Drake – Charged Up (Ghost Writer) Meek Mill Diss Freestyle #Pagekennedy

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“Did some charity today for the kids. But it wasn t charity. I saw it it clearly the severity of the matter is i m and they gave me up analyst. No one smoke up your tails and calling.

It cannabis wanna talk about it ghost rider. When that goes right up on my voice flaming light goes right up i talk about the money cuz. I made it can t play with me my character locked. I m shaded when you re visible is kind of difficult to hit my radar.

You should call me kareem abdul..

Jabbar. The way i tell over these boys. I gotta look when i m up deep fascia shows they never booked. But they steady reading in that our media.

Throwing idle threats emptiest. A wikipedia. Sometimes i gotta laugh at these jokers you killing me need to quit cigarette smokers. I can beat you in my decline at your peak.

Didn t mention your name cuz your news..

This week other smash doing anaconda video. But this will leave understand that the titties little i m charged up i m charged up. I took your light on you cuz dark skinned niggas being at a feelings. But come to learn is but them bitches stuck into the ceilings.

You should have someone monitoring your twitter account instead of your bank. Account by rini. A little amount got a murmuration. I must admit admire a chick.

But we want to see a sequel to mariah and nick another never made a eating of the food of the table of a chick that s already plated when people dismiss me if you ain t on my level..

I m talked here you re not here hell. You wonder the devil going your settings and get your preference back. Didn t even have the right this. This is a reference right we charged up yeah.

I m charged up you notice. I ain t have to raise my voice. I get a headache this man screaming a deaf kid. I m a medic.

I don t gotta do all that i take a leave..

But when you finish everyone just take a leave. I m passive aggressively playing chess with me you wouldn t win. In the end if you were chesapeake imma let that sit there for a moment. Navi won give his family my condolence charge them i m charged up i m charged up i m not charged up where s my battery.

I need my battery someone gave me a battery oh i need to ” ..

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