Dell Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1 Review: Over 2 Months later! (7568)

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“My name is matthew moniz. And today. We taking a look at the dell inspiron. Inspiron.

15. 7000. Series. And one hybrid pc.

Now this was actually announced a few back in june. But the laptop itself has been refreshed a few times and this time with the intel skylake architecture. And this laptop is being aimed towards business professionals and people looking for a very solid media consumption device. So let s get started this year.

Is the year of the hybrid pc. A computer that acts as a laptop. But can also be a tablet. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Some have the tablet portion removed from the hinges and others like the dell 50 and 7000 and one act as more of a convertible. The biggest difference is that the convertible method allows you to swing the screen 360 degrees. And bend. The notebook into a tent or stand shape for easy web.

Browsing and media consumption. The inspiron 15 7000 2 1. Combines. A classy design with a practical one the top and bottom cover is made out of this matte soft touch material.

Which looks and feels great. But it s one of those materials that collects the oil and dirt from your fingers and can get messy over time the base itself is made out of aluminum and composite materials with the top sporting chamfered edges. It has this brushed metallic look that looks classy..


The metal hinges that hold the screen are strong and dell has tested them by opening and closing the lid over 20000. Times. The laptop can be placed in tent mode stand mode or laptop mode and in all three positions the hinges felt sturdy however at four point eight pounds dells laptop feels a little bulky and quite big in tablet mode in my opinion the best place for the inspiron is on a desk using tent or stand mode. Which is great for consuming media.

Ok so let s talk about the specs and the reviewnit that i have here is the i 5 6200 u. Dual core based on the latest skylake architecture. It has a king of bytes of. Ram a 500 gigabyte 5400.

Rpm hard drive and a 156. Inch. 1920. By 1080 touch display.

It runs for about 1030. Canadian or 750. Us. There are lots of configuration options to choose from and this one sits somewhere in the middle on the low end.

It can be bought for 729 canadian or 549 us with a pentium processor. Which i highly suggest you skip and at the high end you can get it with a 256 gigabyte ssd and an i7. Processor with a 4k touch. Display and this will run you about 1600.

Canadian or 1100 us. Now the inspiron has lots of ports and on the left side you have a noble lock hdmi port two usb 30. Ports our port and an audio jack on the right lies a single usb 20. Port the power button and volume controls.

There s not much on the back. But ventilation girls that does a good job and keeps the laptop fairly cool and finally the front is clean except for a battery life indication light by taking off the bottom cover. It shows us..


What s inside and as you can see here. There s only one space for your hard drive and the one that s inside here is 500 gigabytes and it s a 5400 rpm hd. There s only one slot for your ram. But if you do need more than 8 gigabytes.

They now make 16. Gigabyte modules and finally the 43 watt hour battery is actually removable you can swap it out down the road. When your battery life is not as good as it used to be opening up the lid reveals a very comfortable looking keyboard. But once you start to actually type you ll realize that it s not as comfortable as it.

Looks the keys have a short distance of. 13 millimeters of. Travel which is less than the 15. To 2 millimeters.

Most laptops have if you like to feel the keys being pushed down. Then you won t find that here you have to type very softly in order to get used to it. However the keyboard does have very little flex. Which is great and there s tons of space to rest your palms.

The keyboard is backlit and provides 2 levels of illumination. Which is more than adequate in a dark room below the keyboard rests a pretty big touchpad and overall. I was happy with the experience it responded well to my touches gestures and pinch to zoom work great don t get me wrong. It s not as good as a trackpad on the refresh xps 13 or 15.

But it s good for a windows trackpad and i think that most people won t have any. Complaints the 156. 1920. By 1080 full hd touch display is decent.

You ll probably leave it at full brightness. All the times. This is not a very bright display to begin with and i found the colors to be a little muted the viewing angles are good..


But the screen is glossy so expect a lot of reflection. When you re around light touch work quite well and i found it to be quite accurate. Allowing me to use multi touch gestures. Such as pinch to zoom or use all my fingers at once on the bottom of the display is a windows home button.

Which is mostly used when you re in tablet mode. And on the top is a 720p webcam that works well and perfect for video conferencing now when it comes to audio. The speakers are placed below the laptop. It s not my ideal location as i prefer them on top.

But they get quite loud loud enough to fill a dorm room or conference room. But they do lack a little bass dell includes its own software to control the sound and i highly recommend leaving it on as turning it off. I found the sound quality to suffer next up is performance. And this laptop is meant to consume media and run productivity.

Tasks don t expect to be doing any hardcore gaming on it especially with the ever slow 5400 rpm. Hard drive and lack of dedicated gpu overall. If getting work done is your top priority. Then the integrated 520 gpu and eight gigabytes of ram is more than plenty to keep you going.

I was able to have multiple tabs open microsoft office and even do some light photoshop. Without any issues. Let s talk about heat for a second and based on regular use the laptop stayed relatively cool. But the bottom did start to get warm when i was playing diablo.

3. When i ran the heat test the touchpad measured 83 degrees. And the keyboard at 91. The bottom did get hotter at 109 according to dell the laptop can withstand temperatures up to 149 fahrenheit.

And finally battery life and inside. Packs a 43 watt hour. Battery which i was able to get about 55..


Hours of use before the battery completely died. My test. Consisted of watching movies browsing the web and using microsoft word. I have the screen brightness set to 75.

Which means i could have probably pushed it to 6 hours. If i lower the brightness to 50. However i think most people who use this laptop will probably keep the brightness at 100 all right. So my closing thoughts first don t buy the entry level pentium model.

The price is very attractive. But the performance is not if you can start with the i3 or i 5 and offer the version with an ssd drive. It should last you years to come the dell inspiron 15 7000 tuned. One is fairly slim lightweight hybrid laptop that should satisfy most business users now the thing is i also feel it s a good option for students who need a laptop for school.

It s portable as fast enough to use for our productivity tasks and when you re back in your dorm room. You can easily convert it into 10 or stand mode. And it s a very pleasing way to consume media over a conventional tablet. So what s the competition like well there s the lenovo think i do yoga.

15. The hp spectre 360. And the toshiba satellite radio s p55 w. Now i personally haven t reviewed any of these laptops.

But those are the ones you d be looking at to compare to this one. Now if you do want me to review them let me know in the comments below and i also want to know what you like and dislike about this laptop. I want to thank everyone for watching this video. And if you really enjoyed it or found it helpful feel free to smash that like button.

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