DIY Logo Print on Microphone Windshield tutorial by Chung Dha

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“Filmmaker showing the hair in this video. I m going to show you how to to print onto a foam windshield it s a trade secret that is kept secret. Quite a long time. But i m going to show you how to do it.

And it s very very simple. The reason. Why you want to print onto a foam windshield is that you don t want to haul around a big microphone flag. This is going to take a lot of space.

It s not collapsible and it s just really really huge to put into your backpack. It will take up space and you could have actually take more things with you like an extra lens extra light or extra batteries. While this is just taking up space. And it s just only for the looks that you really have to carry this well this is directly on your microphone and actually i ve tried different methods of actually printing onto a microphone and finally found a good one because on the back here that is a method trying to do with the silk screening.

However because the microphone windshield is basically a sponge and it will absorb the ink and it will not get a really nice thick layer onto it and it will just also like because it gets absorbed. It will not get really a sharp edge to it. But the thing is i found a new method. So this one you can see the edge.

It s much more clearer. The design is much better. And it s basically a different methods of adding the it onto it so the big secrets. What you actually need to print on it it s very easy it s just a t shirt transfer you do need to look at a good quality t shirt transfer because you need to get one that is more of a rubber because there are certain cheap ones that are from paper.

And if you wash your t shirt. One time it will just wash away the entire design. So this one from dekker dry is really a good one because it s from a rubber. So you can literally yeah.


When you cut a piece off you can stretch it so it sticks onto your shirt. Very well plus also it has a very low temperature that it actually melts so you can actually melt it onto the foam fairly easily. So let s go to the process of making it so first we print out our design. Then we cut it out and actually just fairly easily put onto the microphone foam.

We recommend to put the foam already onto the microphone. So it s all ready step stretch into the form and then just put the logo on top of it. And then use the special transfer paper and then just use a simple iron to iron the transfer over onto the microphone. So that was literally the first time.

I made it and literally is this one that i made the end result is pretty nice. But the n is little bit out of place. It s basically because it s all these individual parts loose from each other you can avoid it by printing one entire logo and then sticking it on to it in one go. But i found a method that is actually making doing ordering these much easier the thing you need is a very simple method.

It s literally gluing this logo on to the special transfer paper and the glue that you need is a non strong glue. So there is like a glue stick that you can use that isn t that really strong so you can glue this on there and when you finish with transferring over to the foam. It will all stick onto the foam itself and then you can easily remove the piece of paper and the other method is maybe using photo glue child directly trying to glue it on here and then use the transfer. But i find the method with the glue stick maybe that will be easier and also cleaner.

Because the glue stick doesn t leave too much residue. So that was mainly it how to make this it s a very simple method. So if you are a singer and have your own mic this may be even pretty cool to have your own logo onto your own microphone. Then perform with your own foam or actually literally make your own foam and just carry this little thing around and when you have to perform you can just pop it onto a microphone and yeah for a lot of reporters and tv stations.

This is really something easy to make on your own and you don t have to spend like 100 bucks for a company to make it for you so. This is the easy method of making your own logo onto your foam windshield one extra thing i want to talk about is buying a white foam and this is a white foam windshield it s maybe in this video it looks nice but in real life when i look at it it s slightly yellowish. It s not really a wide. So advice if you want to use a white.


One don t use a white one because probably this is not even the final thing. Because probably they are going to just dump this into a colored fet and color it so this white version. If you want to have like your own colored foam. You can either just buy one in the special color.

That you want or you can get this one and just throw it into colorings to color this. But i recommend just buying the right color and white version. Yeah. It is nice and white for certain companies.

But it s not really really white. If you want to buy it so that was many it how to print onto your microphone windshield so if you want to see more upcoming videos with a lot of nice tutorials and tips. Please. Subscribe and i hope to see it the next time bye.

es this bottom piece. Looks. Great here and that hinge the bottom piece of this hinge is is in good condition and then base plate. We could use this one this looks in in nice condition.

Oh we could use that one okay. That s good so we ll set these two blue ones to the side for now. And we ll start by just dismantling this d s in the middle here. Because it looks like we can actually get a nice condition.

That s hot piece of this and we also need to transfer the touchscreen over to this buddy over here. Which is the one that the touchscreen doesn t work on or is it a different one. Yeah. Yeah.


So this is the one where the touchscreen doesn t work. But the bottom the whole bottom piece is in really really nice condition. So we ll transfer this top over to here and the touchscreen and then yeah looks like we ll be we ll be all set for a nice condition nintendo ds. I thought i d use this opportunity to talk a little bit more about this des obviously.

I m used to refurbishing old controllers and game boys. Where. The technology is just a lot more simple obviously with the ds there s a touchscreen. I had a lot of issues with the touchscreen in this video.

That didn t seem to be one that worked well at all all of them seem to have a calibration issue. I tried different motherboards and different touch screens. I think it s something to do with the condition that the digitizer is in one of them is very very very scratched up and that seems to be the only one where the touchscreen actually works unfortunately. This video hasn t really turned out the way.

I wanted it to be but i spent so much time doing this and i thought it d be really worth just showing you the content. Anyway. It also serves as a bit of a warning maybe go into a bit more detail and research. Things before you just look at something.

I think it s bargain and buyer because most of the time things aren t as they seem wow that looks really really trippy. So essentially some of these are a bit of a write off at the moment and basically i want you guys just to tell me. What you d prefer to see. This is the the final one that will be the the only one that s really fully working out of this these other ones they re pretty destroyed now.

I ve seen a quite a few people asking me to do the ds gameboy macro mod. Thing now essentially you can do that just by ripping off the top screen. But there is actually it like a way of doing it a little bit more kind of them professionally. But some of these things just still have a lot of problems and some of some of them i just don t really have the necessary parts to it to use to repair them right now a cup.


We ve only got one more working touch screen and three more broken pieces and then there s another d s. As well. Which is completely in bits. As you would have seen i cracked.

The the top piece of one of them as well sucks. And so yeah. Unfortunately. The only one that we ve got working is this one right here.

And this isn t in the best condition so basically i m in a bit of a dilemma of what you want me to do. But this one works it works pretty well the the touchscreen is a little bit temperamental like it works the majority of the time. But over here it seems to knock. I ve calibrated quite the same but other than that you know it works it s a little bit low on battery.

But but yeah i mean hopefully hopefully you ve enjoyed this video. Nonetheless. I ve also got a couple of fall tds is coming down. And i think there s gonna be a bit more work involved in that so um.

So that should be fun. But yeah pretty much that s gonna be it for this video. I hope you guys have enjoyed if you did please leave a like if you need to the channel. Please subscribe and i ll catch you in the next video peace ” .


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