Compared: Fake vs Genuine Apple Magsafe Chargers

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“I just wanted to do a quick video on a genuine versus real apple magsafe magsafe charger. The 85 watt version for the older macbook pros this one actually caught of a surprise because i bought this charger as a genuine charger. Direct off ebay. Which might sound like a oxymoron.

But the end of the story is this was marketed as a genuine apple charger sold on ebay under an australian company now these two charges are very convincingly identical. There s very little to actually spot different out of these two charges and i m actually going to show you how there s only really one or perhaps. Even two major differences in the actual build of these charges and how you can actually spot them without actually having to test them like i had to so we ll take a closer look at these charges okay so first looking at the genuine apple charger. Here we can actually sort of take a look down at the bottom.

We can see we ve got european certificate. We ve got ul everything like that and most notably. We ve got the label for dancer electronics. That s actually.

The primary manufacturer of pretty much all of apple s charges and make very high quality power supplies and i just want you to take a notice in how bold. The markings on this are they are quite dark and quite readable. Although some of them have rubbed off with them an overage. So we ll take a look at the take charger here.

And i ll excuse that the plastic wrap still inal. I m planning on getting a return on this from ebay you can see that it s got all of the ceu. Our listings etc and most notably. It s actually not made by delta electronics.

It s actually made by a light on their in manufacturer. Power supplies..

And most notably dvd drives for computers and stuff like that that might be true that might be false. But as it sits. It s a fake charger around to the side. We can see this one makes abs.

We know excusive trying to prove that it s an apple charger. Says. Designed by apple in california. Made in china.

That actually sits true to exactly what the real apple charger. Actually says on its side as well. But what should be noted here is that the the markings once again very dull and most fake chargers actually go to the effort of displaying california misspelled such as california or something like that this fake charger. Compared to the real charger.

Also has a serial number you can see that the real one on the right and the fake one on the left. They actually have genuine serial. Numbers okay so here we have a set of standard kitchen scales. What we re going to do here is we re actually going to weigh the two compare.

Which one s heavier typically the fake charges are actually designed with very minimal componentry. Very little emc shielding. So they can t actually give such a clean power output. They don t deliver as much capability where it comes to wattage they re not as efficient and most times.

They don t even meet any sort of standards. So we re going to turn these kitchen scales and zero them and measure the genuine apple charger..

First and we get a weight of about 266 grams. So now we re going to put the fake charger on here. We found that it s only 193. Grams.

So there s some how they ve managed to pull almost what s at 70 grams of weight out of the fake charger. So we re going to look at next is this charger as i just noticed off camera. Actually rattles. So as you touch it around put in from the microphone.

You can hear it actually rattle around there s something rattling around inside. Maybe a screw maybe a nice so what got me most interesting about this charger. And what actually took me up from it being fake. Most genuinely is when i clicked this in this is actually live so here we have a multimeter in a kilowatt hour needle.

But we re going to do is we re going to test out the genuine charger. Here and see if it s got any earth leakage whatever. This is straight to ground so if we go to ac volts here. This is plugged in through the colorimeter will find it s not drawing any any currently servo will go to i ve got six watts of current or an idle.

So that s rather understandable. We re going to get a program here and we re going to test it against this we ve only got absolutely nothing going on here on the cheap multimeter nothing going through ground on any of the outside casing. So we ll try that with the fake charger. And see exactly what happens.

This is using a genuine apple. So power adapter this didn t actually come with it it came with a small and which we ll go over in a minute..

So if we plug this in i already know i don t want to touch this. I m go to to the outside casing of this will find that we ve got ten point seven volts ac going on that case. I m going to straight away. This is actually got a plastic wrap on it so i ll go in behind.

Here about six. Yeah they get 12 13 volts extremely dangerous and we ll see why that actually becomes more of a problem than i do get it hooked up to the macbook. Okay so here we have the late 2009. Macbook pro 15 inch.

Running with the charger at the moment. It s got the orange charged light on we re pulling about 70 watts. So considering. It s supposed to be an 85 watt charger.

That s still much lower as well as these are typically only about 80 efficient. Most power supplies typically around 80 efficient. I don t want to touch this macbook at the moment because as i ll demonstrate there s actually something quite worrying going on here so down. Here.

We actually have a chip on them on the metal casing where it was dropped by previous owner. We re going to get out of get out of probe. Here and touch down on that raw metal and you ll see that we re pulling. 95.

Well about 95 ac volts straight to that point right there that is incredibly dangerous and i actually managed to touch the speaker grill earlier which had a very small very small amount of exposed metal around the speaker grill and that actually managed to make me jump. So that s one of the days of a cheap chinese knockoff power supply they re just very dodgy as we can see in this one the neutral..

Well possibly. The ground has got some form of leakage to the primary side of the ac current because what should be coming at the end here is should be entirely dc as laptops charge of dc power. So there s a concern in itself right there and here s with the genuine apple charger running. I mean still see a tentacle in 74 watts.

I sort of tracking statement about that earlier they must this macbook must know people in much current. When it s charging or as much as a can of the power supply. So we re going to touch down on this middle casing again. We can see there s absolutely no current going through that that s most likely grounded.

We ve got nothing coming through that whatsoever. So there s a demonstration. I mean that s a proper apple makes a power adapter. This is a deep one you should stay away from them.

Even if they re marked as genuine. I ll go over so this oh. I like this i like this video in the description below. But there was actually another youtube user actually found a problem with these fake ones is that they typically have a couple of identifying features such as the power adapter up here.

Sometimes has step in it find that in this one other physical. Features the cable feels a bit stiffer than the normal apple one doesn t have us tighter bend radius. And it s actually got a matte finish to it rather than the glossy finish of the apple cable under this metal. It s it looks to be a crappy powder coating job.

Whereas on the other one it uses the same apple sort of powder coat that we ve known to see in the past so yeah that is a fake apple macbook charger shown as genuine on ebay ” ..

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