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“I am not happy with you not happy at first. I love this controller. This this is the power a fusion pro controller for xbox one and i gotta be when i first got this controller. I absolutely loved it the thumb sticks were really large.

So i had more control over my character it just it just felt like it was more comfortable in my hand than even the stock xbox one controller. It quickly became my favorite controller ever. I loved it i used it for everything i played through resident evil for resident evil 7. The shenmue games killer instinct iq zaboor i just used this thing for everything and i loved it it was great until about 10 months in 10 months after i purchased it i know there was some weird stuff going on with the analog sticks.

I went to start moving my character i noticed it in resident evil. 4. That s when i first kind of knows. There was something wrong.

And maybe something something going off this thing. I ll be running in a certain direction. Everything will be fine and then all of a sudden. My character would start walking and running again i definitely think most of it because it was kind of random.

And it didn t enjoy the gaming experience and it wasn t so noticeable that it was ruining it for me. But i i started noticing it more and more often i started noticing it and gave like minecraft the gears of war. I would start moving and all of a sudden. My characters stopped for a minute or a minute.

It s not for a second and then you keep going again. And just kind of like acting your regular. It just wasn t a consistent motion. So concerned by this i went ahead and plugged in this controller to my computer.

And i ran a little little diagnostics went over. I could see the buttons. As i pressed them and the analog sticks..


And i quickly came to the realization that my analog sticks for having seizures. That s exactly what you re seeing right now. This is my actual test of this controller so less than a year later after i purchased this thing it starts to go out so naturally because of my good consumer. I registered my product with power a support on our website and i wanted to keep using this controller as long as i possibly could because i just liked it so much it was just so good and so i went ahead and opened up a support ticket.

I opened this up on november 26. And i m gonna go ahead. And just show you it all it s it s sad november 26. The thumbsticks on my power infusion and pro controller are both starting to break down.

I m afraid i ve tested them on the xbox one console and my computer. What happens is that when you hold either of the sticks in any direction. The input is read intermittently. There s this results in consistent in jerky movement.

Games. I ve confirmed this behavior on the computer. Where i can monitor the controller inputs and see what s functioning and what s not i ve loved this controller since i got it i m sad to see you start breaking like this what are my options. No response.

So three days later. I went ahead and sent him another email. This kind of gave him a little nudge hello. He s my case still open.

I haven t received response. Yet and it s been nearly three days. Thank you still nothing so two days later i had a post another update. It s been five days since i opened this support ticket and still no response is anyone getting this i was really impressed with my power rain controller and planned on buying board.

The future please respond still nothing after another 24 hours of waiting and then i went ahead and did my final post here. I just wanted to add this i first noticed there was a problem with this controller whenever i used it to play resident evil or on xbox one the character on screen would not stay running when i helped the analog stick firmly in one direction people start randomly walker is there. But it seemed random..


And i didn t think much of it now it makes perfect sense because give the issue that i ve confirmed on the controller. I bought resident evil. 4. On xbox one in june 2018.

I ve also attached a screenshot of the order to this email to confirm the date. I m not sure when i bought the controller exactly. But i knew i know it was still under warranty when the issue first occurred so since december 2nd my final email to them still no response. I two days after that i went ahead and just called them i just called the 1 800.

Number that s on their website. And i got ahold of somebody. I said hey i have this support ticket that i opened up and i haven t gotten any responses whatsoever. What should i do and i said oh don t worry sorry about that we re gonna go ahead and create a follow up for you so they took all my information.

My phone number name all that good stuff and they said that someone would be calling me and following up within 48 hours. So i was like okay cool. I m okay with that 48 hours passes nothing call him again. Said hey still waiting on a response.

What s going on with this and same deal. We ll just create a follow up and we ll get your name and information all over again. And i was like okay well. I just did this two days ago.

So what should i do if i still don t hear any response. After 48 hours and they said just call us back. I wrote him in the email saying. I m gonna contact the authorities.

If i don t get a refund in full so obviously this isn t working. I ve tried every single support venue that i can possibly think of to reach powera. I have tried to reach out to them on their youtube channel..


I tried to reach out to them on twitter. I tried it all and nothing i just i have nothing i have nothing from them. This is literally the worst customer support experience. I ve ever had in my life out of all the companies.

I ve ever dealt with and that s a lie and i know a thing or two about customer service. I have been in customer service as a customer support representative for the last 15 years of my life. It s what i do for a living. I know we haven t talked to people i know how to resolve things.

This is not how you do it. This is not how you do it i m sorry. I mean if they at least. What it would reply to me saying you know kiss my ass.

We re not gonna replace your controller at least. There would be something and we said. I would have some sort of closure to all of this and i can say all right well that was that it s just such a bummer excite. I remember when this thing first came out.

I was like man this is such a great controller and i told all my friends and family about it like man this is the one and after after you know looking into this this controller was probably on the market for less than a year and then they pulled it then you stopped manufacturing. It so i m starting to wonder. If maybe there was a problem with the specific controller and they just kind of quietly pulled the plug on it and sort of to other projects and then the same thing happened with follow up the power a fusion control enough you can pro. This is the fusion pro.

The power. A fusion controller that s no longer being manufactured either kind of shortly after it was released as well. It was available for about a year in full production and then nothing now we just have power a enhanced xbox. One controllers wish i had the opportunity to buy one because obviously this one no longer works properly.

I can still use the d pad. And all the other buttons work. But kind of need the analog sticks for today s games..


So i had the opportunity to go out and purchase an xbox one enhanced controller by power aid. But instead i skipped it entirely because of this horrible customer support experience. This could not exist in experience. They didn t even acknowledge my existence and i don t know what to do to get their attention back.

Hey. Yeah. I paid for your product can i please get an answer. Nothing.

But instead. I wouldn t back this guy. This is the pdp wired xbox one controller is pretty pretty basic and it functions perfectly. I have zero problems with it whatsoever.

Although i must say that i do enjoy i enjoy the fusion pro controller when it was working perfectly more than this one even though it s a fine controller. I can t i don t have anything bad to say about it yet because it still works it functions perfectly fine is the second guitar. So i don t really have any complaints. The pdp controller so far has been cold.

But yeah i m just kind of putting this video out there just to warn everybody if you know anybody who s gonna be buying a power a controller whether it s for the nintendo switch the xbox one it looks really appealing because they re nice looking controllers and the price points just bright. But how ernie has no customer support they have none they have none whatsoever is your own risk if it breaks and you better hope that you are within the return policy period for the retailer you purchase from or if you purchased a extended protection plan or something like that that would be the only another way to go because array is just like i don t know what they re doing over there. But it s not supporting customers anyways thanks for watching. If you at a similar experience to powera please.

Let me know. If you have any other third party controller recommendations let me know or if you just use a standard xbox. One controller at all again. I m looking for a good wired controller to use moving forward.

And i thought i had found it and apparently not but thanks for watching and have an ” ..

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