Dark Souls 3 – Top Ten DLC Weapons! (11)

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“The teachings of god and receive his blessings and so it shall be that the the seas will again become bountiful audits. You out there and the raging storms will that s not even close to the right place. Is it line one in the books. Yes okay right.

Yeah. Let s just call it. Yeah. I think we ve done a pretty good day.

No. It s day one. Oh yeah. We ll have to see.

It s getting pretty exciting already a lot of the tough scenes. I think are in these first few episodes. So i m glad to see that they re working out really well or hitting the ground running yeah. It s coming.

We re getting some really good stuff. It s it s amazing how much stuff happened in this one episode particularly character development on lights part i mean he went through a lot in a relatively short script any new series that you started there s a bit of a feeling out process to kind of work your way through what the character is going through. But i don t know in this series. It it seems to be happening pretty pretty fast and definitely looking forward to seeing how this all turns out with the rest of the cast and everything that s one of the one of the problems when you re one of the first guys in is you don t really get to hear the other the other north american voice actors.

Anyway so yeah. It s a bit of a surprise once you see the final product and see how everything kind of plays off everything else. She s shinigami a good death although. I m not surprised you can fact do you what i ve been waiting you could you oh absolutely when we did the auditions obviously and you know directing the auditions.

I m going to have sort of instincts and her feelings about who i like for the part and he just came in and his instincts were right you know it was a difficult side was a really long side and it was a complicated side. It was you know from these from these first four episodes. I was some of the really tough scenes well the audition side for light was huge. It was chunks and chunks and chunks of dialogue.


So it was actually really i mean that that s pretty rare you know a lot of times. You ll have you know maybe six or seven lines. You don t really you can t really piece together. How they interlink with other characters and and just what situations are going on with a lot of the actors.

It was it took a lot of work to get them into the right place to make that emotional arc from you know finding this death note. Having and then realizing what it can do and you know the guilt of having killed and then taking that to the next step and wanting to make a better world out of it and his instincts were just right. He got it so that really impressed me you could see a huge range of emotions that the character was going through writing the audition. Which is really nice.

I knew you know my first impressions where i want this rule. I want this part booked me booked me right now don t don t let me go home. Just booked me right now one of brad s real talents is being able to just make it sound natural. You know really uh he just brings it to life.

So that s great it s really good to have him as the lead. I think it s going to be one of those characters. Where it s you know almost right away as his voice will be light you know already in my head. That s sort of who i hear when i see the character when i was a kid.

I was going to be an astronaut. I didn t pan out still waiting for my jet pack. Though if i was an astronaut. I probably have a jet pack by now i started doing the voice acting.

When i was in high school and at the time. I was doing on camera stuff and theater work as well i ve been directing for about twelve thirteen years. I think good. Twelve thirteen years.

I came out of film school originally that i started out engineering and sort of really bite. More accident and happenstance or to start drifting into directing taking over here and there and then i don t remember exactly when but just became full time director. Brad swale. I ve worked with for a long time in fact.


He s been doing this longer than i have i think he was i don t know how old he was but he was he started out as a kid ever. Very first voice acting gig and that was in 92. It s now 2007. So yeah.

I ve been doing this doing this for quite a while a lot of the characters that i play in various series or you know young guy kind of thrust to extraordinary circumstances. You know i don t get cast as villains. Very often my very first cartoon was my little pony tails and i was the bad pony. But that s as far as like my little ponies go you know so i m not sure really exactly how bad they are so yeah.

I think i think this is going to be it s going to be a bit of a first for me. What should be interesting to see is i think the the further he gets into the series and the more you might hate him i guess probably the more i can enjoy playing him. So. It s going to be an interesting little struggle.

There it s like okay i hate them so much it s the best time ever as a director. You have to have a really good idea of what s needed you know what you want to get from the actors. So you have to be really familiar with the show and basically have a read in your head. That you want to hear now.

Having said that you ve got to leave some room. So that if the actor comes out with something that s maybe a little different. And maybe a little better you know something that just wow. I hadn t thought of that that really works well you want to be open minded and be able to recognize that and say hell yeah.

That s perfect that s great you know and oftentimes those are the lines that are sort of above and beyond the call of duty and those are the ones that people remember i think co co co. So depending on the person you have in mind. You can either kill them easily or painfully hard. Oh.

Much faster. Yes lee quick. It will help i think play the intrigue. A little more as opposed to as opposed to wow.


That s kind of cool. As me more. I don t believe it a little bit of that get a good rapport with with the directors and the engineers them things. And it just makes it it makes it a real treat to come into work because i mean we can bounce ideas off each other and there s no you don t take any egos into the end of the booth with you so you know you can say oh that really sucked and i ll say yeah that really sucked let s do it again things like that and it doesn t faze either of us so it makes for a very positive working environment and lots of fun for everyone.

And i like to think that we we do better work that way every actor is a different challenge you know what you what you need to do to get a performance out of one person is different than what you didn t need to get the performance out of somebody else so it s sort of finding out what that is and how to how to make that happen death note cho has in his notebook of death hmm sky and gonna lose it all the lonely nose angles are written in this you notebook shall she die cuz. I don t know you know just a shade. More surprise on the show. Yeah yeah.

Almost can i maybe get that that who at the end of it to them because it s gonna sound a little low key. Okay he s done so much of it that the actual mechanics of adr. You know fitting the flaps knowing how to adjust his read. It s second nature.

So he s not really thinking about that. And i think that s really that s the secret to it is getting beyond that part of it that you re not struggling. And you can concentrate on the artistic side of it the more experience you have work in there the more comfortable you re going to feel. And i like to think that that that shows in the performances.

I mean. It s an amazing looking show it s got a you know cool cast of characters. And it s a really interesting idea and ya know it doesn t surprise me that it s become popular it s just very it s complex and not just complex. But it s the concepts are cleverly portrayed i find it s a really interesting show and i think that s really what is the what sets it apart.

It s a really how how would i put it just like interesting complex show to watch it draws you in you know you adder. All that being said. I don t actually think this weapon is very good in most events are happening to him right right from the get go and instead of him freaking out and panicking and and doing a lot kind of nonsense. He s more calculating and how he s gonna take these events and kind of twist him in his favor and i think there s there s gonna be an obvious struggle between his morality.

And his sense of right and wrong. And what he figures he s accomplishing by by using the death note and i think. It s going to be it could be tough down down the road to kind of keep that in check. We don t want him to system like a total monster right.


But at the same time you know absolute power corrupts. Absolutely. I think that s how it goes and i guarantee. It s going to happen to our friend light.

Here so yeah i mean. It s something that i think most of us would you know like to be able to do is create a better world the big problem there as well how do you go about doing it and if it s all you making the decisions who s to say that you re right and that you re making the right choices. Some characters in the past have had hints of of that but never never this early on in a series either i mean. It s episode one and he s already is showing glimpses of what s to come so yeah.

I m really looking forward to it i mean with all that power it s going to kind of just start to distort your reality. And i m sure it s going to happen with him you know tenfold it s not necessarily an ideal situation. You know to be that that person with all the power especially very anonymous power to you right i mean you have politicians by ranking officials. Whatever they re in the spotlight.

So they will have to answer to two courses of action that they take whereas with light it seems right now you can kind of be behind the scenes doing all this type of stuff. It s a darker show than a lot of other shows. I ve done which isn t unique in itself. But i think it s unique in that there s not that a simplification of good versus evil obviously with with light is he his intentions are good.

But is he good as in his gray area. You know who s who s a good guy. Who s the bad guy oh. It s early to say.

But yeah i got faith guffy. Think he s he means well right. But you know you put him in a position of power. And it s gonna change him a bit oh you ” .


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