DAY IN THE LIFE // How We re Doing…Homeschool & Getting Organized

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“Good morning jasper. What are you doing out here good morning. Hey you think this this is your new spot huh huh dana. You re done.

It s gonna be a beautiful day today it supposed to be like 75 degrees. Ah. That makes me so happy. Hello good morning you guys.

But welcome back to another video when are we gonna have subway. We re gonna pick it up in just a little bit the kids are so excited because oh careful oh you re gonna go water. She has this little spray bottle and she goes in she sprays the grass and all of our plants out here in the garden. Like every day.

You need some more water let me see it so as i was saying the kids are really excited because i ordered a subway on this subway app and we re gonna go pick that up for lunch today we have not been going anywhere ordering takeout nothing for three weeks over three weeks now so they re excited to say the least. But this morning when donnie was leaving for work. He was packing his lunch and there was no bread thought out it was all frozen. So he didn t have time to make sandwiches.

He just has like snacks in his lunch box. So we also were out of lunch. Meat. And didn t want to just like make him a peanut butter and jelly and take it to him so we re gonna draw it with our subway also has a drive thru.

I forgot to mention that so i m just going to drive thru get our sandwiches and let the kids eat in the car. While we drive up to the job site and drop off subways. Think i m much too daunting for jimenez. Okay here s your water it s already so nice out i m gonna leave the screen closed okay.

It is ten o clock right now i just have some cleaning up to do i need to do these dishes and like make my bed and fold. Some laundry before we go pick up subway. We ve kind of had just like a slow morning. We haven t done a new school yet today.

I got some editing. Done berkeley and brody have been over in this corner in their little house as they call it with all the couch pillows and blankets and berkeley s buddies. What are you playing brody lego batman. Oh you re over here in a little over here in this little fort.

But yeah we have not started any school yet today braden does have ticket on google classroom. And do something on there. The teachers are like what s today today s thursday april 9th. My birthday is actually tomorrow april 10th gonna be 32 yay um actually parodies have been like the best so it s just weird be like oh maybe 32.

I never thought that would come so soon what maybe you re a water spray or monster. We need to mow the grass today maybe daddy can do that when he gets home from work huh anyways. So april 13th is when our teachers are rolling out their like distance learning plan google classroom. I don t really know what kind of work they re gonna be doing on there anything like that but for now i m gonna show you guys what we ve been doing i know in the last few vlogs.

I talked about how i had like really scheduled out our day like time blocked everything and i m gonna be honest with you guys we did that for about three days four days. And it was too much it was just it was too structured too much for everybody i know everyone s family like functions and does well differently and like the first couple days. The schedule was good and then i don t know i don t know how to explain it it was just too it was too much you can t do public school schedule at home. It was just too much for us and for the kids and they do so much better when we are just like laid back with everything and kind of like have a slow morning let them get dressed when they want to get dressed.

I mean we kind of have a schedule. We kind of do things the same way every day. But it s not like okay this time we get up it this time we get dressed at this time. We do this at this time.

We do our tours like i don t know we don t have anywhere to be we don t have anywhere to go as long as we get our schoolwork done during the day that s kind of what we re going with now. We don t have a set schedule. We spend about 2 to 3 hours on school each day for all the kids berkeley s only 3..


So we re doing some preschool stuff with her. But brody s in second grade britten s in third grade. And their teachers have not implemented the distance learning stuff yet because just yesterday april 8th. It was announced that our schools are closed for the rest of the school year.

So that s what they haven t done anything yet but come monday. It s gonna be all in place but we do know that we re using google classroom. So they do have green has to get on there today and i think respond to a video that his teacher posted. But they don t have schoolwork like a sign to them yet.

But i wasn t just gonna let them have like a month of doing no school. So i let them have their spring break for two weeks. Because that s when everything kind of went down and they canceled school. It was during it was like two days before our spring break and our spring birth is a week and a half so i ll let the kids have their two weeks of spring break and then um last week meeting last week.

We got back to school and i ve just been doing like my own thing. The teachers did provide some packets for the kids. But i don t know grateful that they did that that was awesome. But um.

They were just pretty like generic like it wasn t from their specific teachers. It was just like the school district um. I don t know they were kind of boring. They were just for a second third graders.

They just need more like excitement in their schoolwork. So i did. Some research and a couple of you suggested. This also but education comm.

Not sponsored is providing for free weekly independent study packets. So i m just gonna show you guys for example actually just ordered on target drive up because we re not we still are not like going inside anywhere. But i ordered on target drive up some three ring binders. A three hole puncher thing we need to go pick this stuff up today probably when we go drop off lunch to donny.

But there are these independent study packets so third grade second grade. And it s by week. So this is like week one and then you do you can print out the whole next week. And there s also a preschool one that i m in the process of printing out.

But i ran out of ink. So that is also in my target order is some ink for berkeley s preschool packet here of stuff to do and so what it shows you in case. You guys need some supplemental stuff for your kids. What it shows.

You is five days of independent activities and reading writing math and science and social studies. So materials that you will need the blah blah day one through five. It tells you what you re going to be doing and so day one this is what we re doing on day. One and so you can like check it off as you go reading comprehension.

What seems to be the problem. So you have a whole packet of things to do for a whole week. Basically so this is what losing pages here this is what we re going to be doing until. We like fully have like a something nailed down from the teachers that s what we re doing and i think i think if we re even gonna do these when we do have staff nailed down from the teachers depending on how much they have because i have a feeling.

It s not going to be a whole lot and these are great and they re free and they re colorful and exciting and my kids do better when i put like something a colorful something in front of them instead of just like a sheet of math problems. I don t know maybe it s their age or whatever. But they just do better with that so just wanna let you guys know those are free not everything on their site is free. But the weekly study guide or the independent study packets those are free so take advantage of that i i ordered more ink.

We actually have a massive box of coffee paper like huge like the box like the huge boxes of copy paper that you can get for like businesses. My mom had gotten the kids that for christmas because they re constantly doing art projects and coloring and stuff. The watcher is going right..


Now so it s loud in. Here but 20 pounds of paper 2500. Sheets. There s five packs of coffee paper in there so yeah we have left paper.

But printing these out like weekly. I m running out of ink. So anyways there s the spiel on school and our schedule. I know i told you guys.

I was gonna film like a home school routine or something like that and i m sure i still will it s just it s changed from when i first talked about it we are not doing the super nailed down structure thing. We we tried and it just it isn t what works for us. And that s the best advice to have you guys is try different things try different schedules and whatever and tell you nail down what works for you because this is new for all of us. It s not easy by any means when it wasn t your choice to home school.

But i m not gonna lie. We ve been loving it like it was rough the first three or four days. And i think it s because i was so overwhelmed and like trying to do too much and make it to not serious. I don t know what the word like i don t know once we all just like relaxed they kind of went with the flow and i realized that we re at a home you want to stay in your pajamas.

All day fine. You don t have to get dressed that s great you want to do school you want to do your your mobiie maxo your prodigy laying in your bed fine. That s fine you want to go outside and do school rate. Whatever is gonna work for you and your kids like however your kids derive and function the best do that do that pick up on their cues.

If they re struggling with something take a break do. Some yoga go outside and run laps around the house and then come back to it you just have to figure out how your kids work the best. And how you and your kids work together the best you kind of figure that out and so it s been trial and error. But we re getting it down and making the best of it i don t know maybe i m just like a positive person.

I am. A positive person and i try to like see the best in things and not i don t know not like wallow in things like yes this kind of sucks. But at the same time like we re actually enjoying it so i m gonna go with that we re gonna make the best of this we are blessed we are healthy. We are happy you know so we re all going through it i hope you guys are doing okay.

Sometimes you just gotta let go. And do whatever is gonna work best throw the idea of go with the flow. That s right throw that idea of school out the window as long as you re getting your schoolwork. Done at some point in your day.

Then you re doing a great job. What okay what d you do my eyes are closed here hold my hand. So i don t crash in anything. It s a beautiful did you do all this artwork.

I love it tomorrow you did it you mean yesterday yeah yesterday can you say that good job anyway so in other news. We got some new shelves. I have been wanting to build some shelves for the walls on either side of the tv or the wall that the tv is on and i ve just been we ve been putting it off because we ve had all these other projects that we ve been doing. But i saw brittany leach share.

These on her stories and they were in her old house. But she shared them when she moved into her new house recently and i was like oh. My gosh those would be perfect like she has them on either her side of her tv. Too so i was like girl yes so she linked them i ordered them they were on sale they re from wayfarer and they re a really good price.

But they were 20 off. I think the whole site might be 20 off like regular priced items still i absolutely love them donny hung them up on sunday. I think and i haven t filmed since then today s thursday. So yeah they re wood and metal and i absolutely love them you want to water those this girl all she wants to do is garden okay let me get them down for you i also got that lamp on amazon.

I have it linked i have the shelves link soaked so professional everything s open and messy. But don t they look great i just love them all my couch pillars are missing. Because the kids put them down in their fort..


So the boys are just having free time this morning playing on the ipad. It is what it is what are you guys playing crappy tea craft block 3d. Jasper has since moved to brody s bed. He loves he loves these soft blankets blankets yeah all right i m gonna take cash out to go potty and i m gonna do the dishes and do my laundry and get this place cleaned up and then we re gonna do school an afternoon today sometimes we do it in the morning.

Some couscous afternoon the beauty that s the beauty of this all i don t know like i was saying. I had a couple hard days where i was like oh. My gosh. I can t do this it s gonna be so hard.

What do i do and now i m just embracing it going with the flow making the best of it and then join this time with my babies. Even though it might be truthful sometimes. I m just trying to enjoy it that way i m not stressed out all the time. And we re doing good huh.

You and your pajamas do you love pajamas. You always your pajamas yeah. But miami emporium is can t even believe it. But i have real clothes on today and not leggings and a sweatshirt.

But it s gonna be 75 degrees so busted on. T shirt i haven t even worn. This yet i got at tjmaxx. Before everything went down like a week before two weeks before got this flowy shirt and then these jeans are from abercrombie.

They re like really extra high rise and like suck in and they re my favorite. I just have this like lacy bra let hang on and some american eagle sandals target sandals that i got last summer. Ready to rock n. roll rock n.

roll. Let me. See your outfit. What are you wearing a romper in sandals so cute all right everybody s got their lunch.

We re all good to take daddy. There s dad up there on the excavator. He s an ex. We yeah making a rude here he comes.

We got dad s lunch dropped off to him. And we ate our lunch on the way now. We re gonna go to target pick up pick up our school supplies and then we get home it s gonna be school time. It s right now they re doing i ve had time while we re driving so.

But it s an absolutely beautiful day around like i don t know if you guys know this. But we re in the willamette valley especially is very big for wine. It s like wine country of organs in this area and right now. Johnny s working on a road at a winery like for driving like the tractors and stuff on it s just like a funky kind of dirt trail right now and he s turning it into like a dirt actual road like digging it out and flattening it out and stuff so not too far from home.

So we ran him lunch now. We re gonna go get our stuff done and then it s gonna be school time like camera turns. And i didn t even know it you miss him he ll be home in just a few hours all right we just walked in the door from getting our targets drive up order okay get under one of the blanket. Anyways.

Got our target stuff so i m going to show you guys what i got. I m gonna get their notebooks put together and then we re gonna get started on school work all right so i ve got ink for my printer about the block and the color and then i got a three hole punch. So i can put holes in those packets. I was showing you guys put them in binders.

We ve got a pencil sharpener and then i just got three one inch three ring binders. So braden s it s green brody s it s blue and bruce is black and i m gonna print out their names just like on paper and have them decorate them to put in the front. Little pocket here..


I also got sweet onion teriyaki sauce on my shirt. When i was eating my subway. So i have to change and then we re gonna get going okay. So brody s in here working on his abc mouth learning an abc mouth learning path berkeley s gonna play in her room rainbow is on your little desk in there and i m gonna work with braden on his schoolwork and then we will switch i ll work with brody braden will do computer stuff and then when the boys are done i ll work with berkeley on her book.

So we just have a spiral notebook for each of them to do their writing stuff in and then you can see he decorated the outside of his binder and then i just have the first week packet i hole punched it and put it in here which i already showed you guys so today. This is what we are doing right here this is what we re doing today okay bud grab your water. We re gonna go out on the back patio to do school today okay you don t need any water. Can t grab your stuff here s your pencil.

That s where you re gonna do your writing stuff brody s kind of grumpy today. So this is the only thing that he drew on his notebook. But he said he ll add more later so he has his notebook and then in his second grade pocket in here and then here is berkeley is that she decorated in her notebook and then her a preschool packet. So let s see what we re doing today first.

We re doing oh. This is for reading reading for 15 minutes. And complete the reading log write prak practice writing letters with a rainbow of color circle. Numbers color by number.

So like oh well obviously. It s not an independent name for her because she s three and a half but we re gonna work on this today as well so now we re a little more organized and that s that so this is where we have been doing to school the last couple of days because it s so nice outside they re sitting out here my babies. Mm hmm are just finished up our workbook. So now we are reading braiding starting on magic treehouse and we re working on a lego book.

And this book for time with school and now we got bathing suits on if we re playing in the yard. All right i got our spinach and our lettuce. We ve got two rows of lettuce here two rows of spinach and then all of this stuff. Well the watermelon our tomatoes are about peppers and our cucumbers below here.

I ll do cucumbers along here. And do a trellis that comes up tomatoes with like you know the little thing brown things for them to grow. And then bell peppers. Here are starting to come in already feel a little green are you guys having fun or what kashi are you sunbathing did you sunbathing.

Yeah oh girl don t i know the grass oh nice and the barbecue started it s like it makes things in there. I am making our do we gooey burgers for dinner tonight. Having what i know. But then bugs will get in here.

We need a like storm door on our front door or something yeah having a hard cider dinner. Nobody s here baby daddy open the door laughter alright guys. That s gonna be it for tonight. It is a nikolic 805 and berkeley just about to bed.

Don t he s finishing up her story. I read brodie braden reads independently. He s on working on a magic treehouse book. But thank you guys so much for watching this vlog lovely moving on in the back.

He was watching friday is it friday friday after next. I don t freaking. Know what this movie. Thank you guys for watching be sure to subscribe if you are new.

We d love to have you join and casper family and i ll see you guys in my next video. ” ..

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