t be attributed to merely not living up to his father s legacy. The self inflicted damage has ranged from a suspension for marijuana use to poor training habits to problems with his weight. Along with periods of inactivity all contributing to a pair of defeats and lackluster performances even in victory u003e u003e narrator now more than 10000. Feet above sea level in the mountains west of mexico city julio.

Cesar chavez. Junior is looking to regain his footing as he prepares for the biggest fight of his career and to help him find his way he s enlisted. One of mexico s most iconic trainers u003e u003e narrator. A veteran of nearly six decades in the sport ignacio monitored his latest pupil s highs and lows for years u003e u003e narrator and in training for canelo to prove.


He has an abundance of determination against an opponent who s taken his father s one time mantle as mexico s best u003e u003e narrator. It s a bold assertion and one canelo would beg to differ with based not so much on his superior ring achievements. But his pride in how he got here u003e u003e narrator. The words may be spoken softly.

But if you sense an edge beneath them you re not mistaken u003e u003e. Do they dislike each other i believe that s an understatement. These guys cannot stand each other. And it boils down to six seven years ago.

When chavez jr. Was criticizing canelo because of who he was facing. He was winning his fights easily that the tv made him that he s not a real fighter. U003e u003e narrator.

They ll be fighting. On cinco. De mayo weekend at a catch weight. Of.

1645. Pounds. 95. Pounds.

Higher than canelo s ever fought and to prepare their 5 9 fighter for his 6 1. The training tandem of eddie. And chepo reynoso. Are utilizing.


Larger. Sparring partners. A 6 2 vya ches lav shabransky u003e u003e time fighting sounds u003e u003e narrator. It s almost symbolic preparing not just for a larger fighter.

But for a bout with a larger meaning u003e u003e 10 seconds 10 seconds u003e u003e time bien bien bien bien bien. Very nice u003e u003e narrator in the prime of his career. It would appear canelo alvarez is exactly where he wants to be which at long last looks also to be the case for julio cesar chavez. Junior u003e u003e.

The paths that they ve taken have been different. But it it all leads to the same finish line and that s becoming the very best in in mexican boxing today. We re gonna see a great fight put aside the hate they have for each other because they really really hate each. Other just the fact that they re both mexican and the fact that there s so much pride involved.

There s not one fight that i can remember where you have two mexicans and they give us a dull fight. It s impossible fighting sounds fighting sounds u003e u003e narrator. The most fundamental value of a tradition is all that it connects people places and perhaps most of all time in the modern history of mexico. The idea of fighting as a noble cause has endured as a vestige of the ancient past capturing the imagination of every generation that emerges.

The hope of every young puncher who walks into a gym in this land. If you decide you want to be a fighter you become part of something bigger than yourself willing to put everything at risk your body your pride your name for the slim chance to be remembered forever on may 6th. Mexico s most celebrated boxers of the moment enter the ring to square off against one another they ll be fighting to win yes. But also to give themselves over once again to this singular sacred and everlasting tradition u003e u003e don t miss the live fight canelo alvarez vs julio cesar chavez junior saturday may 6th on hbo pay per view plus one week earlier april 29th on hbo it s the heavyweight championship bout between anthony joshua and vladimir klitschko ” .


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