DaVinci Resolve 15 Tutorial – Exporting Video For YouTube

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“How s it going folks et. Here with a another tutorial today. We re working working in resolve again and what i m gonna show you how to do now actually export your video so you can get it up to youtube. It s a little tricky the first time going around.

But once i show you you ll be ready to go okay. What we have here is a video that s already been edited and now we re gonna go ahead and start with the exporting process..

So what you re gonna do is navigate down to the bottom to the little rocket ship looking icon. You re gonna go ahead and push that it s gonna throw you into this screen here disclaimer. I m not a professional video editor. But i found out what works for me.

And i m gonna go ahead and show you so what i m gonna do is navigate over here select the youtube preset. There s a drop down here..

If you need to do 720p. 1080p or 4k and most people will probably just want to do 1080p regular hd. So we ll go ahead and select that next you re gonna go ahead and name the file. If you d like to if you need to move the location of the exported file you can do so by clicking the browse button and then select them where you would like it to be well.

We re gonna keep it on desktop for now next you re gonna move down here and look at your settings here depending on what you need to do here. I ll probably switch mine to 30 everything else we re gonna keep the same okay..

We re gonna go with the defaults here so next on your list of things you re gonna have to do is click this add to render queue and what that s going to do is move it over to here. Where your render queue is let me delete this one here and make sure. It s empty. So you can see what it looks like so you click add to render queue and what s gonna happen is gonna add it to the render queue here and when you re all ready to go which you should be now you re gonna go ahead and click start render ok now our render is finished so let s go ahead and have a look on the desktop.

I m gonna go ahead and minimize this program here close this out and we re gonna look around for our project. Which was called test export which is right here let me drag..

It over here. You can kind of see ok well that s it you have successfully exported your video to your desktop and now it s ready to upload to youtube or facebook. Or instagram or whatever the heck you d like to export it to on that note. We re all finished here today and as usual peace and aloha see you next time ” .


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