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“Do we do good reasons. I mean anything that you choose any adventure that you you choose to go on in life is going to be risky. But this just to be one that some of us choose to throw ourselves into how to make decisions about things that you re not sure about how do you decide on what to do when you ve got a vision. But the path isn t very clear right oftentimes were chosen with two mats right you get out of high school you choose both do i go to the army.

But i go to college right. There s always these types of decisions to make and we always have to go into deep contemplative modes and engage in activities that associated that support us in making decisions..

So my three steps. Number. One your first step is to contemplate yes take the time right away instantly. We are not sure what to do the worst thing you can do is to act spontaneously and in circumstances like this take your time.

I say sleep on it and while you re sleeping on it i want you to consider this one question. What is the worst that could happen if i choose and can i live with it and then you ask yourself the same thing with decision b what is the worst absolute worst that could possibly happen if i choose b could you deal with it the next step after you ve contemplated and dug deeply into the question..

Whether or not i can handle the worst that could happen you now have to choose. But you choose with a fucking sword bang right you do this by creating a deadline for yourself. You say alright. This is enough tomorrow.

I choose and when you choose you put your foot down you take that axe and you chop off any other options. But the one that you know you re gonna do and that s it no turning back..

That s the key once you make that decision the other half of the decision. The other choices. The other things you could have done you completely ignore you throw it away you never turn back and look again cuz it ll only make you sick indecisive gray on the fence and weak you choose hard that s it they call it burning the boats. There is no back door there s no way back you jump and then you learn to fly and that s the third step.

The third step is to make your decision right you burn. The boats and you make the damn thing work right you make it work..

But there s a trick to making things work that i d like to share with you the magical perspective. A magic wand that you can wave over the choices that you ve made in order to make them right every single time that them successful people don t make the right decisions. They make their decisions right right always seeing the silver lining by always seeing what they learn along the way every life comes with a death sentence. But i feel that who s in charge me.

” ..

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