Canon MX492 Printer Review

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“Everyone and welcome. This is david a cox with tech talk america today. We re re doing a little product review for all of you recently on our facebook. Page.

Asked all of you to share with us. What kind of products. You wanted us to cover in preparation for the holiday season since we are right now on the heels of thanksgiving and christmas and one of the big responses that we heard from all of you was printers so today i m going to be showing you one of my favorite printers and share with you the reasons why this printer is not for big businesses. It s not for anyone who wants to print photos at home which i don t recommend doing in the first place.

But i m just throwing it on a flash drive and go to cvs or your other drugstore. That you may have locally um. But it is a great printer for any of you out there who are just kind of an average consumer you just need something to print. So that when you can print you can this is not an expensive printer.

It s actually really inexpensive it s 59. Sometimes you actually see the price drop to as low as 49. So this is the canon mx4. 92.

It s been out for a couple of years now. But it s still a great printer in my book. And i ve set it up many many times for my clients. So let s go over some of the features here first one let s talk about the good one the really great one price okay not only is that a really inexpensive printer.

The ink is really inexpensive these days a lot of times when you go out to a big box store and you re looking at their selection of printers a lot of those have five cartridges that means you ve got to refill five cartridges that means five times. They in cost with this there s only two and those ink cartridges are really inexpensive and the price difference between the generic stuff and the legit stuff is only about two to three dollars. So i ll put links to all of that of course below in the description of the video as well as the links of the printer itself. Another feature that i love about it is that it has air print.

So if any of you out there want to print from your iphone or your ipad ever you can of course you can also print wirelessly from your computer. Whether you have a mac or a pc now for those of you who are mac owners. I ve mentioned this before..


But it s worth repeating with pretty much every printer. These days that you buy they always give you software their own software to do and stuff like that don t use. It okay. In your mac comes with it.

There s an application called image capture. If you re having trouble finding it just go into finder from there you re going to go into the applications folder scroll. All the way to the bottom of the list. And you ll see there s a folder called utilities.

And it s right inside there you might even want to consider putting that icon on your dock. Just so that that way you have an easy reference to it. But this thing does scan and copy. It s not fast um.

But if you re okay with waiting you know a couple of seconds for it to do a scan. That s fine one other trick. I want to give for all of you regardless of whether or not you buy this for those of you didn t know if you re going to be scanning. And it s a large document is going to do it much much faster if it s on a hard line connection as opposed to wireless.

There is also a fax for the like five of you out there who still fax just so much easier to scan it into an email people really. There s no need for a fax these days and the set up process is pretty simple. So. What i want to do right.

Now is i m going to describe how to get this set up for wireless verbally for those of you who are not using an airport extreme and airport express or a time capsule. Okay. If you re in a different router. This should get you all squared away for those people who do have an airport express airport extreme or time capsule hang tight so if you re on any of those other kinds of routers out there including a lot of the routers that are also part of the cable modem that would be probably provided to you by your isp on the top of those devices.

Usually the top sometimes it s the back you re going to look for a little button called wps. Okay and basically the way that you connect these all together is the first thing you do is you set it up from the printer itself then you go to your router. Then your computer..


So let s go through it so from the main menu. What you re going to do is you re going to click on this little icon looks like tools from here. We re going to hit ok. We re going to press.

The right arrow. Once and then hit ok again now from this point. You re going to want to pick up on the mac side and not hit the ok button until you re just about ready to connect the two together so the first thing you re going to want to do is go up here to the top right corner of your mac and click on this little spyglass icon. That s called spotlight.

And you re going to type in the word airport airport utility should pop up right up there at the top from here you re going to click on your router and you re going to need to enter in the password for that router so i m going to type mine in right there. And now with it still highlighted so you should see all the devices that are connected to it we re going to go to the very top. Where it says base station. And go to add wps printer.

Obviously this is when you re going to want to set it all up on the printer end. We re going to go to first attempt and hit continue at this point. The two are going to find each other ok and we re going to allow them to do that right now great so we got that so now we re going to hit done. And there is one other step that we still have to do to make the computer remember the printer.

So we re going to close that out and this point. We re going to go to system preferences. So we re going to go to the apple icon system preferences from here. We re going to go into printers and scanners you see it there on the second row click on it.

If you see the lock icon at the bottom left. You need to unlock it so click on it type in your admin. Password and hit ok. Now we re going to hit that little plus symbol and check it out it already found it so now we just have to click on it it s going to automatically go and download all of the additional drivers you can see it happened pretty darn quickly there and now we can close it out at this point.

We re ready to scan. So what we re going to do is we re going to go into an app. Called image capture..


So you can go here into your applications folder and right here. Under. I here. It is image capture.

And we are going to double click on it now let me set this up so that it looks like it will for many of you so. It should probably look something like this see it says shared. If you see that hit show and click on the printer. You can see i actually have two printers ok.

And now let me set this up real quickly. Just so that it looks once again like what a lot of you are going to see so this is what it s going to look like for a lot of you my advice is hit that button that says show details. Ok. And it should remember that for the future.

So this is just the much better way to scan everything you really don t need that software that comes with it so right now it s doing an overview scan. I just grabbed a box for a product that we re about to review threw it in the scanner so ignore the content. Let s go over what it says here on the right first part scan mode. So flatbed and document feeder ok so make sure you have your documents in the feeder.

If you re going to be doing that this allows you of course to combine multiple documents. Multiple pages into one document choose what kind you want text black and white or color resolution usually i tend to keep mine right around 150. That s what i tend to do at least. The key thing.

I would like to recommend that you do here i would check where it says use custom size and make sure that auto selection is turned off. I find that can be more of a pain in the butt than a helpful feature. Now you can click and drag over the screen. And tell it what part you want to scan.

And if you need to make any refinement corrections. You can use these blue dots and kind of crop. It you can even rotate it like so okay..


If you want to if it s a little bit off okay um. I want to go over. Oh. You can tell it where to scan to this is really helpful so you can by default it scans to the pictures folder.

I would not do that okay you can either scan directly to the photos application or mail. So a lot of times. You re going to be scanning documents or photos. That just makes it easier for now we re going to do desktop.

You can name the document or of course you can do that later you can pick your format jpg. Or pdf are going to be the most common two options here pdf. If it s a document otherwise jpg. Everything else here you can see is optional.

I usually don t tend to use any of these reduce dust can definitely be a good one if it s especially in older photo. And when you re done click scan. And it s going to just kind of go over the image. Once again takes just a second and because we told it to place this image on the desktop that s where it s going to go.

I finally get a lot of questions from people they say where did where did it scan to just remember the default location is the pictures folder. Which i don t know anyone who actually really uses that so there it is the document is there on the desktop just like that so there you have it one last thing if you do decide to buy the printer. We really do greatly appreciate it if you happen to use our hyperlink which you will find in the description of this video. We are amazon associates.

It s how we re able to create free content for all of you so if you do click that link we do get a small commission. But you re paying the same price. So it s kind of a win win for everyone thanks for watching everyone if you want to subscribe to our youtube channel. You can click that little graphic icon next to me on whichever side we decide to put it on me and we will see you next time that s all everyone take care.

” ..

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