Dell Dimension E521

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“I m rich. Brown senior editor for cnetcom. Today. We re going to take a a look at the dell dimension e521.

This is a mainstream desktop has windows vista it s powered by a dual core amd processor. That makes it a pretty fast system dell chose the parts wisely in this review config. They sent us this is a dell so of course you can customize it some. But you can only go so high in this model.

If you really want to tell them you really want a gaming system you should probably look at the xps line..

Still for basic computing and kind of light multimedia stuff you do pretty well with this system on the front panel. You ll see a dvd burner and a dvd cd rw combo drive as well as a media card reader that pretty much covers you for removable storage inside. You ll see that there s some room for expansion and generally. It s a pretty good system underneath this big plastic piece you ll find an amd athlon.

64. X2 5000 processor. That s a nice fast cheap and gives you good bang for the buck. That s important with this system.

Too because it s a mainstream desktop that means you re not going to do a lot of gaming..

Mostly because the 3d card is pretty limited it ll do vista even with the arrow glass effects. It plays movies no problem we found that with gaming. Though was hardly able to get through any of our tests. So we definitely do not recommend it for any 3d work now like we said you can t add a higher end 3d cards for dell site.

You can always buy on yourself and stick it in later. But the power supply is pretty limited so you can t go to the top of the line. Now the top of the system. You ll see there s two gigs of memory in place.

There s also room for two more sticks..

So you have plenty room for memory. Expansion down. Here. There s a single hard drive as well as room for another.

Dell typically offers a system with what it calls data safe. Which is really just raid. One memory back up dell. Said it found problems with raiden visted.

Though so it s holding off on data safe for this model..

Until it gets the problem sorted out. So for a mainstream desktop dell swap with a pretty good configuration here. We like the nice fast chip. The probably is a little bit more 3d power.

But with the right upgrades you can make that your own so i m rich brown. This is the dell ” ..

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