Cube – Streaming to YouTube Live

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“Streaming to youtube live today. We will be setting up the teradek cube this stream stream on to youtube live. First you will need to set up your cube and video source power on your cube by flipping. The switch on your device.

Make sure your video source whether it be a camera or switcher is connected and powered on the camera icon led on your cube should light up blue. We will be using an sdi connection on the cube 155 for more information on other options. Please check out our website next. We will connect to the cube to configure its settings you can connect to the cube via wi fi or hardline over ethernet today.

We will be accessing cube using our computer over wi fi in infrastructure mode..

To do this hit the black button once and scroll down to find network setup in this menu select wi fi mode infrastructure scan for networks and scroll through the list to find your desired network select your network click yes to configure your network. If prompted input your password using the black button and hit the button. Again the complete your cube will. Now.

Configure. Your wi fi. Once successfully completed. You can view.

The network status..

By selecting status from the network setup menu take note of the ip address as you will use this to access your cube through the web. Ui. There are many ways to access the cube ui such as through the terror central app on your mobile device or your computer today we will be accessing it through a computer s web browser since my computer is already on the same network. I can simply enter the ip address into the web browser to access the cube web ui.

The default password to login is admin. The next step is to make sure your cube has access to the internet over wi fi hard line over ethernet or usb. Cellular modem today. The internet connection is through the wi fi network.

That we previously connected to now that we are logged in let s configure your stream settings look for the video setup button and find stream settings from the drop down..

Menu next use the drop down menu under stream mode to select live internet streaming select youtube live from the drop down menu as we will be streaming to youtube live click authenticate device to connect your kube to youtube follow the provided link googlecom. Slash device to log in and enter the generated code this will authenticate your device to be used on youtube next. We will set up the event. Because cube is natively integrated with youtube live.

You can set up your event. Directly from the cube. Ui. Simply click create event and enter a title description.

Privacy and time if you wish you can also create the event..

On your youtube live dashboard. Once complete return to the cube ui. Select your event from the drop down. Menu click go live.

You are now live on youtube for further or advanced technical support visit support ericom for more information about tarot deck. ” ..

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