CHEAP Ultra VR Desktop for $1,380 i9 9900k & 1070 TI – Dell XPS Special Edition Unboxing

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“Name is lloyd summers and today. We re gonna be doing an unboxing from dell dell and i m the tech lead at red iron labs. Which is a very vr a or game studio operating out of calgary alberta. Now if you re now.

If you ve been following vr. Closely. You ll know that it uses a lot of really intense computer processing. Power.

Especially. When we re dealing in 360. Footage. 8k video.

It just takes a lot a lot out of systems. And the computer. I ve been using at home has started to struggle. It s about three years old.

And it s just not holding up to what i need so i decided to buy something new a bit of a background. If you check out my twitter. You ll see that dell sent me a really amazing laptop about a year ago. I want it and i was so excited.

But it s been a great tablet for just doing tablet work. And so i ve been trying to replace our hardware using dell instead of building it from scratch and the reason. I didn t want to keep building stuff from scratches. Then we ve got to support it at least with dell like i m put it in a box ship it off and have them repair it and work on one of my other systems.

And i have an amazing laptop. Which is been great for vr as well so when my desktop does go down. It s not the end of the world this desktop. I ve stopped using about maybe four months ago.

So i m really excited to upgrade. It i got a heck of a deal if i may say so myself one thousand eight hundred and fifty five dollars canadian 1375 american for an i. 9. Computer with a 1070 ti is a fantastic deal pretty much anything else in there at that point it feels like it s almost a free giveaway.

So we ll take a look and go through the specs and we ll see what is in there versus. What we expect to be in there and see if dell is being honest on what they ship alright. So let s take a look at what we ordered. So i ordered the xps 89.

30. Which is supposed to have a lot of usb 3 ports and usb c. Port. Which will be really helpful because we do a lot more mobile development especially with augmented reality.

So having access to usb c. Would be really nice. It s supposed to have 16 gigabytes of ddr4 at two six six six megahertz. Which is okay two six eight gigabyte.

So it ll be interesting to see what s in there for ports. I want to max out the ram as much as possible. We do a lot of really big 360 video editing. And so having a lot of ram is quite helpful for disk drives.


It does have a 256 gigabyte m2 solid state drive. I ll be interested to see which brand that is i m willing to bet. It s western digital and then there s also a 2 terabyte 7200 rpm hard drive which might be i m assuming as western digital or seagate. Because i mean the consumer grade low cost hard drives 7200 rpm is not too bad i tend to avoid spinning discs as much as i can but they are nice for long term storage or rather cheap the large storage sorry and 7200 not bad you want to avoid the 5400 that s where it s a bit slower of a hard drive 7200 is not bad anything above that s even better.

What s really interesting is it also is supposed to have a dvd rewritable. Which is certainly a nice plus to have there is a nvidia gtx 1070 tt a ti 8 gigabyte. I ll be really interested to see the port s that are on the 1070 ti as well as the actual brand. So i couldn t find any of that information on the dell website.

And that ll tell me whether or not this video card on its own is going to be good enough or if i have to take my other 1070. I have and put it in there as well unfortunately that was a 1070 overclock not a ti from asus. I think it was so i don t know if i can sli them or what will happen if i try to sli them. But i could use that to add more ports.

If i need running through the list quickly the other stuff we really care about would probably just be the processor. So it s an i 9. 9900 k. 8.

Core correct me. If i m wrong. In the comments. But i believe the k means that it can t really be overclocked.

Which is perfectly fine is more than good enough other than that there s a bunch of stuff on there. We ll have to remove. Obviously i don t want to keep mcafee or any of that kind of stuff we may even just reimage the us. But we ll kind of go from there so it ll be really interesting to see obviously that s a really great deal for one thousand eight hundred and fifty five dollars.

So it ll be really interesting to see when i open this up how they re cutting that so low. I mean most of the components. There come to a total much higher than that so i ll be interested to see how they re saving some money there so i m gonna keep this off camera. But it s a big box so first things first this looks like kind of your standard standard stuff.

It s got a keyboard take that out power cable a mouse. Those are really nice additional items when you order the alienware it doesn t come with those so seamless come with the the desktop is certainly a nice plus. Now they likely aren t going to be world changing keyboard and mice. But these basic ones are really good for keeping around the office part when you need to spare a spare mouse.

The mouse itself okay so it s not actually that bad. It s got a button on the side for a back button. Which is really helpful a lot of times. When i m coding hat being able to hit that button to have it go back to the last function and work on is quite helpful looks like it s got a scroll wheel and hopefully that s a speed adjustment.

We ll see let s see what we got for the keyboard okay now it s probably hard to see. But this is kind of your stereotypical hybrid where it s almost a chiclet keyboard. But not quite. Which will be kind of nice so there you go nothing super fancy.

The plastic looks okay. I mean. It s a cheap keyboard. But certainly more than good enough to type with if if you need all right so next.

We have the big box nice straightforward well this is the front of the unit. All right we ll let peel the plastic off but here is what we ve got so on the front. You ve got your power button. This would be your microsd card well actually i guess sd card.


Because it s a big one. You ve got a mic and a microphone jack a usb c. Port. Which is really handy to have on the front and then your three.

I believe usb c. It says ss across the front so pretty straightforward. There is your dvd burner. I think we ll take it open open it up and double check the dell logo.

The xps logo and then something inside logo. Who knows and that s it for the front. I can see at the top that there are fans on the top. We ll see what s on the side.

It s really interesting because i want to see how they re cooling down the i9 and what motherboard they put in here with it now on this side. You ve got your standard power. Jack. You ve got your cable lock.

This would be network port usb twos. This one is your displayport. I believe hdmi usb see four more usb threes these audio ports. I took a quick look at them i would assume their speaker microphone line in but i didn t recognize the logos on them maybe.

It s just me i m getting old here are your lock switches. And what i thought was interesting was i finally took a look at the video card at least on the inside to see what ports. It supports and it supports dvi dv a sorry display port displayport h. Do my displayport and then you got a dvi port.

So it s got one hdmi. One dvi three display ports and then you ve got a built in hdmi as well. Which is okay. But that s not ideal my monitors are samsung and lg and they all need hdmi.

So i might actually go ahead and add another 1070 in there just to run the displays and then let the 1070. I ti run my video processing for 360 as well as vr. But hey that d be really cool so that s the ports on the outside now let s take a look at the inside and see if what we got is actually the hardware that s inside here and if so what brands. They chose to use to get that price so low so to open one of these up you ll usually have to make sure.

This is up and this step down is locked open and that should pop open the side cover. What s interesting is the side cover is aluminum. But this side is plastic usually it s aluminum or plastic. It s not an option you see both now forward and group.

There s some things we can only get to while this thing is closed on i ll get into that in a minute. But the important one is that the main hard drive is here and the cd rom or the dvd burner is up at the top so to get at this we re gonna pull this guy off and pull this guy off now it has tooless installation so pinch and pull and might be hard to see. But that s a seagate st. Mm d.

N001. This is a very common consumer grade hard drive if you search by lowest price. These are the type that go on sale. Quite often and are usually the best deal on length.

It s a little bit of a boost nothing like an ssd. But for what we need that s perfectly fine you want to use that for big files that kind of thing. I use a lot of these for backups. Large data binaries test.


Applications and especially. Lots of video editing as a place to store them. I do all that work off the ssd and then move it to these ones afterwards because i ve found that the 5400 sometimes can t keep up with the 8k video modifications. And what will happen is it s trying to write too fast and you ll lose data when you go to save your videos.

So do your video editing on ssds first and then copy them over just to be safe to open this one up it tells you to make sure that those locking clips are all in the up position and then pull forward go carefully because the cables are right in where the metal turns and some of this metals a little sharp it ll feel resistant. But believe it or not that s actually okay so there we go now we re looking at the insides. So in here behind this fan. Which is not doesn t look like it s liquid cooled.

I was interested to see how they re keeping that iodine cold because a normal fan probably to me wouldn t be enough. But what they have is a family if you look at the size of the heatsink across the top of that fan that cpu fan. That s pretty impressive. There are four slots for memory sticks.

So we can upgrade the m2 is behind the pci slots. So it runs kind of right along in there all the way in the back. I was wrong when i looked at the logo when i look at that it says samsung 256 gigabyte so i was wrong they didn t use western digital for that one and then this is your video card so to get at this that guy pulls off in the back. There s a little clip.

You got to push really hard with the clips on the dell. I found and then he just pops right off so. There you go now be very careful putting this back in there is a little when card that i didn t know was built into this that sits in the back and the antenna cables run right near the top of this card. So be careful be careful for that the brend of the 1070 ti is geforce gtx.

10. 7. Ati. Which is really nice to see.

So that s an actual geforce. Not a rebrand that wagon cards. Interesting so that probably allows for bluetooth and wireless internet. Which is really rare in a desktop to have built in and are really nice to have feature.

So that s really it for that so far it looks like everything we wanted is in there. So i ll go ahead and close this up. Oh. Let s put this back in first let s put this back in first the right direction go.

And if you want to have more stable stability on your video card you can probably move this over to one of the farther slots. And that s really it everything is reassembled. I hope if not i m sure somebody will notice in the comments and last. But not least so that was it that was the big tear down hard to read through there.

But there is a fan on the top cpu fan here. I didn t really see if there s any fans down. There it seems pretty light on the fan side so it ll be interesting to see how it holds up to the temperature. Now i m gonna go ahead and boot.

It up and turn it on you can see right there size comparison between them so that s the older custom amd one. I had built in the past. It has two video cards that are both we are capable compared to the brand new dell. So one thing i did find was interesting.

I ve looked at the dell closer the pci support cards won t actually support another full sized video card. So the 1070 ti lives. There now and that s its new home. Whereas this motherboards a full size motherboard.


And it can if they can fit multiple full sized cards. But i wanted to show you kind of the size difference keep in mind this one has a liquid cooler in the back extra fans across the top so next we gotta install the cables. This is pretty straightforward. The important part is internet power hdmi and your keyboards.

I already have a nice long cable down here network. The only hdmi slot on that card be three extender and my keyboard a mouse i ll go ahead and pause the video for now and i ll resume once we re a little bit further along in the installation process. So something to watch out for while you re setting up your computer is it looks like mcafee and dell have added an installation screen that asked for my personal contact information. Because it s trying to give it to mcafee.

Which is not something that i m comfortable with so when you re what when you re filling out the film forms to install the software just take a minute to make sure that everything you re filling out makes sense and matches what you want it to do this isn t ideal normally. I would show you this in a video so you can see the direct screen. But i didn t want to install that software just yet cuz. All we re really doing is checking the system specs and then we re gonna do a quick verification.

So i apologize in advance. Because it s probably gonna be hard for you to see a lot of this stuff. But it does have the i9 and 99 100 k. Which is absolutely fantastic.

The ram. Is sixteen gigabytes and the video card again probably hard for you see is a geforce gtx 1070 ti. So we re actually looking pretty. Good the hard drives to 21 giga bytes available 18.

One terabytes. Available. That s actually correct and dvd rewritable. Let me make that full screen.

Because then it ll fade. It there you go so ssd spinning and the rewritable. The windows drive did install some things i m pretty sure that s for dells bootloader. Benchmark all right so.

It s hard for you to see. But i m getting 220 frames per second 240. I am getting the occasional artifact on the display that could just because the drivers need to be updated. So it s reading to ten to twenty to thirty to forty benchmark results are super so average frame rate was 223.

It target was a hundred nine oculus rift needs 81. So you can see average versus target. We re pretty much on the high end. There it picked up the cpu.

It verified gpu all that kind of stuff. And i d have to say that i m pretty happy with that so here s our score. We re really close to what they consider a premium high end pc. Which is absolutely fantastic.

So i m quite happy with that. But that said. I think. It s confirmed that this is certainly quite the deal for 1855 canadian or 1375 american a great deal for a computer.

Quite happy with it highly recommend us and recommend other ” ..

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