Disc bound wireless phone charging TUL notebook unboxing and first impression review

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“Guys. It s les with lazy jx ranch. Today. I found this on instagram that that showed up on my little newsfeed and i was kind of intrigued by it so i thought i d give it a try.

This is the tool custom note taking system. It is dis bound. But one of the things about this notebook is this leather cover will actually charge your phone. And i don t have a phone with me to try it out on do i you know i don t i don t have anything to try it out on i didn t even think about that.

Oh yes. I do i have to take off this cover hold on those covers are hard okay. So i have this iphone 11. So we will try it but anyways it s a discount notebook that will wirele wirelessly charge a phone or an ipad or anything with the qi compatible.

This is found at office depot. I bought it off office depot. Calm office depot was running an ad on my instagram. That s how i found it.

So my kids are watching tv. You re watching the thundermans or something something like that let s move this light. Hopefully. Okay.

The only thing is is i didn t even think to look and see if it would fit my classic. Happy planners. I didn t even think it and you know what it doesn t it s not even close to the same size. So.

This is a classic. Happy planner and this is the tool notebook and like this is a mini..

So it s not the same size. But i might just keep it in my planner. Okay so i just got it out of the box. It already has three charges.

Let s see you got a center. It just right there we go this phone is like dead dead. It s one that i bought for a certain purpose and we never ended up using it for that and but i still have the device payment on it but anyways. We will go look at that later let s see how s it going to show.

It is charging let s see there we go okay. So you can see i ll scroll in it s showing. It s charging so there s that so that s kind of a cool feature. It has pocket right here and pockets right here and pockets right here and a pen loop.

Here that was another feature that i really really liked here s some of the instructions on it this is the junior size and then they have a letter size which would probably fit the big happy planner. But i don t do the big happy planner so here. It s showing you where to place your phone. So you would place your phone right up on the edge down at the bottom or sideways.

Like that so you do have to have the phone in a specific area. So you have headers on the top of the notes. So you could probably put the date and stuff up there i want to say let s see it s just kind of this is kind of talking about like the like the discount system how like interchangeable it is and customizable. It is which you know i m a happy planner so i know all about that so i can t find anywhere that it says how many pages that has that s what i was kind of looking for come with a charge cord.

The thing is is that it is i am kind of like in the idea being able to charge my phone because i go through my batteries pretty fast. Let s see still trying to see where it says how many pages. It has so it just has usb port and that s like a oval. I m not sure if you can see it it s not like the micro sd.

So it s not one that i have handy. I don t know how many..

But so here s the back cover like i said it has a pen loop right. There the covers kind of remind me of like the happy planner snap on covers. I liked the pink and the black. The blush and the pink or whatever anyways and the card holder stuff like that and i liked that but i think i ll still keep it even though it s not gonna fit on my happy planner.

I ll probably still keep it so you do have to have it perfectly centered. Did say you could go like this i ll probably find oh. It s off that s why it s not working so i ll probably find some way to market. I guess.

But i ll probably still keep this because yeah i ll still keep this because i m always looking for wireless chargers or ways to charge my phones on the go so this would be a good option for that. And you know i could use it to just jot down notes. Sometimes where i do the franken planning. So i have eight different planners in on classic discs right now.

I just do have one month of the time on the disk out of each eight of the planners. Sometimes i ll be in like my work planner and something comes to mind. I m reminded of something to do with you know my home or whatever budget or whatever. And so i ll have to hurry and flip back.

But so it is kind of nice to have some note paper on hand. Where you can just write down notes or i could use it as a diary. There s lots of different options. But anyways.

I did want to kind of unbox it for you guys and show you and yeah. I think it s pretty easy you do have to remember to turn it on if it doesn t have anything on it for a while i guess it turns itself off let s see we ll find that perfect a little spot. There we go. There s a spot right there oops yeah.

It s still charging so i will let you know how it goes. But as of right now..

I i kind of like it i like the whole thought of it it s gonna really help me out especially on the go like i said. I can use it for just little notes and stuff like that so anyways. That s what i have for you today. Just wander hurry and share that with you i recommend it but just know it s not going to fit on any of your happy punters.

I would imagine the letter size would let me see i ll get back. There. I would imagine that the letter size would fit your big planner. If you had because this this wireless charging cover does come on the big okay so actually it says 50 sheets.

So you get 50 sheets. I would think that the wireless charger. Cover would fit on a big planner. So.

The letter size one. This. One is a junior size. So i think the letter size one would fit on a regular happy planner or a big happy planner sorry so anyways that s what i have for you and these discs are about the same size as the minis.

The happy planner mini disc. They don t have the hole in the middle. But that s okay so you could put the mini. Happy planner disc on there the other thing.

I did want to see i would assume that the spacing is the same let s see i would assume that the spacing would be the same and it is so you can use these sheets in your happy. Planner or vice versa. That is kind of weird. No matter.

What i do it sticking out at the bottom or at the top. I don t know if you can see that but it s kind of sticking over the edge..

And if i move it up here it sticks over the edge. But anyways you can use the sheets in the happy planner which means you can use the happy planner punch. Which is nice to know so you could probably use in this junior sized. One you could use probably a lot of your mini features your mini papers note.

Paper stuff like that in here. So anyways. That s what i have like i said. This is that office depot.

I ordered it from office depot calm. I found it on instagram is how i found it. It s pretty cool. So you just turn it on set your phone down.

And you there so and it charges and i guess it can charge your phone five times per charge. So that s pretty cool it doesn t come with like the box piece so just know that you re gonna need to have the box piece or like a surge protector with the usb ports in it so anyways that s what i mean i can t see anything wrong with it the cover reminds me very much like the happy planner covers the snap in covers. Except for you have the feature of wireless charge. Maybe someday the happy planner will come out with something like that and i don t know.

But so what i think i m going to use this for is just kind of have it open. While i m in my planner just have it in my purse. And that kind of stuff with me so that you know if i need to hurry something down without like opening up my planner. I can just jot it down so anyways that s what i have for you guys.

” ..

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