Darth Vader Compilation Star Wars Rebels Disney XD

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“Jedi knights are over destroyed and yet your task is not complete in coaster. The the emperor has foreseen a new threat rising against him the children of the force must not become jedi. Yes. Lord vader hunt down this new enemy.

And if they will not serve the empire eliminate them along with any surviving jedi who would train them this is my master s command. And so it will be done we are getting reports of unrest. All over the farm. There are whispers from mustafar.

Some people see the empire as a weak vulnerable not to worry agent kallus. The emperor has sent an alternative solution agent kallus. I ve exhausted every resource to find information about the rebels. But there is nothing to be found what more does governor tarkin expect.

He expects lothal to be punished minister tua his own star destroyer was demolished by these rebels he takes that somewhat personally. I doubled patrols set up checkpoints established curfews. I honestly don t know what else to do perhaps. That is the problem you lack imagination minister when it comes to producing results.

Lord vader with all due respect you and governor tarkin are asking for miracles if the rebels are back in the fall. If the rebels have left then we must draw them back and if they are here. We must draw them out we will squeeze lothar until someone reveals the whereabouts of these traitors. I m sorry my lord i am merely a public official.

I have no experience with such brutal tactics you can explain that to governor tarkin when you visit him visit him. He expects you tomorrow to account for your failure. But i needed here i couldn t possibly get away not to worry minister. Lord vader and i will manage in your absence.


Everything has happened as you predicted lord vader. Now inform the pub unis. The rebel assassins hide in their midst locked down. The spaceport and make it known any ship attempting to leave will be destroyed right away.

Do you feel that perico will cover you your master has deceive you into believing you can become a jedi. Get ready to fly us out of here you know what i do in hopeless situations. Yeah blow stuff up that doesn t kill him walk will not us what go time on come on my lord. I will mobilize our fighters to pursue that will be unnecessary commander.

The rebels will not leave the planet. Yet mylord scans have indicated that the stolen. Shuttle has not attempted to leave the system fear has driven them to ground. There is a refugee camp.

The rebels have provided aid to in the past yes. Talking town they call it you suspect the rebels are in hiding there no but i want you to burn. It the compassion of the rebels is a weakness one we will exploit yes. My lord my lord i regret to inform you that the rebels have escaped at my ship prepared agent kallus.

I don t think i understand. There is a tracking device hidden aboard that shuttle now ready the fleet s to deploy we re tracking one target. No other ships have entered the system move phoenix squadron to intercept fighter coming in at mark three he s coming in too fast sleet raised deflector shields. We ve lost phoenix 1 2.

He s heading right for us enemy fighters making for the command ship okin one fighter best our entire squadron your pilot s are outmatched commander. What are you doing getting involved not without me you re not let s go right. If i tag along the more the merrier everyone check in tioga check tarik check nose gun check check all right kids do mom and dad proud here he comes moving to engage sir the last attack damage the hyperdrive poor. We are dead in space copy.


That phoenix squadron form up and focus fire force is strong with him kanan. Let s find out how strong how can i help just remember your training enemy ship closing to attack range there s something familiar i feel cold. I think i know who it is back home will fall. I felt something training it too the fear the anger.

The hate british lives soca. The hero pilot broke off his attack. He did it captain syndulla whatever you re doing keep it up freakin recover. No commander you need to get the fleet out of here now hyperdrive must abandon ship sir we have star destroyers in sector.

Five lord vader we have entered the system and await your orders move your destroyers to block their escape hold your fire. I want these rebels alive now or never commander they regretfully agree oh don t worry sir. We seem to have his attention suddenly. There s a lot to do back here sorry to spoil your fun set.

But i m ordering chopper to divert all power to the hyperdrive including cannons hera. What are you doing i think i know admiral lord vader has separated one of the rebel ships from the rest of the fleet s then that is our primary targets go through the escape pods are secure click commit type of space stuff copy that commander will meet us safe haven. We use away get us out of here. Everyone hang on chopper angle.

All deflectors astern. Yeah. The star destroyers aren t the one firing at us no do it fast target moving into range activate tractor beam on my c. Wait wait status report on the rebel craft sir we ve locked onto a ship.

But it s not the rebel craft. It s lord vader s ship release release him immediately. It s not your fault officer. But lord vader won t know that ahsoka harris said you wanted to speak with us please come in are you okay.


I am. Thank you i wanted to ask about the sith lord you encountered on the thaw. You know we encountered an inquisitor before but this was nothing like that the fear the anger. The hate you felt it i haven t sensed the presence like that since the clone wars.

Yeah with their command ship destroyed the rebel fleet. Has been shattered you have them on the run. Clear the bridge love veda. Have you dealt with the rebels in the lothal system.

Yes master. They are broken and yet. I sense in you something more to your victory. I believe the apprentice of anakin skywalker lives and is in league with these rebels are you certain.

It was her this is an opportunity. We cannot let pass skywalker s apprentice could need us to other lost jedi such as kenobi perhaps. He lives be patient. My old friend for now dispatch another inquisitor to hunt them down.

As you wish my master. My master will be most pleased with this discovery lord vader. The jedi are growing in their power. It will be their undoing ahsoka.

Why did you leave where were you when i needed you i made a choice. I couldn t stay you were selfish oh you abandoned me you failed. Me do you know what i had become all tricked us is bubbles of water you have unlocked the secret of the temple. How did you accomplish this you re smart figure it out the power within will soon serve the emperor.


I don t fear you then you will die braver than most perhaps. I was wrong it wouldn t be the first time. It was foretold that you would be here our long awaited meeting has come at last. I m glad i gave you something to look forward to we need not be adversaries.

The emperor will show you mercy. If you tell me where the remaining jedi can be found there are no jedi. You and your inquisitors have seen to that perhaps this child will confess. What you will not i was beginning to believe i knew who you were behind that mask.

But it s impossible my master could never be as vile as you anakin skywalker wasn t weak. I destroyed him then i will avenge his death revenge is not the jedi way. I am no jedi coming. It s best.

We can just be ready to go whoa. I got you i won t leave you not this time then you will die. It s not the desperate hour. Hey.

I ve seen you before yeah. Whenever a soku is around you are always close by how did you get here mmm can you help me i was sent here. But i m not sure why what is this what are you showing no big camping. What what can i do let s go.

There s nothing we can do now ” ..

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