Does Name Brand Matter? Geekria Headphone Case Review

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” s pretend you just bought a brand new pair of really expensive headphones and you you want to keep them safe of the bag route right what if i lost a little bit more robust. Where do you go. I received an email last week from a company called geek weeow. Now don t feel bad.

If you hadn t heard of them before the email. I received from them was first time i d ever heard of this company. So you d imagine. I was a little bit skeptical when they offered to send me one of their products.

Now they offer accessories for headphones replacement cords pads to go around the ears. Really just replacement parts for popular headphones and headphone accessories. But i responded. I said i didn t really have a need for any of that the headphones.

I currently have we re all working just fine. I ve done case reviews in the past maybe you could send me a case for a set of premium headphones. So you can imagine..


I was a little bit skeptical and they said they re willing to send me one of their premium headphone cases admittedly when the package arrived. I had pretty low expectations as far as the quality of the packaging goes. However. I was kind of surprised actually while the packaging is minimalistic to say the least it s perfectly fine nothing wrong with it so far.

However the headphone case at only twenty dollars. I was expecting to be not made of maybe the nicest materials. However i was surprised yet again and zippers are another place where you know lower end companies like to cut corners. However against my surprise.

I found it to actually be of a pretty high quality and it was actually branded sometimes all you have things in the mail from companies wanting me to review products and there really isn t any branding on the product whatsoever for obvious reasons. But no the branding is loud and proud right there on the case zippers are made of a high quality material and on the inside. I was pleasantly surprised to find a little leather bag for maybe a smaller set of headphones or some accessories as well as a little lanyard that can be clipped onto the outside of the case. The inside texture of the case is also very soft.

It s made of a nice felt material that s very smooth and actually will do a good job of not scratching up your headphone. Now the case itself is hard it feels very durable. I mean if my headphones were in here..


And it were to fall. I d be pretty confident that they d be okay. But what kind of headphones are going to fit into this case. Well they specifically designed to be compatible with a wide array of headphones.

All the headphones. I have it seems to fit just fine the smallest pair of headphones. I have our set of turtlebeach exo ones. Which are technically a gaming headset.

I also have a pair a couple pairs of audio technica s the largest pair of headphones. I have are a set of sennheiser pc 370 3ds. Which are gaming headset with very large pads and if you show a little bit of love to the microphone. You can actually make it fit.

In this case. Just fine. But that brings me to the justification behind getting a case like this now they have two colors that have this grey color..


Which i like kind of denim texture to it but they also have a black and red variant. Which is also pretty cool but is it right for you well it depends if your nicest pair of headphones. Is a set of turtlebeach xo ones probably not considering. This is almost half the price of the headset itself not to mention that headsets extremely portable.

While the cable isn t removable the earpieces fold flat. It compresses pretty well and the microphone folds in really nicely. And even if it doesn t it s completely removable. So a case wouldn t really make sense for something like that as far as my audio technica s go those completely folding arm cells.

They do fold flat the cable is removable and there s no microphone with those i mean they get so tiny that this almost takes up a lot more space than necessary because when they re completely folded up. They actually don t fit they have to be expanded to fit in the case. Which brings me to the large set of headphones. Now the sennheiser s are the largest set of headphones.

I have right now have a review of those headphones coming out soon and those currently run for about 300 dollars. So if you have a headphone that size while the cable is removable the earpieces don t fold in the microphone. Doesn t remove..


And it has to stay connected and it doesn t fold. Very much it stays pretty much stationary. So considering those factors and the fact that it s a 300 headset. I would highly recommend getting something to put them in if you re going to moving them around at all.

When you think about it to protect. A 300 headset. A 20 case is not a bad. Idea.

Well. Thank you guys for watching you can check the video description below. Where to find d crea products such as these cases. Very good buy if you re looking to protect a premium set of headphones also in videos right here you can see previous reviews that we ve done and also subscribes you can find out when our newest videos drop thanks again for watching and i will catch you guys.

” ..

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