Dell Latitude XT3 Review

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“This is dell three five two four here and today. We re going to be be doing. A review on the dell latitude. Xt three.

So this one pretty much the brushed metal. Look that all the newer ones have if you had anything past the e60 400 had to look. But this one more files. The e60 420 the 30 and so on on the side here.

We got a smart card reader wi fi switch esata part and a usb 20. Port and a kingston lock on the back charging port hdmi vga. 10 by 100 by a thousand ethernet port okay on the left side we have the dell touch pen a 1394 firewire port a usb 20 port sd card slot below down here headphone jack and in an expresscard slot then on the front of it on this screen..


We have the power button a couple different keys for when you have this computer in tablet mode cpu battery and wi fi lights over here are the volume control switches we have mute volume down volume up in a fingerprint reader and on the very top of the screen. We have a dell webcam. The keyboard is pretty much standard with all the e series latitudes. Except this one has the orange bezel around it the newer ones such as the e60 430 have the all silver band around it and you got your two speakers on each side.

Okay currently this laptop has 8 gigabytes of ram. Which is the max for this laptop. Four gigs per dim slot. It is ddr3 running at 1333 megahertz.

The cpu is an intel core i5 5 0 m. Cpu you have 2 other options a core i3 or a core i7. This is a dual core chip and does have..


Turbo i believe it is up to 32 gigahertz it currently has an 80 gigabyte intel 320 series ssd intel hd 3000 graphics this is the 133 hd screen there was also a 133 hd. Wide viewing angle. What they had they reduced glare led and pen touch. And it has the intel wireless chip.

You can also have cellular and an optional bluetooth alright so the main thing with this laptop was versatility. It does have a touchscreen so you pull up the start menu. It also has a pen a smart pen it s got some different buttons. And i haven t been able to use i gotta get off it takes a quadruple a battery.

But it will do the same exact things as if you were to touch it with the screen. But that s not all it does the screen itself actually turns to turn into a tablet. So then you can use this as a tablet..


The weight with the standard 6 cell battery with this is about almost 5 pounds. So this end has the 9 cell in it so. It s probably just a little bit more than that so once you get into the tablet mode. You pretty much carried around i mean.

It s not too heavy. But it ll it ll still function you get the touch screen. It ll load internet and everything and also where you get when you download the drivers for this since my keyboard currently isn t working. Which is also it is a backlit keyboard you get this little pull over a menu you either have the keyboard or has touch recognition.

It s okay. It s not the best. I can try an example here and i don t think it s gonna act kind of got it with that line right there i mainly got this to replace my older version of this which was the xt..


I did a review on um just because i needed a faster processor. The one on the other ones. A core 2 duo. This core i5 has been absolutely blowing it out of the water so so this been the review of the dell latitude xt3.

If you have any comments questions below or. If you want me to do any how to videos. Upgrade ram stuff like that just leave me. A comment and we ll see you in the next video.

” ..

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