Consumer vs. Professional Grade Security Cameras

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” s two types of equipment in the industry. And there s three types of suppliers. Suppliers. But we re going to go ahead and start with the equipment first as as equipment goes.

There is consumer grade. And there s professional grade and both are designed with very different goals in mind. And it s important that you understand that so we ll talk about that just for a minute professional grade equipment is as easy as straightforward. The electronics are designed for the very best performance and then the prices is calculated based on the cost of those electronics with consumer grade equipment.

They turn that concept on its head and they select the sell price first and then they design and build the electronics to fit within that. Sell price we ve. All seen these..


Sell prices. 899. 799. 699.

599. You get the idea consumer equipment. Is sold through big box stores. Such as costco and sam s club.

And it s also sold online through amazon and ebay. The most popular brands are lorex swan and qc. So let s talk a little bit about the differences between consumer grade and professional grade electronics quality..


As far as quality goes consumer grade electronics. Because they re backing into a price. They re cutting costs everywhere. They can ok let s start with cable.

This is a lauric 60 foot cable. This is a back street professional grade 60 foot cable. This weighs point 8 pounds. This weighs two point seven pounds this has three times.

The copper in it than this does why would they do that from a manufacturers point of view keeping in mind they re backing into the price. They reduce copper copper is expensive. It also reduces shipping costs save some money on shipping..


So what s the harm in doing that everything answers everything if you have a cable that can only deliver a small amount of power then there s no point in putting a high performance night vision system in the camera. Because the cable can t power. It so. The next thing.

The falls and quality is the night vision system well if you re putting a night vision system in that can only really effectively go out about thirty or forty feet. Then there s no point and putting a high performance lens in what s the point in doing that you might as well go with a plastic lens with a wide angle view well okay if you re going to degrade the lens. You re going to decorate the night vision system you re going to get degrade. The the cabling.

Then you know why not let s go to a plastic housing professional equipment are metal housings so now i have a plastic housing i have a plastic cheap lens. I have a low performance night vision system and i ve got a really cheap cable. That s what happens..


When you pick a sell price. And you back the electronics into it the quality degrades at every point professional equipment doesn t do that professional equipment looks at it and says what do i need to get it done right we got to put enough copper in the cable. So we can drive high performance night vision systems. We ve got to put housings that can withstand the elements extreme elements not for one year not for two year.

But for ten years and that is the main difference between professional grade equipment and consumer grade equipment. I m not going to get into the dvrs the dvrs a provider the most stripped down bare based systems. I ve ever seen ” ..


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