D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender Review, Hands On With the N300

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“Welcome to dad. Does today. We are looking at this. The.

D. Link. Da. P.

P. 13. 2000. Eyes.

No. It is in the n. 300. And it is a range extender.

Now you might be saying alright. What is this for well here s the real world use for it you might have dead spots in your house. From your wi fi network..


So maybe a wi fi works great in the living room. But as you go down to the basement you start losing the signal. Maybe when you try to hook up your tv up in the bedroom. And you re trying to bring that signal up from the basement.

You just don t have a strong enough connection to be able to stream video without it stuttering. So what this does is it extends your network you plug this in midway through your house. And it takes that signal from your wi fi network and extends. It so.

It eliminates. Those dead spots. And gives you greater speed throughout the house now they were just impressive about this is the small size and i m spinning it around in my hand. Here.

So you can see this just plugs into your wall outlet and look. How tiny this is very portable. You know if you want to take this on the road no problem at all now what about this set up you know we love gadgets. But hey when they get complicated this one is great right here.

I m going to show you the button here. If you have wps that s a protocol on your wi fi router. You press the button on the router press..


The button here. And it basically auto configures really nothing to it now let s say you don t have the wps protocol. You can do manual. Which is not much more complicated basically you go in through a web interface and can completely configure this d link wireless extender to work with your router again does not have to be a d link.

Router can be any brand router. So. Let s show you that interface and show you how simple it is all right. If you do have to do the manual setup here is the interface that we re looking at here very straightforward access it through any web browser so wi fi connection wizard.

We go and we pick in this case. We re going to do manual again if you have wps that would be the easiest. But we re going to do manual just to show you that s not very hard either going to go ahead and click next here then it s going to scan for available wi fi network. So it s going to find our wi fi network.

This is what we want to extend the range of so just a moment. It s going to call up our d link on network. Here. Like i said we happen to be using another d link router.

But you don t need to be will work with any router. So we re just going to select that and then you hit connect so it s a very straightforward process. If you ve ever done this things pretty simple not a lot to mess up here once you do do this connect here..


Which we ll show you right here you can give a name to the extended network. So this is going to be for this extended network. What do you want to call it and now we re going to call it dad does network. Actually we ll call it dad does extend it just so it s clear to us when we re picking it which is the extended network and you can put in a password.

There a quick reboot and it s safe and all this information and then once it s all set up. We ll show you real simple to do here. You go into your wi fi and as you see now. We ve got two networks.

Our original d link. Plus. A new dad does extended. We select that enter the password and you re good to go all right for most people you ll never need to do anything else in terms of the setup.

But we just want to show you the interface here you can go in there all the advanced settings the maintenance the extended wi fi network all that techy stuff. Which we personally don t love but if you do want to do additional configurations. You have all of that available through the web browser like i said. Most people will not need to use this so in terms of using it we want to show this to you you plug it in isn t red or led at first when it s first configuring in a second here you re going to see it right now blinking green now it s green solid.

It s setup. That s it now it s good to go so now you can be in the far reaches of your house. And you re getting that wi fi signal this means they ll be less dead spots in your house in addition you ll get better speed..


So if you re trying to stream movies much easier time. Doing that we want to show you this diagram here pretty simply shows what s going on so. Here is the before up on top shows a small circle of when you don t have the extender then if you have the extender it just extends it out and a lot more parts of your house are going to be covered in the wi fi. So do we like it.

Yes. Absolutely if you have dead spots in your house. If you find that you are getting a slow wi fi signals in certain parts of your house then this wireless range extender is for you it s great it s small its compact only about 50 bucks. If you have no problems with wi fi throughout your entire house.

Then you probably don t need it. But for the rest of us who are looking for a solution to get better wi fi signals faster speeds throughout the house. This is a great solution come on over to dad. Does comm.

We re gonna have the full review and over there. We ll have all the features and specs all the details on it so come. ” ..


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