DOOM: Top 10 Secrets And Easter Eggs

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“New doom has more secrets. A can shake a super shotgun at but in addition addition to the standard secrets. Involving ammo caches weapons and collectibles. There s also a of easter eggs and references found all throughout the blood stained corridors of the mars do a c and the dark reaches of hell itself and that s why we re here to present you the top 10 easter eggs and secrets found in doomed starting off with number 10.

You remember dopefish. It was an enemy originating and commander keen. An episodic 2d platformer developed by its software in the early 90s that part s not really important. Though.

The important thing is that dopefish has become kind of an easter egg phenomenon over the years being referenced in everything from quake to max payne to duke nukem hitman to descent 3 etc. I m not gonna name them all point is it s a lot you can add one more game to that list with the new doom dopefish returns in the form of little box of cup ramen found in numerous levels such as resource operations. Lazarus labs and vega central processing. This easter egg is the mind blowing or anything.

But dopefish is one of the longest running game. Dev gags and it s cool to see a pop up again in its latest continuing on to number 9. We mentioned commander keen in the last entry and it just so happens that there is a commander keen easter egg hidden away in the mission entitled kadeem gear sanctum you re gonna have to play through a fair amount of this level pretty much at least halfway through once you reach this area. When you look up and can see this demon head.

Thing you ll know that you re in the right place hop on over to the right where you ll have to deal with a few lost souls that i ve already taken care of then turn around and leap towards this cave with a yellow blow inside you ll find a chain gun. And this head on stick. This is actually a double easter. I guess the helmet is obviously a reference to commander keen.

But the fact that it s a head on a stick is also a reference to an easter egg in doom. 2. Where you can find john romero s head on a stick now don t leave this level because for number eight. We re going to continue moving through kadeem gear sanctum all the way to about the end of the level after you have to fend off multiple barons of hell.


Do a complete 180 from the door that just opened and head inside this cave to find not only a lever and we ll get to then just. But also this poor guy who used to be an adventurer like you then he took an arrow to the knee and also flames to the everywhere. Anyway. I m just gonna assume that everyone knows where this is from and just move on to number seven remember that lover every single level in dhoom.

2016. Has one of these levers hidden and for good reason. Because they each hide a classic level from either doom. 1.

Or doom. 2. This sort of thing has become a pretty common easter egg and they developed games rage had classic levels from quake. Doom.

And wolfenstein wolfenstein. Had wolfenstein levels. And now doom has classic doom levels hidden in every mission the game. Even tells you which levels you re playing so you can go back to the original and compare the two and number 6.

Don t leave that classic doom room. Yet while inside. A classic doom area. If you die.

By way of getting gived. Wait around for a little while end. It s a classic doom. Guy face note.


That it seems like you need to kill yourself using one the explosive barrels. I ve tried to repeat it several times using just a rocket launcher with no success regardless of the trigger. Though it s still a pretty neat easter egg coming in at number 5 bethesda just loves to drop references to other bethesda games and games they publish and in addition to the skyrim easter egg. We showed you earlier as you could guess.

There s also a mini fallout easter egg. This easter egg is found right at the start of the game. Before you even get into the first legitimate level. After your first big battle gets the room of imps quickly rushed over to the door before it opens and take a look at the sticker in the bottom left yep.

That s the logo for vault tec. The same corporation. That s at the center of the fallout series. Does this mean that doom and fallout are part of the same universe.

I doubt it i think it s just professed to having a bit of fun. But who knows maybe this is the beginning of the bethesda verse number. 4. This is a returning easter egg from doom.

3 in which players can find in our cave cabinet featuring super turbo. Turkey puncher. 3. Where you could press a button to punch turkeys.

I don t know it s a weird easter egg. But it returns into 2016 doom and here s how to find it the arcade cabinet is located in the mission entitled advanced research complex. And you ll have to play through about halfway through the level up to this point. Where you kill a bunch of mokuba and revenants.


You ll then be able to lower the security field. But before you move on to where you re supposed to go head through here with the airlock and then once inside hop over the boxes to find the cabinet. Where you could punch turkeys or something that i don t know number three if super turbo. Turkey.

Puncher isn t your cup of tea. Perhaps you d like to try another minigame this one can be found in the lazarus labs inside the office of olivia pierce. This is pretty late into the level and you ll know you re in the right place when you see a holographic coffin inside examine this computer to start playing a game called doom demon destruction. Which is basically a match three puzzle game like candy crush just reskin for doom.

You can even try to compete for high score. As a little bonus each of the names and scores on this high score list have a special meaning id mom underscore dj refers to donna jackson. The office manager at its software also known as ed mom olivia p. Obviously refers to olivia pierce.

Whose officer in and who also happens to be one of the big bads in the story of the game. Tenacious diaz is the twitter handle of marc diaz. A programmer at its software. And that if you want to get into some of the scores 12 10 1993 is december 10th 1993.

Which is the release date of the original doom on ms. Dos 5 13. 2016. Is may 13th 2016.

That was just a few days ago. And is in fact. The release date of the new doom august 3rd. 2004.


You guessed it the release date of doom. 3. I m sure everything here has some sort of meaning if you know it all let us know in the comments. We love to hear number 2.

This is a throwback to doom twos final boss. The icon of sin in the level entitled the necropolis as you near the end of the level you should actually spot the icon of sin way off in the distance it s not just decoration. Though shoot it in its weak spot just like you wouldn t doom to and eventually you ll cause a cube to float out of its head. Delivering you a collectible doom guy and finally number one of course has to be the terminator easter egg found by simply taking a swim in the lava and dying in order to see the simple.

But oh so effective reference to terminator 2 judgment day this can be done pretty much anywhere. There s lava. But a good place to see it super early on would be the foundry level may sure that s the lava that kills you and not some stray shot by an imp and that s our list. It hasn t been very long since doom.

Release. And there s a very good chance that even cooler. Secrets will be discovered as time goes on. But for now.

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