Classic WoW vs CHEAP LAPTOPS? – Better than you think!

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“Right now we ll load of warcraft classic is still all the rage. We we re at about one month after release. It s still going strong and i i love playing it still just as much as before so with that being said sometimes you just got to be mobile. But you got to get your time into a game like that and what better than a laptop.

But if you don t have a lot of money do you really have that many options turns out the answer is yes so stay with me my name is chris. This is coalition gaming and today. I ll be your computer technician. So if you guys like pc.

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So you definitely want to check out our upcoming and pass content as well we also stream every thursday 8 pm. Pacific speaking of streaming right now i m in a new room in my house. So i have a new set up a new streaming setup and that s the setup. We re shooting this video on today.

So things look a little different that s why so a game like world of warcraft or any mmo. Honestly you really need to get your time in in order to be able to accomplish stuff in any reasonable amount of time so sometimes you can t always be home. And that s when a laptop comes in handy well a lot of the time. Lately.

I have been out of the house somewhere else and have wanted to play wow. Since its release and well. I had an old laptop lying around that i was letting my wife use and i m like you know what i m gonna give give it a shot on this one because i took my land party set up to the house once and i m like yeah. This is cool.

But it s also bit cumbersome. A laptop as always just a little bit easier to use maybe. Not just a little bit a lot a bit easier to use as a mobile gaming station. However i only had one with integrated graphics.

So i decided let s test it out and i also had another spare one as well lying around that had a bad lcd. That we re gonna try it on that one as well so battle of the cheap laptops and how cheaply can you guys get into world of warcraft on the go. Let s do it first up my hp envy. 15.

And that s got a 1366 by 768 screen. 720p. An i7 47. 10 mq cpu that s a.

4 core. 8 thread that. Could do. 25 gigahertz base 2.

35. Gigahertz turbo. And 8 gigabytes of ram. That s all it s got an ssd.

I guess so that might help. But let s get to that one then after that one is going to be the acer aspire m5 that one only has 6 gigs of ram. And. I 5.

4200 u dual core 4 thread cpu that s something like. 15 to 25. Gigahertz turbo and also 1366 by 768 screen. But as i mentioned the lcd.

Doesn t work so i hooked it up to an external monitor in order. Do what i needed to do something. This laptop was doing without vsync on is he she s weird flickering all over the screen. Yeah.

It s like it s definitely having issues with vsync turned off all sorts of tearing weirdness. It s just not good and honestly it feels like it runs worse. I m getting weird frame times. It s just not good so vsync on when it comes to this because realistically wow.

At 60fps is perfectly fine to play. And now vsync on and yeah. Much better result no weirdness and it s smooth..


Yeah all right let s continue so here. We are on the hp envy. 15. And this is one that we actually featured in a different video that ll be linked right above.

We re gonna start the run here in stormwind in the bank. Let s go so right now. I have to run v. Sync.

As you guys saw. And it s still holding 60fps. Now let me start to benchmark here and afterburner. All right benchmark is running let s go.

We re gonna run out from the bank into stormwind. We re because there s so much it should be pretty reflective of some of the worst performance you might get with the setup and we went from 60 to below 50. We re still pretty far above 30. Fortunately so now we re going in the trade area.

I haven t seen anything less than like 48 ish 39 35 3641. But still definitely usable now the graphics settings real quick let me show you guys 1366 by 768 100. Render scaling vsync on everything at to its lowest possible settings. That it could go so we re hanging out here at 40 fps standing.

Still in stormin. Let s move around again let s fly on down to sentinel. Hello. You guys will see the performance of flying over everything.

Which could be pretty intensive in some situations and because of vsync. It s holding a steady 60. More or less. We just dropped down to right under sixty right as i said that though 53 58.

59. But again this is definitely usable and there we have it that s run number one let s get to the other laptop alright so here we are with the acer aspire m5 laptop this has an i5. 4200 that s a dual core. Four thread.

Cpu. 16 gear hertz base to a 26. Gigahertz. Turbo.

This is a very much low powered version of that i7 this is only a 15 watt cpu this has intel hd graphics 4400 whereas the other one had intel hd graphics 4600 so this is still a step down in terms of cpu and gpu and there s only six gigabytes of system ram on this computer. Here. Now the lcd on it doesn t work. This was given to me to repair.

And so i m just going out through the hdmi out of the laptop into a monitor and the monitor is running at the same resolution as the other laptop 1366 by 768 everything on the lowest settings as you can see here and vertical sync is disabled and i can see spikes above 60fps. But it is a little late the frame times are suffering with with the vsync turned off and just to keep things equivalent to the other computer. We re gonna turn the vsync on 60fps is still solid for something this cheap so let s go and so beginning. The run here.

We re gonna go out from the bank. Oh. Yeah. This is way smoother with with vsync on.

Oh. Yeah. Alright and as soon. As i say that we come out here.

Where it starts dropping and we re getting very similar performance actually. Which is kind of nice we re in the 50s. I saw it drop into the 40 s here with all the people and stormwind in the trade districts. Running around over here into this area looking towards this way standing.

Still all right let s get to westfall. This is actually doing surprisingly well. I thought it would be way worse. But it s pretty much right up there so we re flying out to sentinel hill.

Now and we have a lot more view. Let s see how the fps holds up with all the trees and world and view now and it s still hanging around 60. Which is nice because the bigger better laptop was also pretty much in this range and here we are landed at westfall still holding a solid 60..


I m gonna go ahead and call the benchmark there and now we re back so as you guys. Saw. The gameplay was pretty solid actually 10 today hang around 60 fps in most scenarios. Which is pretty impressive.

I think. But at the same time we used to play at least. I used to play world of warcraft with a single core cpu. That was my system was an athlon 2500.

Plus. Single core amd system with the 9500 pro and 256. Megabytes of ram. And it did ok.

So yeah. I guess like maybe. I shouldn t be all that impressed but either way it did good and the best thing about it is the fact that it could run on low end integrated graphics means that you can get a cheap laptop to take on the go with you and that s pretty important if you just want to get your game time in elsewhere. If you re hanging out with family or you re just kind of not doing anything out.

And about or just wanted to get out of the house and play some games land parties. Maybe that s the thing. We do those oh yeah. But let s get to the numbers anyways the specific benchmark numbers.

So we have the acer aspire m5 kim coming in with an average fps of 55 point to 1 low of 35. Point. 8 and a 11. Low of 22 point.

3. That s actually pretty solid that s definitely put in the playable range. And you re gonna really want to use vsync when it comes to these systems. Because if you don t do vsync you get these weird issues frame pacing issues that make it a little bit more jittery and not the greatest.

But a game like world of warcraft is probably just fine play that s you know with vsync on 60fps not that big a deal so this basically maintain it for most of its use average fps. Sort of reflects that and then let s check. The hp envy. 15.

Now these two systems were you know they re similarly. Equipped. But one has a gigs around that s the envy 15 yellowness 6 grams that s the acer one has intel hd graphics 4600 that s the android 15 the other one has intel graphics 4400 slightly lower end that s the acer aspire m5 and they performed closely despite that. So.

Average. Fps. 575 on the in. V.

Mv. 15. 1. Low of 338.

And here s my favorite part point 1 percent low 32 point. 6. So even at its worst. It still stayed over 30 fps.

Which is really good and definitely in the usable range. And it didn t look all that bad considering the graphics were turned down all the way from both models as well now. What the biggest difference you may encounter is if you re trying to do a bunch of things at once with the system. The fork or a third cpu and the envy 15 reflects out of a normal desktop kind of i7 from years past.

And you ve got plenty of power there however the dual core 4 thread acer aspire m5 you re gonna be a bit more limited so you maybe not don t want to have a whole lot of stuff open. If you re planning on using that one to play world of warcraft or something of that level. And so integrated graphics on the intel laptops at this point. Is like i believe they re considered.

6. Gen. And any gen. Before this is gonna be half as fast for the jenna for that than half as fast for the gen before that and before that before that so you really tend to lose a lot of performance.

If you go anything older than haswell or 4th. Gen cpu. I guess the starting point would be 6..


Gen graphics or with the haswell 4th. Gen. Cpu. So basically i m trying to say is if you want to get performance.

Like this it d be really really good to think about starting at the haswell range. So how cheap of a laptop can you really get if that s what you re after and you want to play well on the go and not really struggle with it all that much. But still have a decent experience instead of a 30fps high experience. Which which is probably what you get with the older laptops.

You want something that s going to be 60. Fps or closer to 60 fps. So let s go on over to this screen over here. And so here we are on ebay.

I searched i7 47. 10. Mq laptop. That s the same.

Cpu that s in that. Hp. Envy. 15 and we see here 130.

999. Free shipping here on ebay. Now. This is a lenovo thinkpad.

And it does not have a hard drive. It and on has four gigs of ram. Something tells me that that might be enough for world of warcraft. But it s not the greatest in terms of ram.

However you can throw in a twenty or thirty dollar 128. 128. Gig. Ssd install windows on that thing and just well.

And you can have yourself a pretty solid experience. And as you can see the next one up 149 has four gigs of ram. No hard drive as well. Then the next one up this one looks like it s in worse shape judging on the picture.

But it s a dell precision m40 800. Same cpu again four gigs of ram. No hard drive man hp s ebook. These guys are kind of chunky.

They re their workstation level laptops and again this one has 8 gigs of ram. So here we go 500. Gigabyte hard drive you don t need to add any drives to this one windows 10 everything ready to go basically for two hundred and nine dollars. So let s have a look at that real quick.

The condition of this laptop looks like it s in decent shape. Looks like there s a dent on the corner down. Here and the corners are a little worn over here. There s a crack on that corner and that s not nice if you re willing to forward to overlook all those things.

It s a decent deal assuming everything works and according to the details here yep everything everything works. It s just cosmetic issues on there now it does not have oh it does you all should this exact laptop pictured. Including a power adapter that s neat because a lot of use laptops don t come with a power adapter. So it s not the best of shape.

But it could get the job done let s see how these other ones look like next. One up. That has similar specs. Eight gigs of ram 450.

Gigabyte ssd. This is another z. Book. And this is a 2 15.

Plus. 15 shipping. So 230 dollars..


And let s see here it in close up pictures. This looks ok. That looks ok that looks ok as well so far so good on this one. And it s got a 47 10.

Mq. Eight gigs ram. 450. Gig.

Ssd. Which is nice says gently used in very excellent shape. When the 7 installed windows take up 10 upgrade. Rights sold as there s no warranty offering play now.

It doesn t state. Where there comes with the charger. Not so that lease may be something to be wary of but they re only like 20 or 30 dollars. If it doesn t include one yeah so not a bad deal.

So we can definitely get you guys into wow. On the go for two hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars on a laptop that even if you stop playing well on it they will serve very very well as a just a general use laptop for all sorts of stuff. Now. There s another cpu out.

There that s very similar to the i7 47. 10. Mq. But it just has slightly slower clocks.

But still has until hd graphics 4600 so that one is called the i7 4700 2 mq and there s more laptops available. There with that one so here s this lenovo thinkpad ephi. 40. It s got 8 gigs of ram.

And a 500 gig. Hard drive ready to go 189 out the door looks like maybe there might be texting like then let s see it comes with the ac adapter as well. But it says something it was no accessory so you get the laptop and the charger. That s all you need really and let s have a look at the condition here looks fine there no cracks nothing crazy.

There s aspects. There s the lid. There s the side looks like this one is in really great shape actually and there you go that s it that s a 4702 mq 22. Gigahertz.

I think it s three point three or three point four gears four core eight third intel hd graphics 4600 this thing can play well definitely just fine on its screen now i don t see what what resolution. It is but if it s anything higher than 720p. Then just turn the resolution down to 720p and then you ll be set just like we showed you guys here on the video. So you can actually get in under 200 for a laptop that can play world of warcraft on the go or just serve as a really nice laptop to use just in general.

So that s neat real. Quick i almost forgot to mention that laptops using the. I 5. 4200.

Years. Like the acer aspire that i showed can be had for around 100 as well. But you know they come with low amounts of ram hard drive and stuff like that now. If you wanted something a bit more complete.

I found this dell latitude 3440 with the 4200 you eight gigs around a twitter 50 gigabyte drive for under want 130 dollars nice and it looks like it s in decent shape. As well and then i also found this hp elitebook 840. Which uses a 514 are you a kid s ramen on twitter to you buy ssd for 150. So it definitely is possible to get into it for even less than those other ones that i showed you and we re back so hopefully you guys find this information.

Useful. And if you re looking to play world of warcraft on the go definitely i hope you guys check. Some of this stuff out. And maybe.

You enjoyed the video as well give it a like if you liked it subscribe. We always got more coming we d really appreciate that we stream every thursday 8 pm. Pacific and lately. It s been a lot of wow classic with the homies.

So real real cool stuff. Thank you all for watching this video and appreciate all ” ..

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