Cheap Gaming Monitor: ASUS VP278 27inch Gaming Monitor Unboxing and Review

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“Guys we re back again with that unboxing and review of the asus. Bp 278 278 monitor let s go check it out guys just to go ahead and get on this i want to show you what i will not be using on this monitor since i am using a ps4 with my monitor. This is the vga port. I m just gonna leave it in the plastic and just put it to the side.

This is the aux cord. That also came with it i won t be needing it since i had my wireless headset this is a display port. I will not be needing it as well the hdmi this is what i m gonna be using on my ps4 to my monitor. Then you have your power cord.

Both of these cords are roughly four to five feet long here s the base to the monitor. This is very simple setup. A screw is made into the base of the monitor before you start assembling this just go ahead and peel the plastic off of your base you also have some plastic on your monitors that there are two dowels on the monitor and we ll slide them onto the base once it s pushed up on there firmly and snug you want to take your screw and just start tighten. It down flip your screw latch down.

I m gonna go ahead and plug in the hdmi port to the monitor and also here is a picture of the ports on the back of the monitor. And this is what the buttons look like on front of the monitors. I can already tell a big difference in the quality of the picture. And we re going to go ahead and go through the settings for each button.


Besides the power button has an icon directly above it so when you push that button you are actually confirming that icon. Those icons are listed above in the we re going to number these backwards one through six starting from the right going to the left. The power button will not be considered a cover. So your first button will be next to the power button you can tell as i hit the buttons on the bottom of the monitor it highlights.

What command i m using just directly above the bus this makes it very simple to use so the first mode that i m in is the splendid mode and i m i m using this monitor for gaming. So i m going to game mode. And once you just click on the game mode and hit the check mark for it to be confirmed. All you have to do is back out of it with the back button which will be your fourth button from the power button now i m going to the blue light filter.

I m going to set mine on level 3. Because that s probably the most comfortable on my eyes confirm it then back out i m not going to do all the settings on the color. Because i m not sure what settings are best. But you have brightness contrast color.

Tint. Saturation color temp skin tone and smart view. The next menu. Setting is image.


You have sharpness trace free which i m not sure what that setting is for so i m going to leave it as factory aspect control and we ll leave this factory. 16 vivid pixel. I m not really sure what that is a scr it s not highlighted so that must be used with the computer adaptive sync free sync. I m gonna leave all this on the factory setting because i m not sure how this works.

But i think the adaptive sync greasing works with the computers will position focus and auto. Adjust. Those are not highlighted and it will not let me choose anything for the next setting is sound volume is set on pd. I m just will turn my completely off because i m gonna be using it for gaming and headset on you also have mute which is off source.

Which is my hdmi. This is also how you go through your source. Okay here is your system setup is the splendid demo mode. I have it off game plus.

I m turning it on just because you have some perks and i m getting ready show you about it you also have displayport stream. Not sure what that is for so i m not going to mess with ya. I think. It s something to do with the display for for the computer you have eco mode.


I m not going to go into the eco mode setting not sure what it does as well here s the game settings. You have your red dots that you can use on your reticles for your shooting games once you confirm those red dots. It will put it on the center of the screen you have a fps counter as well. Which is your frames per second and you also have a timer and you also have a display alignment for multiple displays your shortcut buttons are gonna be your fifth and sixth button away from the power button one is my brightness and the other one is my blue.

This is what my crosshair looks like on the screen. Honestly though i don t like it because i prefer a just one little tiny dot. But this monitor doesn t have that setting. I went to my creative mode.

Just to check to make sure that this crosshair was on my crosshair with a different gun as well like i said though i don t like to cross her because it s just too bulky for me i prefer just a small little dot. But it is in line with the fortnight crosshairs on the guns guys the total height of the screen from the base is 17 half inches a monitor height is 15 inches. The actual screen height is 13 inches. The monitor width is 25 and a half inches.

The screen. Width is 23 and a half inches. The diagonal monitor is 29 inches. And the diagonal screen is of course 27 inches guys.


This is the vp 7. 8. Monitor. This is my setup as i have had this monitor for about 4 days now i really enjoy it image quality is really awesome.

There is a 1 millisecond lag time on this monitor. But for me is perfect for gaming. I love it is the perfect size just everything about it i really like and i m doing. It s much better than using a tv.

I do recommend if you are going to gain and you re serious about dining. This would be a really good monitor they start out with it s very cheap i bought mine at walmart for 169. I will put a link in the description below for this monitor guys if this video was helpful and you enjoyed it subscribe give me a thumbs up and turn that notification bill. ” .


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