CT s Most Jaw-Dropping Challenge Wins MTV Ranked

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“All right guys on nyour marks. Get set go airhorn sounds energetic music crowd cheering cheering and encouraging he. Just hops like a mother beep . He s like a frog man.

All right. That s neverything you got hold it ct cara ct s the last none to go. And he has the hardest job of all he has to hold on keep nhis feet up from dragging on the sand. And.

Do it for a minute so. Ugh please hold on hold that beep you guys are beautiful n. Good. Job.

Ct. Good job guys you got a lean body baby. Zach. I look over at ct and his feet are a centimeter above nthe sand and i m thinking if you drop.

I will kill you i pull off my favorite pose crouching buddha hidden yoda four mississippi five nmississippi six mississippi seven mississippi eight nmississippi nine mississipi finish airhorn blows players cheering kill it i know i have to do nthis with amazing winners teammates cheering teammates whooping screaming damn it team devyn came and we conquered i think this is my good luck wig. I m excited that we won team devyn. Don t mess with us teammates. Cheering.

Oh. My god yes beep teammates. Cheering man start. Swinging adam go go two three go come on now.

Atta boy swing your feet and jump boys ct come on ready and it finally dawns on me. We have to swing together in unison..

So nthat both of our weight is suspended. It s not really all about strength. It is all about communication nand working with your teammate guys hold the bar. I m really starting to nquestion whether or not putting in evan and nehemiah against ct and adam was the right move because the are absolutely n.

Beep bad right. Now teammates encouraging two come on one more that s it one more adam grunting ct. One more one more evelyn this challenge ncomes down to core strength and teamwork and evan and nehemiah. Don t have it especially.

Evan. He looks like na beached whale out. There. Suspenseful music.

One. More ready. Evan come on effort grunting. It s all you adam come on both grunting airhorn blows triumphant music cheering and ct evan s plan backfired.

We took a little power from the mob. How you like me now i m still here all right ten minute round for the win ct cara maria versus louie and lola ready airhorn blows effort grunting i m finally fighting to nwin money for my charity. Like i am just prepared to nfight in battle to the end suspenseful music louise find that ground guys come on man stay alone stay nalone just bury your feet. And stay alone lola really losing ground right away ct is such a bull man ct grunting louise walk together guys lola get closer lola.

I can t louise get it down ct grunting man man those grunts by ct are scary louise work together work together cara maria grunting. Man finish strong let s go black anchoring in right. Now man the champs. Have nabout five yards to go and they win this team challenge look at lola fight look at louie fight.

They got endurance man nand. They are proving it louie grunts ct grunts cara maria grunts ct grunts cara maria grunts ct yeah cara maria ah airhorn blows boston beep strong darrell can i have a hug laughs papa bear we beat the pros we beat the pros you guys don t beep nmake..

Anything easy good job guys boston strong huh. Yeah finals growling ct growling. All right boys ready. There is so much riding non this elimination round ct has been sent in by me nand.

I know that if he wins. He will probably be coming nback with a vengenance airhorn blows. Punching suspenseful music man walk punch right zach. I am flabber ghasted.

All i see is drywall and nsmoke fly through the air music continues woman you re right there punching noise. Woman you got it got it got it go man don t give up punching noises woman stay in it stay in it leroy. This is not a npull up on a pull up bar. It s drywall so every ntime.

I m reaching for it it s just ripping and that s nnot looking good at all. But it s also happening nto ct. So this gives me faith man good job boys. Pounding woman keep rolling ct come on keep it moving keep.

It nmoving. All i m thinking about is that bell suspenseful music continues bell rings airhorn blows man good job boys woman good job leroy good job ct that s what s up brother ct that s close leroy. Another one i got murdered woman good job guys evelyn good job guys beep boys clapping. My worst nightmare has just come true.

Because ct s coming back to the house still got it looks nlike. This guys still has plenty of gas in the tank ct go ahead and rejoin nthe group. You re still going for the big money man n. See you when i get home clapping.

As much as everybody nwould want me to go home. It s not going to happen i ve proved myself time and time again tom all class tom okay guys we re ngoing to the tie breakers so rookies who do you guys send team together derek team whooping all right veterans who you got team together ct ct clapping woman come on baby..

I m going to have to nstep up and make a play because if not i m going in anyway. So i might as well put nthe ball in my own hands tom all right woman come on babe man here we go t rock coral. This will be nno joke. If you win this when it comes down to ct versus derek.

I have complete confidence in ct. He is not only a really ngreat competitor. But he s out of his beep mind cheering. Whooping let s go d i m feeling pretty nconfident at this point you know i ve got to get it done tom you guys ready go suspenseful music plays splashing woman derek cheering man come on baby come on baby cheering whooping cheering continues come on baby come on woman ct cheering continues derek huh oh oh oh cheering continues fight i keep my hand on the nball from underneath his left arm and with my right arm.

I m peeling off his another arm splashing sooner or later that nthing was going to pop man go go go cheering intensifies cheering continues beep you seriously i hate that team me and wes walk into this nmakeshift hospital tent. Where there is just all nkinds of decaying body organs on the table. We re going to suck it up though wes completely consume nall the food or liquid in the numbered. Receptacles.

You must complete them in numerical order you cannot move on until ncurrent item is complete or consumed at the nbottom of your final jar ct. Okay. You will find a key nused to unlock the cabinet ct okay inside you will find nyour idol and proceed wes. We have to take ndown a plate full of chilis pickled.

Fish soup worms ncrickets and maggots this fruit called durian and dried squid. It s gonna be the worst room of all suspenseful music wes whoa these are beep hot suspenseful music continues swallow them like pills ct. Yeah wes coughing that s inaudible my entire face starts nsweating on the right side and it s just burning so nmuch everything is on fire. The pills.

Really good. This. Is beep disgusting suspense music continues. Whew.

Ah. Good to break this inaudible ..

That was nothin you ready wes gags wes gags again ct blows raspberry ct gags wes vomits spit sounds wes gags you got to help me with this one you got it brother wes is having a little ntrouble with his poop soup. So i step it up and just start chugging it like it s a beer this stuff is so gross. I don t even want to nknow what that thing was hanging out of my mouth. Don t even tell me spits don t beep tell nme.

What that thing was tom all right guys on your marks get set go airhorn blows teammates cheering he. Just hops like a mother beep . He s like a little frog ct is one of the strongest nif not the strongest guy he s doing well and nhe s kind of going fast airhorn blows. Damn that ain t no joke is it ct had a good run it will be close.

But i think he grabbed na few more than i did teammates cheering woman you got this you got this woman go johnny tonight you guys are going nto be playing back up off me. When i say go you are ngoing to try to drag your opponent over your own nbarrel and knock it over suspenseful music this kid s a monster. And it s going to take neverything that i ve got to weather his storm. I don t care who it is ni m just going straight for the barrel let s get this party going suspenseful music all right boys keep it clean you ready go teammates cheering finish him screaming airhorn blows.

What woman oh my gosh woman. Oh my god woman we re going nto need another barrel. Oh. My god oh my god nwhat the beep.

Just happened ct looks like freaking godzilla. I ve never seen a grown man nlook so scary in my life he just gets up and he s ndoing like this transformer power walk with the boston mumble. And he carries his ncustom made johnny bananas backpack to the barrel nin about five seconds. I can t even believe i m nactually witnessing this i will tell my grandchildren about this.

I m looking up at the nsky at the stars enjoying this beautiful night nwe have here in prague. Only to be rudely interrupted nby being dropped onto a metal trashcan teammates cheering airhorn blows am i hurt my pride and my egos hurt ” ..

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