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“Over 20 games game spin offs. A comic. A magazine novel and animated series an an internet radio drama and even some pachinko and slot machines castlevania is all over place but at its heart it s the story of the vampire hunting belmont clan and their struggle through the ages against count dracula with all that extra material there s a whole litter of belmonts and all kinds of alternate universes. Yeah.

I m looking at you lords of shadow love you but so to keep things simple. We re only covering the canon belmonts in the main timeline of the games that means. No sonia belmont reinhard. Schneider or everyone s favorite sibyl belmont.

Sorry to all you fans of a camacho. A dracula. A kimono chichi. No aqua moon anyway hi.

Everyone i m mario bueno. Proud to be joining the leaderboard and today. We re gonna be reviewing the belmont family tree leon belmont born 1072 ad. Leon belmont is a young but very capable orphan turned night.

And the somewhat vaguely. Defined feudal land of europe serving in the army of the church. He befriends the genius tactician matthias kronk fist and gradually earns the title of baron. When matthias learns that his beloved.

Wife. Elizabeth ax. Has died of a sudden and terrible illness. He returns home and parts ways with leon one year later leon s home is besieged by monsters.

But the church forbids him to leave the army and intervene. They insist he helps them in their war against the heretics instead matthias returns and informs leon. That has betrothed sarah tran tool has been kidnapped by the powerful and fabulously attired vampire walter bernhardt bernhardt resides in a castle in the forest of eternal night and frequently alleviates his boredom by fading out tormenting and then defeating powerful warriors. Leon finally abandons.

The church and his title of baron and sets off to rescue his beloved on his journey. Leon meets rinaldo gandolfi an old alchemist living at the outskirts of the forest walter had kidnapped renaldo s daughter and turned her into a vampire. So the alchemist is very happy to help leon defeat walter and his demonic guardians he gifts leon. The magical whip of alchemy.

Which leon uses to fight his way through the castle when he finally reaches walter. However he s unable to harm him luckily he escapes with his ailing fiance back at the house. When aldo notices that walter bit sara. And that she s about to lose her humanity and turn fully vampiric.

Sara wishes to die instead of becoming a monster. And leon honors. Her last wish using renaldo s alchemy. They fuse her soul into the whip of alchemy transforming.

It into the vampire killer. The belmont family s iconic whip in a dramatic battle. Leon slays. Walter with the vampire killer.

Only to find his old friend mathias. There with death s help mathias. Absorbs walters soul into the alchemical crimson stone turns out that the entire incident was mathias plan to get the crimson stone. And become a powerful immortal vampire all despite god for not saving his wife.

Elizabeth ax. Mathias offers leon immortality because he has suffered the same unjust loss of his beloved. But leon vows to keep his promise to sara. He doesn t want to let anyone else suffer at the hands of vampires as she did so mathias leaves leon to fight against death.

But leon emerges. Triumphant from there leon declares that the belmonts will one day. Destroy mathias thus begins. The belmonts eternal struggle against evil.

The vampire killer passes through generations. As the belmont descendants struggle ceaselessly to combat the forces of evil. It s also from this point. They begin living in exile.

Shunned from society for fear of their powers and their connection to the occult. A quick. But important aside to the belmont lineage. We need to point out that during this time mathias remains dormant amassing power for quite a while he changes his name to dracula vlad tepish.

The king of the night and takes on a second wife. Lisa..

The two of them have a child who is a dampier or half human half vampire adrian fahrenheit. Tempest. More commonly known as alucard at some point around 1475 the church arrests. Lisa under suspicion of witchcraft and burns.

Her alive. At the stake. Once dracula finds out he flies into a rage declaring war against all of humanity and unleashing. His dark forces.

Upon the world. Which brings us to trevor belmont. Born 1456 ad. When count dracula s genocide of humanity begins.

Trevor belmont is a 20 year old vampire hunter living on the fringes of society. The region of willy kea. Is under siege by dracula s forces and all of the church s attempts to defeat dracula have failed desperate. The church reaches out to the belmont family as a last resort and trevor begins.

His great journey to defeat dracula over the course of his quest. He teams up with a trio of powerful allies. The first is grant donessa. Who besides having named that sounds like he s gonna drop a really sick mixtape is a will a qian thief turned freedom fighter.

Trevor saves. Grant. After dracula defeated the thief and turned him into a demon. The next is sipho bell nod is a powerful mage who was part of the church s failed dracula hunting party.

A cyclops kidnapped. Her and turned her into a stone statue. Before she was also saved by trevor and finally there s dracula s son. Alucard.

He s searching for a powerful ally to help him defeat his father. So he challenges trevor to a duel to test his strength and resolve and would you know it trevor passes. The test before unite to defeat dracula s forces and eventually dracula himself. After the climactic battle dracula s castle.

Crumbles. And the heroes part ways alucard guilty over killing his dad enters into a centuries long slumber to hide his powers and eases pain. Meanwhile. Trevor and cypher marry and grant sets about rebuilding willy kiya.

But despite their victory the curse of dracula still torments the land after three years of prosperity. The area is ravaged by disease famine and the beginnings of dark magic trevor sets off to investigate rumors of a cult of dracula worshippers. This leads him to an abandoned monastery where he discovers hector a devil forge master. With the power to summon demons to earth.

Trevor attacks him and upon defeating him learns that hector defected and fought against dracula during the war three years ago. Trevor then tracks down isaac the other devil forge master and rival affector. Who is plotting a rise to power. Isaac and trevor clash.

But isaac flees. When hector arrives. Having lightly wounded. Trevor.

And taken a sample of his blood. Isaac uses trevor s belmont blood to break the magical seals protecting the depths of dracula s old castle ruins hector and trevor both vowed to defeat isaac and trevor helps hector pursue isaac into the depths after hector defeats. The powerful demon dullahan. Isaac amass is enough dark magic to raise dracula s castle.

Once more and he severely wounds. Trevor in a sneak attack thankfully isaac s younger sister julia saves trevor from his near fatal injuries for the rest of this adventure. Trevor takes a backseat to recover from his injuries. Rest assured hector does go on to stop.

Isaac prevent the full resurrection of dracula and rid the land of the curse. And while that s impressive and all trevor had no part of it and this is a belmont focused timeline so maybe next family tree hector anyway thanks to hector julia and trevor and arrow dracula free peace begins and goes on for about a hundred years. We can assume that trevor and sipho. Happily live out the rest of their years free to start a family.

Without worrying about battling demonic cars. Happily ever after for now. Christopher birthday. Unknown and celaya belmont.

Born 1576 in 1576 exactly 100 years. After trevor belmont first defeated dracula..

The king of the night. Resurrects. And his castle returns. So begins.

The legend that once every hundred years when the faith in god is forgotten dracula will come back to life. Christopher. Belmont. The current head of the klan takes up his ancestral charge.

Along with the vampire killer and seeks to vanquish dracula. He traverses graveyards. And caves slaying. The armies of darkness and for what it s worth.

Christopher s the first belmont to shoot fireballs from a vampire killer. So with that kind of literal firepower at his disposal. It s no surprise. They defeats dracula and destroys his castle.

But this time dracula has learned some new tricks. He faints his death turns himself into mist and escapes to begin plotting his revenge. Meanwhile. Christopher goes on to have a son so.

Late skip ahead 15 years. To 15 91. And sole belmont has just come of age. As was tradition.

A ceremony is held for christopher to pass on the vampire killer to his very capable son an era of peace seemed certain under the to belmonts but surprise the day after the ceremony solea disappears. The four castles rise and dracula returns to human form. It s basically the worst quinceanera ever dracula possesses. The young belmont after 15 years of planning siphoning his powers and turning him into a demon.

But like a true belmont badass christopher takes charge against dracula. Once more. He s forced to battle salette you but frees him from dracula s thrall you can probably figure out the rest by now christopher beats dracula hundred years of banishment blah blah blah blah. Fast forward to my new main in smash.

Simon. Belmont. Born 1669. Nice on easter day.

Sixteen ninety. One one hundred years after his last two feet at christopher s hand dracula returns to full power. This time. The blame falls on a group of cultists.

Who perform a dark mass to resurrect the dark lord so a 22 year old simon belmont rises to the challenge of his family task and over the course of the original adventure in the series fights. The forces of darkness and reaches dracula. He defeats the evil count. But his unable to fully kill him and dracula secretly puts a curse in a wound on simon s back before disappearing seven years later in 1698.

Simon s body is deteriorating from the worsening curse. A mysterious woman visits him in the belmont family graveyard to give him a warning the curse will kill simon and cause dracula to revive the only way simon can stop. It is to find and burn the parts of dracula s bodies scattered across the land so begins. Simon s quest aka castlevania to the nes one not the game boy one which we technically already covered in christopher s entry for those of you keeping track he travels far and wide defeating.

Many foes to get dracula s relics. The nail the eyeball the rib bone the ring and the heart of dracula. But when he tries to burn them all in the ruins of dracula s castle. The ghost of dracula emerges from a sixth hidden relic.

His fang simon fights off dracula and banishes him for good or at least for a. While joost. Belmont. Born.

1730 50 years later simon s grandson joost belmont is upholding the family s duties fighting evil of all sorts and hunting down dracula s relics maksim juices best friend returns from a two year training expedition wounded and suffering from amnesia. He warns joost that their friend liddy has been kidnapped and the two leave to try and save her maksim leads joost to a mysterious castle shrouded amidst. Where lydia is being held two wounded to continue on maxum stays behind while joost searches for liddy joost fights dracula s minions throughout the castle only to discover the horrible truth maksim in a desperate bid to prove himself stronger than joost had sought out to gather dracula s relics. Just as simon had fifty years prior unfortunately their power proved too much for maxima who ended up possessed by their magic splitting his personality in two and creating the two castles in the mist evil maksim kidnapped liddy to learn deus to their wishing to sacrifice her and juste to revive dracula once more joost defeats.

The evil maxim driving away the ghost of dracula formed by the relics the three friends combined their strength release dracula s hold on maximum and banished. His castle back into the mist richter. Belmont. Born.

1773. The next belmont to step up to the vampire slaying plate is richter to no one s surprise the dark lord dracula rises once again in 1792 this time resurrected by a dirk priest named shaft shaft and dracula..

Worked together to kidnap. A bunch of young women to help augment the count s powers. And maybe. Even find a new wife these women include iris.

A doctor. Tara a nun annette richter belmont. Fiance. And maria renard.

A then 12 year old magical vampire huntress and distant relative of the belmont clan. Her family s branch is too far out to trace richter sets out to save annette slay dracula and drive back his evil forces all with some magical assistance from maria his very distant cousin or whatever after a dramatic confrontation winter is victorious over dracula. But the battle leaves him weakened the lingering spirit of the dark priest shaft sees his opportunity and places a curse on richter five years later in 1797 shafts power has finally returned using the dormant curse. He kidnaps in brainwashes viktor dracula s castle rises.

Again and alucard sensing. A great evil growing emerges from his 300 year slumber. Maria. Shocked by the return of the castle goes.

There to try and save the missing richter alucard rushes to the castle to defeat his father s forces and stop his resurrection maria and alucard meet and worked together to free richter from shafts possession shaft flees to dracula s true castle. An inverted castle. Growing out of the top of the old one while shafts original plan was to use richter to summon the dark lord he tries instead to sacrifice himself as the vessel for dracula s resurrection. He is only partially successful and alucard defeats.

The imperfect form of his father banishing and destroying the castle alucard wishes to return to his centuries long rest and leads. But maria now smitten with alucard follows him to convince him to stay awake in the world. With her and what of richter well. He resumes his family duties of hunting evil.

But eventually disappears from history. That is unless your personal canon includes him literally whipping all kinds of beloved nintendo characters and smash brothers ultimate we do know that richter relinquished ownership of the vampire killer. But we can only guess as to why maybe. He was to guilt ridden about helping to resurrect dracula.

Even though he was under shafts control. Whatever. The case at some point. He hands.

The vampire killer off to the morris clan. The morrises are technically related to the belmonts. But the bloodline isn t clear they re like your uncle who you re not actually related to you just kind of call him your uncle and you see him it accuse and stuff. But you re blood related.

He s just really tight with your parents like that the morris era quincey john and jonathan while the morris clan are capable vampire hunters. The fact that they are not belmonts means they can t use the vampire killers full power. Without risk of hurting themselves. Case.

In point. In 1897 100 years after. Alec hardin richter s victory quincey morris birthday unknown kills a revived dracula but is fatally wounded in the struggle. The vampire killer passes to his son john 20 years later in 1917.

John morris. Born 1895 takes up arms against elizabeth bartley. A prominent vampire and niece of dracula to resurrect the dark lord he orchestrates the start of world war one as a mass sacrifice. And you thought they went hard for the philosopher s stone in full metal alchemist john is joined by erik look hard.

A young spanish aristocrat. Who was also distantly related to the belmonts. The liccardi was entrusted with the alucard spear a weapon forged by alucard to help protect the world from darkness in an era with no belmonts to protect it erik seeks revenge against elizabeth bartley for turning his girlfriend into a vampire and works together with john morris to slay bartley and drive dracula away despite their victory. John is weakened and eventually killed by the power of the vampire killer.

He passes. The whip on to his son. Jonathan born in 1926. But only after telling erik to hide its full power from jonathan to protect him from its dangers in 1944.

The horror chaos and deaths of world war ii bring back the castle of dracula. Which has taken over by a purple suit wearing vampire artist named browner. Jonathan morris teams up with his childhood. Friend charlotte allen.

A powerful witch and descendant of sipho belle nadas. Along the way. Jonathan unlocks. The true power of the vampire killer.

By defeating. An illusion of richter belmont..

With the power of a true belmont jonathan and charlotte defeat browner and drive away the unsealed dracula assuring in an era of peace that is until julius belmont is born in 1980 on august 11. 1999. When julius is 19 years old a total solar eclipse covers eastern europe and the long prophesized final resurrection of dracula begins. He commences a full scale war against humanity.

But our heroes have a plan. Julius the lay belmonte teams up with alucard. The bell nod is and the hakuba he s a family of japanese priests who by this point. Might also be related to the belmonts in some roundabout way at some point.

The morris clan passed the vampire killer back to the belmonts so julius is fully equipped julius slaves dracula and the counts castle is sealed away in the eclipse cutting him off from the source of his power and ending his resurrection cycle on earth. This is considered the official death of dracula like for keeps. But of course. His powers still live on when the great battle ends.

Julius is left with amnesia. Only remembering that his name begins with j 36. Years later two japanese high school students named soma cruz and minah hakuba are at the hakama shrine to watch a solar eclipse. When they are suddenly transported to dracula s castle.

They meet jenya. A de kado. Alucard and disguised as a japanese government agent real subtle their alucard who reveals somas awaken power to absorb the souls of monsters and use them in combat soma sets off into the castle to try and find a way home for him and mina along the way. He meets yoko ben.

That is a witch of the bell not his clan and the amnesiac. Jay. Who is slowly regaining his memories. They work together to defeat.

Graham jones. A mysterious cult leader with dark powers who believes himself to be the reincarnation of dracula julius slowly regains his memories and finds the vampire killer. But suspects that soma may be the true heir of dracula s power and prepares to kill him should dracula take over someone s body soma confronts and destroys graham jones. And then discovers that surprised he is the next incarnation of dracula.

But learns from kenya at econo of that he can confront the core of chaos. The source of dracula s power. Before it s too late julius vows to kill soma should. He fail at this task.

But soma succeeds. After a great struggle. Retaining his humanity and returning to earth with nina. Julius alucard.

And yoko leaving dracula s castle to vanish into the eclipse. But as with all things castlevania this piece is rather short lived as one year later. A cult leader named cilia fortner attempts to revive the dark lord to do so she can force so much to transform or just kill him and create another heir to dracula. She has recruited two possible heirs dmitry glean off and daario bossy.

Once again julius teams up with soma yoko well not is and ganya avocado to stop. The cult. At one point. Julius fights dario.

But gets its ass handed to him so for the bulk of this adventure. Julius takes a back seat while soma fights. Celia and her cronies. He does use his power to break through a massive barrier.

But it leaves him exhausted for the rest of the adventure. If you want to see julius in action. You ll just have to beat the game and swap over to julius mode. The halcyon days of 2005.

Where you didn t have to pay for an expanded campaign thankfully. Soma stops. The big bad all while resisting his own internal darkness with the evil defeated julius escapes the collapsing castle with soma and the gang now free to live their lives in peace and with that we haven t heard anything of the belmont clan sense given that julius was 56 during the whole celia fortner debacle. It s possible that there s a julius jr.

Running around will the belmont legacy. Ever continue. Well the ball is in your court. Konami.

Hopefully that shiny new castlevania collection as a feeler to get cracking on some new entries to the belmont family scrapbook. I m mario bueno with the leaderboard and i hope to catch you all again soon thanks for watching. ” ..


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