Commanding my Own Skeleton Ship in Sea of Thieves!

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“Let s go what the hell no i was just about to do my intro. Intro. But these bananas. I have 50 bananas here and i m gonna go and and tame the skeletons.

But firstly do i have to tame this goddamn crack and this is bullshit. I don t want to do the practice. Today no now i m here with the skeletons. Oh.

This is trash. This is trash. I just spent so long about an hour trying to find this goddamn. But not a crate.

Oh. My god okay even more holes. That s great what was that all for fuck s sake. He covered the hole.

He covered. Why do they do that the kraken shouldn t do this you covered the hole cracking stop get off me let me get my banana crate let me get my banana crate at least. Please please please. Where is it where is it where is it where is it where is it blahnik right.

I think it put you up here yes. We re out of hippin on a crate go go go okay. It s me and you ve been on a great. We re gonna make it back okay.

We re gonna find you okay take two we have 50 bananas here and we re gonna search for a skeleton ship and see if we can become one of them i know. It s possible to be a part of their crew and survive on the back of the ship and be friendly with them all i ve got cannonballs ready to help them out kill the humans or whatever. Let s keep allies. Goddamn peeled for some scholarships and not krakens.

Oh. My god okay please i m trying to find a skeleton ship. Not a megalodon hole our get out of here. Now don t you dare bite.

Me don t you down i see the skeleton ship there it is we re home free. It s just over there my comrades my fellow barnman. My calcium lovers. I have milk for you in the form of bananas.

They have white he s just chillin at cannon cove. What a symbolic place from the being wait. What oh no a sloop is fighting it no stay away from my comrades. I need to help that ship i need to help the skeleton and buckett it quickly it s sinking no this can t happen that slope is a monster they want to kill this skeleton ship.

My men my bony sexy boys good good skeleton ship fucking dominate them yes show them true pain. This might work i have to be precise. I have to get this first try oh they re shooting at me oh guys come on please i m a friend you just don t know it yet you just don t know it please don t hurt me stop stop look at me. I am your friend.

I am. Your buddy pal. You see me oh shit. Oh.

Shit are you are you kidding. Where s that guy. What s that card with this what s a thinker. What the with the gun.

What the put the pin on the crate card hello. Hello. Not a great butt on a crate. Oh.

My god i m i m a freaking outfit go into that shit it s in the water it s in the what please please please please please please please please please please please please okay okay we can do this we could do this it s okay let s dance. Okay. This should be good this should be good. While the scholarship is distracted.

I can go onto the ship and help them i thought everything was lost. I thought i had lost this you know okay come on okay. Good over here. Okay okay.

Here s good enough whoa don t you scare. Me like that now now now i gotta help them firstly by killing them okay apparently it s not daytime scale them please your ship is creaking i need to fix it i need to fix your ship skeleton ship boy give me that banana beautiful classic oh bucket for them bucket or they will almost sunk. We ve saved them we ve safe them oh this is good they enter my quarters they die this is where i m staying guys please this is my bed do you not see ow casca oh hey guys yeah just don t mind me oh wait just bucket me the water up are you fuck are you kidding me how are they all do that at the same time that never happens normally so i do remember. Though it was at cannon cove.

We are kind of close and there will be a goddamn banana crate. There that s still there and they re fighting the slope. Norm. Yeah.

Okay yeah yep they list at the uncut let s hit the income week. Listen up all we re definitely close enough. Oh my god come on let me on them. No no okay.

It will come it ll come back around they ll come back around please come back around when i could just go on to them oh you re trying to snipe me huh. I ll show you okay banana in hand let us go onto the ship second try into the captain s room. Yes. The building creaks still there okay this time we have blood from our mistakes.

They are extremely goddamn..

Powerful with those blunderbusses. Oh my god they are and just takes forever to bring out the goddamn banana are they sinking. They are they are sinking quite a lot i need a helper asap. They re literally about to die.

Pour. It up brett get the bucket yes that bit of that go away the rains not helping the rain is not helping guys please calm down they ll see they ll see how good i am after oh goddamn is that the captain nor okay them blocking the sort welcome to the sword. Captain please you have to understand i m trying to save your career your crew don t you understand i ll cook you didn t hurt me that much. But i m stuck huh.

Oh. Thank good this is good. This is something extremely weird and unique take down that goddamn ship humans are evil skeletons are nice people okay water. What is coming in that s a lot of them ed those are the ones that killed me there s like five of them in a bunch okay this seems to be a two men hmm.

I m gonna hit them with a venom bullet right firstly. I ll load the cannon come on light. There we go oh my god they re firing at us. I gotta fire back.

I gotta fight. No someone s already on them you re the cannon. You took my bed a ball. I mean that s fine that s fine you guys.

That s fine can we defeat this enemy sleep together boys let s do it boys come on i m proud of you all hit us. It s that bad you know seems fine okay. So i won t worry about doing the bottom deck. That s way too deadly for this moment.

Here you go here s a crock ball boys. There you go see you like that you like that use it come on do it do it. This is really nice you know my skeletons and i hold chilling out i m heaven i m in heaven. If my boys well having a good time you know what i feel so comfortable.

I could actually just go to sleep. This is nice. This is very nice. Oh yeah.

I forgot to mention. I have white face. Except these guys aren t white skeletons. So i m a little confused.

But don t worry about that oh not not stop so that uh flute is running away for its life. Oh. My god you re back. Captain aren t you ok so we go to the back of the ship.

We re at force lagoon good to know i don t think i can go through this oh they made it they made it easier before you couldn t in it. And i glitched you out anyways. I can go here ah. Now you see we got some angles on a contract.

No that was the contract for the bananas. It expired. I still have 42 bananas. That s a lot well he s getting onto the ship.

He missed oh no no you brought the captain. I don t wanna get double okay. But yeah. It seems i have made an enemy of them this is bad.

I should probably talk to them. But no i can t i m a skeleton. I cannot talk to them basically what the skeletons are doing the reason. Why they re attacking me every single time even on that under teammate is that just you know testing me they re being like are you worthy are you wherever you be a carnivale crew fired them skeleton fire yeah you take him out oh.

What a shot that s my mouth guns yes. Fucking take them out i really want to talk. But i m a skeleton. I can t do this oh look at the guy.

Oh another hit it s another huge hit oh man. They re firing like all the cannons. All that s such good hits. You know the funny thing is that i could flip them utley go into their ship.

And kill them i really want to put i feel like this ship would take off without me yeah. It would it s so good it s risky. It s risky. It s not really a point for me to shoot they re all in the cannons.

Actually there s one cannon available. Well what not what the hell. What the hell. Oh.

Wait. Wait now. Oh crap. Oh crap.

What the hell. Just happened what the hell they just did slopes let go back. Please please slip. Come back nerd.

Don t leave me..

Oh oh. The part of their career. Oh okay. Wait snake islands over there fuck.

It oh well okay. All turning. Now i kind of don t want to interact with them all this is scary. I don t know what to do in the situation.

Maybe. They ll be friendly to me and be like hey ah yeah. Although i think the plan is now fizzes drop. My banana crate over it stefon spoils.

Oh. My god it s stefan. He s the greatest guy in this whole game. And then bring my galleon over to pick it up alright let s keep it right here by the file.

Okay is this fall can see it thieves michael. It s so beautiful look how funky that is oh. I m like right in front of it i should see it in like a second from now if i see it i ll drop the anchor. Where is it don t get that wrong what was that there s a shit.

Oh. My god oh my god. No why are they at my place. They re at my place.

No no they don t hey. It s me again uh were you the ones attacking the skeleton ship. Yeah did you like me on it how good was i thank you it was my first day on the job being the skeleton. It s it s lots of fun.

Thank you so much yeah. You re now going to go find another skeleton ship to do that again on you know are protecting the skeletons. They re rare creatures. I m just one person on the galleon.

No that s me i m actually serious like just saying you won t kill me. But i could fucking love me one sword fight if you want to see my capable you oh sure that s what actually like i wouldn t actually kill the ship. I would actually kill the ships or anything like that it s just fun one b ones yeah you gonna practice your sword game guys you gotta practice your game. What look i got a white face i got white face as a skeleton.

It s a part legend outfit alright alberta you shoot into the sky. When we re ready ready oh my wimmer shinde durr. Wait. Where you go where you go i ll come away feet away feet.

Oh. As if that did i give you to them. Yeah. You did yeah.

I promise the same as as long as it s not the skeleton ship because the skeleton ship. My work unless you want to come on them too that d be good yes. My watch pretty good. Watch hey.

My watch. It s cracking time cracking time laughs. Oh they actually completed the skeleton thing who did that who did this oh. I think i ll open up the crew now i ll open up the crew okay.

The crew has open reinforcements may come in of random people they ll be shit xbox players probably like you so do not worry do not fear. We must avenge the skeleton people and then find a skeleton ship with something like that you re like a bit more party cuz. Right now yeah you seem very twenty i came excuse me that s that s my pirate persona. My pirates owner is that i m from the future.

That s why i m so good this game. That s true these the guys have really killed the skeleton ship. But they ve really been hey did you guys hurt the skeleton ships with a skeleton ship protection agency. What did you do to them.

Oh my god it s children sometimes it s fucking kids wait what they don t have it all right so that uh skeleton ship disappearing that was probably just uh it just d spawning. I guess we re gonna find a wandering ship wandering scholarship so wet oh there is raise the sails raise the sails okay everyone everyone get into the green galleon. Everyone on the green galleon. Everyone even the people in the sleep leave your ships here this adventure is we go over to there we get onto their ship.

When we hide in the captain s coordinates. What no just get on i ve got banana cream and we get onto the skeleton ship. And we become a part of their crew. We ve become a part of the skeleton ship curve.

This is turned really weird look so many people now four five six seven eight eight feet hey. What are you doing sorry. I was i was doing that i was doing that flowery. What are you doing fucking.

I m the captain a little shit you know how long i spent to get a goddamn. But not agree do you want to be the protector of the ship this ship wait we re missing a guy. What the fuck are you doing just leave him hey deaf look deaf. We re not shooting.

It it s our friend they re misguided people okay. Yes. That s why i got the banana crates. So we can survive it you remember me from last time look and they re black skeletons from lost time.


My god guy is so good to see you again yes. Let s go. It s never good. We ve got men.

Now. Yeah. Oh. No they re gonna do it now quickly get in captain s room.

All right all right bananas here just make sure that they die here. I don t hit me don t hit me see look at them shooting. I ll get an accountant bowl. As well all right guys.

Let s shoot. Yeah word fuck that shit. Oh oh. I missed it i missed.

It nerd. Jeff. What are you doing. That s okay kids must learn yeah you got this skeleton shit.

Yeah welcome fuck that shit oh god thank you so much for hitting me you re getting better wait you two on the same team. Right you be the door. God s people. Okay okay.

Wait people in my green shit try and vests the skeleton shit. It s it s a 1v1 skeleton battle let s go yeah fuck your green ship yeah yeah fuck the grease fuckin shirt up shirt that green shit come on guys how you having fun there hungry boy. I m just getting some other bananas. It s okay.

Oh. No. There s a gunpowder barrel. In here.

Oh no oh no oh. We should probably pull it up and i ll repair i ll bucket wait oh yeah that feels good it s alright skeleton boys. I got you back the skeletons you re hurting the skeletons are repairing. I ll run run.

Oh. My god oh fuck. Oh. Jesus christ screwing a little.

Oh we killed. But we killed the chef. I count that shit hey i all spend chicken and bubble again on the scholarship down the scholarship. You little shits that died oh.

Michael. I know. It s almost a good shot green shit boy let me let me load. The cannons for the skeletons.

There you go skeleton. Well i ll give it some more i ll give him a lip balm. I m thinking of different types of fur cannonballs. See like that yeah i don t know why they re fighting us.

We re trying to be friendly of them god we re gonna give them a jig ball. Yeah take a jig ball. There we go let s give them both all right galleon. We re gonna take you down evil green galleon.

Oh look at them they re. Firing at us. Oh shit. Wait let me throw.

It that dude. Yeah. Random. Skeleton.

Shit rabin s ball. Yeah oh yeah you want a lip full have a fucking limp dick repair. The shit bucket. I bucketed oh let s go to ships fine it s fine are you gonna do his bucket.

The skeletons will repair. I can t lose any more men on this skeleton. Shit huh. Fucking.

Sniper already lost too many call they re firing at us again. Oh god damn. That green galleon. I better repent.

I got a bucket. I can fuck it distract the skeletons. Oh you fucking bucket oh wait sorry. It s too many fall jesus jesus christ.


Son oh. Oh hurry kill them i m. Almost died. No you kill him you kill him fuck these people then i get.

These scout are you back pirates let me dirt. Not what oh well ship s going down kinda. There s no bananas oh. I ll come back i ll be coming back.

Oh hey hungry. I just got teleported on i ll go back to the skeleton ship don t you worry you re putting up a good fight. Hungry. Oh shit.

This isn t good. Oh. No we re gonna have to do some good shots. Here.

Or maybe. A peaceful whose fall. Oh. No he s gonna look at one of us ships going down green galleon.

So evil oh let s go good guy investing skeleton ship you ll come on top was this some good shots pie are you hungry boys scholarship you got this look at the girl like pointing at it like taking it down. It s a big commentating like who a winner the skeleton ship for the green ship heads. I m barney s greens. I m burning us calendar shit because a galleon is probably almost out of wood.

I think they re out of wood come on scholarship just keep pounding on the found them yes fire. We ve got this go go skeleton ship hurricane you need to save the green ship good luck saving it you need to save it hurricane. You re the only one left wait did it sink. Oh.

My the skeleton ships done. It this skeleton ship has done it oh. He comes the slope. They re coming in to save me all right can t keep trying well honor honor skoda ship sunk.

Why would they fail me again alright the sleeps coming to save us slurp slurp. Save us slam okay please we can live out no i don t want to die. I didn t even die once you ll be fine hurricane this looks just right there slam. Oh that s right that you keep swimming just keep swimming nor hark hark.

Oh good oh. My god this is so tragic so sad. We had so much crew to start off with then we had a traitor who shot us straight away pouring lava sails. The sharks up to me hoary sloop.

Hurry. It s gonna kill me oh. It s no life. I m still alive.

Just let me go oh well thank you my hero. I m actually kind of pissed. They those skeletons betrayed me again like they left me again. They weren t thinking straight come on brad fuck.

Where s their brains to end this once and for all let s just kill the skeleton foot head towards the skeleton foot galleon. They left me twice. I tried being reasonable. I was trying to be nice alright boys get the calcutta barrel where s the gunpowder barrel send them go do it already arbiter sacrifice yourself for now but i just do it get in there come on all of it up do it kill yourself all better you trash count off yes.

I killed him i blow you up sunny loves them all into the water mmm mmm. Oh. Tight fuck hear it blow that up look this shit. I should die because the ships are glitching out on my screen look at that look at that what the hell is wrong with you game.

See. A thieves huh. What s this. What is this oh oh.

It s drunken duncan. Wait stop stop attacking him. You had a drink you re gonna drink before you attack him you have to bear some drunk. I ll get him on us.

I m tipsy duncan. Oh. Joker than you duncan. Oh yeah.

Hey. Give me that kid give me that okay. Laughter all right i feel like we shouldn t blow up the gunpowder barrel. Is that s worth money yes.

I m not gonna blow. It i m not i m not gonna blow it up don t know shit no you can t blow it up you can t blow it up no stop stop stop stop stop what are you doing oh my fucking god we could have solved that they would have done it anyways that is let s go to the pub. Oh yeah you ve just taken the skull from the skeletons that we ve killed oh no cheers laughter. ” .


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