Canon 5DSr Review With Nikon D810 Comparison

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“Wasn t dolmen once again this is jeremy smith today. We re going to be be doing something a little bit different. I decided to bring you guys a review something that i don t know me review. I would like to start bring you guys a lot more unique hands on swiss videos.

So i thought what better time than when an awesome new camera came out this time it happens to be a canon today. We re gonna be talking about canons news. 5 ts are now with the 5d sr canon. This time taking a page from nikon s book with the nikon d800 as you guys remember we had two different models of it we had the d800 and the d800e the d800 a had the effects of his optical low pass filter cancelled out while the d800 retain that a a filter capability.

This is exactly how it works on the 5d s. And the five es are it no doubt makes it a bit easier for their production to have the same model. But you know the same sensor stack and everything. But we just have the effects of that a filter canceled out on the arm.

So we should see sharper results. Right now. I thought that a very very good thing to do would be to take some photographs just above the city here. So we can actually have a nice opportunity to take some high resolution.

Photos and see how this camera s 50 megapixel sensor stacks up. Obviously. I had to bring along the nikon d810 as well whenever we look at both of these cameras. They are both very similar the d810 and the 5d s are both at the top of the range.

So all the features that you would expect in the case of the 5d s. Are it is pretty much the exact same body as the original 5d mark. 3. Now if we look at the side of the camera.

There s a little bit of a difference in the sense that this camera. Doesn t have as many ports and connections. This camera is not designed for video. It does not have a headphone jack and it does not have an uncompressed hdmi out.

However it does have usb. 3. Which makes it much much makes it much much easier to transfer those very large 50 megapixel files or to a computer. Especially if you d like to shoot tethered.

We have a few things from the 7d mark 2. In this camera as well the the 5d sr does get canons new metering system..

Unfortunately because of this because it uses the same organ omics. It s a five year three. We don t have that new cool little toggle button that s customizable in the 70 mark too. But we do get to be metering system from the 70 mark.

Too. And we also get the flicker reduction option as well. Which does allow you to shoot action. Birds and things like that under fluorescent lights.

The camera actually will try to time it shots to where you won t get that banding in your photos. Which is a pretty pretty cool option on this camera. We also have the support for uhs 1 memory cards which once again is going to be a very very big help for shooting. Those very high resolution still images.

What we ve just started to do here. Today to give things a bit of a test is to shoot right it s sunset and i ve got a scene behind me. Which has a lot of detail and that is going to allow us to see how the cameras. 15 megapixel sensor fares and we ll also be able to test dynamic dynamic range as well once we make it back to the studio alright guys.

We were actually here on day two i took the sample photos with the five esr entity. At 10 00 yesterday. And i realized that i was shooting at f11. Which is well over the diffraction limit of the five esr.

So i definitely felt like that gave the nikon. An unfair advantage. So i came back today to shoot all the symbols at f. 8.

Instead. Now today. I couldn t get my. Hands on the on a canon copy of the 35.

Millimeter. 14 sigma. Lens so. Today we decided to use the 24 millimeter.

14. Sigma lens on the nikon and canon..

Instead of the 35. And i haven t really showed the 24 so far but except for today. So definitely being definitely stay stay tuned to the channel for future review of that lens as well a couple other things i wanted to mention to you guys on the 5d sr. If we look at the bottom of the camera.

It does have a little bit more reinforcement. I can basically want it to beef up that structure of the camera. So that way you don t get as much vibration when you re sitting on ipod. They also went ahead and changed up the way the mirror mechanism operates in the camera.

There s a new mechanism in place that actually allows them to precisely control the speed that the mirror swings at so. Whenever you are shooting. The camera actually can slowly decelerate the mirror. Whenever it reaches the top of the mirror box and that helps prevent mirror slap.

Once again that s going to get you much better results at high resolution and helps reduce vibration inside the camera. We ll go ahead and take a look at all these sample photos that i shot today and you guys will be able to take a look and you know decide for yourself. Which one you like we also decided to bring something different to test out as well. But you guys will have to wait until the next video to see more about that okay guys we re now looking at one of the photographs from day one you ll notice that here our washing at f11 and that s one of the main reasons.

Why we repeated the test because f11. It s just not favorable for the canon in terms of getting the maximum amount of sharpness. So we also decided to go back a hop because you know we didn t want to round up daylight. So fast.

Either. So this is our day 2 result with a 24 millimeter. 14. Sigma lens.

One thing. That s very interesting about both these cameras is the fact that they they both recorded mazing amount of detail. The canons default tone. Curve is particularly contrasting and this photograph right here shows you that both of these photos are taken only about 30 seconds apart.

But you can see that despite the same settings they look drastically different from each. Other you know that the canfell is producing them you know it s producing a much more contrast image. We use live view to manually focus on this building right here so that way we could take out any sorts of anomalies in land af toning. No doubt the canon is recording a lot more detail a lot sharper image.

I will put these sample photos are links to these sample photos in the description below. So you guys can take a look at it and see what you think of them after noticing the very steep tone curve on the cannon..

I eventually started to expose a little bit differently for it so i actually use a bit slower shutter speed to give us a little bit more exposure. But you can see that this is a pretty drastic difference. None of these files have been touched at all in lightroom. These are just they ve just been imported and so no other adjustment has been done to them at all they re straight out of camera.

But yeah once i kind of normalize the exposure between two cameras here you ll notice that there s you know even more detail on the shadows of the ken files. And it makes that resolution difference. Even more apparent pretty much anything here that has a pattern to it looks better with the canon. You can see that the bricks on this wall have gotten muddy with the nikon.

But on the canon. We re recording all that detail there so the canon is the kent is very impressive in terms of its resolution. Now one thing. That is interesting to me is that you know the tom curve is entirely different between both these cameras.

If we were to raise our shadow detail a bit and the ken foul. Let s see here. We ll go over to our develop module and let s see we ll just take these shadows up a bit. We ll do it that way just because i like even numbers.

And you ll notice that the cannon fell of course is much much more contrast the out of camera it pretty much depends on your personal preference. I was talking about in my previous video. I m about my you know likes and dislikes of nikon. I was talking about how the nikon files produce a much more neutral looking image out of the camera and the cans are a lot more ready to go out of the camera so depends on what you re after i personally like to have a little bit more detail to work with because i m very very picky about how i process my raw files so i do like that aspect of the nikon files better but definitely in terms of resolution.

We re getting a lot more detail out of the canon. What did the same exact thing with the nikon files say we went up to plus 40. We can so what are the same on nikon. As well now guys.

We are seriously pixel peeping. Now. I mean rip two to one in lightroom. No surprise in may the shadows hold up a lot better in the nikon.

But the canon is producing more resolution. What does that mean at the end of the day. It means that both cameras are producing top notch image quality. It doesn t really matter.

Which one you go with honestly. If your canon user and you need high resolutions..

By the canon. If your nikon user. And you need a high resolution. By the nikon.

Now if you re just starting out. I would say you know the d810 is a better all around camera. It s giving you all the video capabilities as well you know you have your clean hdmi out you have a headphone jack you can do 1080p at 60 frames. A second.

So. The nikon is the more well rounded camera. Because you re getting all those video capabilities. And you re getting the ability to also to also do high resolution photographs so it does have been an advantage there but all in all they both these cameras are extremely good.

There s just no denying that our nikon file is starting to show a little bit of noise in the shadows now to. But yeah. Both cameras both cameras are going to be very very good. No doubt i did take a few shots at highs.

So these cameras are not really designed for high iso shooting. So i m not terribly concerned about that honestly you know if you re going to shoot. You know like if you want to like street photography or something along those lines. You d be much better served with something like a you know.

5d mark. 3. Or a nikon. Df or a sony.

A7s. Anything like that i mean you don t want to buy a 36 megapixel. Plus camera to do low light shooting so although if you down simple these photographs to a lower resolution you ll no doubt still be able to get a pretty respectable image. But of course keep in mind.

These cameras are designed for high iso shooting in a future video. We will be talking about the sony a7r mark 2. We did take some photographs using that camera as well whenever we were testing this 5d sr. So definitely be suspicions to subscribe so you can see that video of course.

If you guys have any questions write me in the comments below until next time this is ” ..

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