DSLR vs. Camcorder: Which to Bring on a Shoot

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“Our studio nwe have two main types of cameras dslrs and camcorders today. We re re gonna cover which nones to use when and why music both types of camera nproduce high quality images. But they have the respective strength that nmake them the best for certain situations first we re gonna cover dslrs and nthen we ll move into camcorders in the studio. We have two ndifferent kinds of dslr.

We have the cannon 6d and nthe cannon 70d that i have right here they have their minor differences. But nthe same general body style with a photography style back and ninterchangeable lenses. These interchangeable lenses. Allow you nto have greater artistic control over the image and overall greater quality.

However these cameras are not nwithout their downsides..

There are two major ndrawbacks of using a dslr. One is their short file recording times. Most cameras can only record 15 to n20 minutes. Before the audio and video are stopped and then started again the other main issue is audio while there s a microphone input nthe overall audio quality and recording isn t actually that great while this video is being nshot on a canon 6d it looks like i m talking njust straight to the camera.

I m actually wired up to a mic and have an audio recorder box to make nsure. The audio is high quality that being said. The dslr is the staple camera that nwe use at on the bluff studios. They re used in a wide nvariety of situations.

Such as b roll..

Interviews. Naction shots and testimonials. The main camcorder that we use nin. The studio is the canon xa10 and the main reason we use this is for nlong recording times with two sd card slots and a 64 gb hard drive.

These things can nrecord forever for hours on end one of the major drawbacks. Though is nthe lack of interchangeable lenses and not shallow depth of field as you can see with this comparison nwith. The dsr footage on the left. And the camcorder footage on the right.

The dslr has a much more nshallow depth of field..

I took the same shot with the two ndifferent camera styles and zoomed into frame casey about the same as you can see though with the dslr on nthe left the text on the monitor and the background as a whole are more blurred nout separating him from the background on the right. Though nwith. The camcorder footage. The background is much more in focus and nless blurred out this makes the camcorder great for nmacro style shots.

But less viable for more artistic shots. The other major strength of the cannon nxa10 is it s in built audio attachment instead of using external audio recorder like when you re using a dslr you can nplug your audio directly into the camera allowing you to not have to sync nyour audio later in post production. Our studio mainly uses the cannon xa10 for long larger scope video shoots. Especially ninterviews and classroom reporting.

When deciding on which ncamera to bring on a shoot i usually think about how long neach individual clip will be if i m going to be shooting multiple nclips that are only a couple of minutes in length..

I ll take a dslr. However. If i think each clip is going nto be longer around 20 minutes or more. I ll take a camcorder to ensure nthat recording times aren t an issue.

This is a great way to nmake your selection ensure that you have nthe right camera every time ” ..

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