Demon s Souls – The Dark Souls Beta

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“What s there to say about demon souls. That hasn t already been said. Its its became a pretty much study. All the game that spawned the so called souls genre everything i m going to say in this video has most likely been said before years ago.

But people have wanted to hear my thoughts on it after i finished the game not so long ago. So here s a little backstory. My souls experience went as the following. I played in order dark souls 1 to blood borne dark souls.

3. Then demon souls and i should go without saying. I fucking love the soul series. When you like something so much you get tattooed on you you either well and truly love it are y all kind of bloody mental.

Anyway. The stuff. I m going to talk about today is my personal experience with playing demon souls. As my last one in the series.

Now it s a fickle thing because nearly everything i say in this video is going to come across as me being a bitchy dickhead and that might be the case. But even with that said what i m going to say nothing can take away from the fact that dark souls is fucking awesome. And i still hold it on such a high pedestal. So demon souls is amazing is it perfect are there some stupid stuff in it.

Yeah. Without a doubt. The consumable drafts for a start just like in blood vaughn with the vials. I feel as though.

The consumable healing ions are put into place to make the players feel tense. And on edge. The more their healing items will down the safer. They ll play the more nervous they become because they know if they mess up you ll have no healing items to help sounds good on paper.

But when put into practice instead of butter anxiety..

When said items are downed you just get a sense of frustration. Oh i died on this boss. So many times. I m going to have to spend an hour fucking farming just so i can attempt it again that in turn to me just makes consumable healing items annoying.

But if we flip it on its head and say you ve got hundreds of items to heal you then that also becomes a problem dark souls. 1 and 3 kind of alleviated that via just having the estus and our blessings whereas dark souls. 2 and demon souls. Gave you so much healing potential.

But it was just something you didn t really have to think about like i mentioned dark souls. 1 and 3. This problem. I m stuck with the bare bones and you do get sense of anxiety when traversing his own go down on your estes.

You don t know where the next bonfire is and for some reason it just translates better here blood borne kind of had this feeling. Although again having the potential to have no vials are all just made it frustrating and as i mentioned it feels like this was to invoke tension in the healing system. But i last failed to do so and just led to annoyance but earlier. I said the line just like in blood borne and i found myself saying that a lot during my initial time with demon souls.

Oh money is just like gargoyles. Oh tower of latria just like aerosol dungeon. Oh. The old monk just like half light now for some reason.

This made me reflect on my time with dark souls. And think wow. That s kind of disappointing that they use that again. I don t think it took anything away from my experience with dark souls it s just part of me thinks damn demon souls already did this but even with that said it s not like a carbon copy.

I m also heavily inspired or refined the money fi. Although it s enjoyable and kicked my ass. A new game the gargoyles just kind of did it better. But i think that s a testament to how good demon souls is it lays the foundation for future games.

And in turn led to this somewhat mesh..

Con of the market and because of that demon souls needs to be praised for its accomplishments. Now ask someone who does get invested into the law in these games as many of you know i found myself with not really any knowledge of it as i finished my initial playthrough. I m so used to reading iron descriptions and when i found out there wasn t much text on items it kind of confused. Me i didn t know where to look.

Now obviously. There s a deep story here. There s no denying that i didn t get the urge to go looking for it. I think.

This is because of the hot stones and how each world feels disconnected from each other i wanted to know the story about king allen. Because he situated in boletaria. The way he looks out at his kingdom. Almost like he s been watching you through this entire journey that s and the nexus.

I didn t and still don t particularly care for the other zones that includes npcs as well the only npcs. I cared about were the maiden in black and made in australia. Now again i m not trying to take anything away from the other npcs. I know without a shadow of a doubt if i were to research them i d grow to love them.

But these two individuals captivated me on my initial encounter. I want to learn more as soon as i met them i didn t really know why and that was special a fucking. Awesome thing was something i said during my blind playthrough on stream um. It was in the nexus and i said i don t feel safe here in missoula fire link and the hunters dream you always got a sense of tranquility and have that feeling of being in a safe area.

I didn t have that in the nexus until my july. I found out why i felt that towards the end of the game turns out underneath you lies an old one the oldest demon. The source of the fog that s plaguing. The land and it s been right underneath you this whole time it s beautiful what s like the blood borne german fight.

Oh shit look i could head up ahead. But again we re forced to do battle in our safe spot. And it s been right under our nose. The entire time and it s well magical you ve come full circle.

Regarding bosses is how to argue the fact bosses in the entire souls while genre has significantly improved somewhat anyway so find them after all the advanced bosses in the other games..

The stupid gimmicky ones did feel somewhat underwhelming. But i obviously acknowledge the fact that this was the first game. And i shouldn t go in expecting crazy boss fights. But credit given what credit is you the old monk was an amazing idea with the pvp edition.

It was actually sofa straying when i played my initial playthrough at the beginning of this year. I actually got partnered with someone for the old monk fight. But i freaking died on the way up so i didn t experience it to its fullest potential. And the fact that king ilan candy level you with his grub attack.

Is just insane. The fact that old hero is blind and reacts to movement that s just so cool. These innovations in boss design are something i wish carried over to the other games. It s strange really it feels as though they played a little safer in later titles.

Whereas in demon souls. They went a little off the books experimented a bit. But not all bosses can be an instant hit. I m sorry.

But the final boss just sucks. But maybe that s the point this giant old one hovering this little shit. I really want to talk about the fact i was comparing so many things to dark souls. I want to say it didn t hinder my thoughts on the s when i reflected back i really do but it did and there s no other way around it dark souls is still fucking.

Fantastic don t get me wrong. I love it. But demon souls did it first and even though dark souls may have copied it and somewhat innovated. I just don t feel as though it did enough demon souls had this formula this method of well building and character development and yes.

In that instance dark souls took it and one upped it. But there s elements here that feel like pandering and after dark souls. 3. That doesn t surprise me.

And there s kind of two sides to this regarding dark souls..

3. Is pandering to previous titles. Some don t mind it some don t like it i m leaning towards the latter. Honestly i feel as though the occasional callback is nice.

But actual street took that too far in my opinion and relied too much on previous titles. I mean. Anna londo is a straight carbon copy. And i really don t like that that s something i feel dark souls.

2. Did pretty well yes. There were callbacks. But they didn t feel forced dark souls.

2. Felt as though it could be its own game. With out having to reference the older tales also why the fuck is leathersmith gilligan in dark souls. 3.

What purpose is there to that and does they need to be one but moving back unto demon souls is a fantastic experience the world tendency. Although convoluted and is crazy how to follow for new players. It s really interesting and just shows how much potential was there the different zones are all special in their own right. And have their unique identity demon souls changed the way i perceived dark souls.

Now i understand the people who start out being souls. I understand how elements of d s. May have disappointed them because demon souls did it first. I ve been paragon until next time ” .


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