Dude Where s My Blocks! – Ep. 1: A New World! Dude Where s My Block Minecraft Modpack

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“Everybody and welcome to this friend you series exactly i m i m starting another another series. I m crazy guys um. Because i i need to i need my to be very organized because i m gonna try to get these videos out. I m gonna have try to get shout out sundays on sunday.

I m gonna get a pokemon episode like pokemon moon version on monday wednesday is always going to be sky was wednesday for now friday is gonna be project ozone and or i guess you can say or this modpack guys. And it s called dude. Where s my blocks. That s legit.

The name arm. So we have this book. So let s throw that away cuz. That s useless.

Ah. And it s already getting like. That s not good. Ah okay.

Let. Me explain what this game. Is. Because.

This is crazy. Uh. First a check for vein miner okay. There s no vein minor.

Which is kind of sad gonna make me cry. But you know whatever there s some sugar king. So yeah. I m going to take those so this modpack changes every recipe like probably every certain amount of minutes.

I don t know how much like once you could crack like true kings into like an ope pickaxe. If you re lucky so why not get turn this into iron. But i m not gonna do that cuz. I don t think i need any of that what i do need is blocks for homes.

So let s see what we can get with these no no okay the sand doesn t turn into everything we need let s get some wood and we got achievement cool awesome let s crap that though what got i m gonna give builders one already guys look at that first tool builders want huh could you believe that with that that s so good okay. Let s try to put four of these together on see what happen like because like it s recipes right so like you could turn it to something and i could click on you used. Which tells you the usage of items. But i ll take too long okay so that doesn t do any we could still like click on that usage could be four well that s not true oh is it no it s not true.

See that doesn t happen alright. It s ok. Ah. Let s look for something.

Else. Then. See. The good thing is like different words probably give you different stuff.

Yeah. It s like awkward will give us and at what. With the novelist are a chantings this rose protected from with whoa that s cool and i can t do anything with it though. But that s cool alright uh.

Sure why not i can hear a cow and we don t have tools so that s kind of sad. So we actually just have to explore and find something and unfortunately. We don t have a map. Mod or something.

And i could add stuff to it. But there s something wrong with my java stuff and i when i download different mods like b minor to add to it it somehow doesn t like the file isn t a java. So if you guys are techie. Please.

Tell me. So. That doesn t give anything that doesn t give anything. Oh oh okay.

Good. I mean. That s not good. Wonder.

What this turns into nothing okay..

Well. I know i checked did i check dirt. No i didn t schecter let s check dirt dirt. Gives you nothing perfect um looks like we actually have to explore more now.

I m scared. I m gonna get lost oh. So because there s going to be a lot of exploring because items. Everything pretty much has a is worth as well not like everything is useful.

Because you don t know what you use it for what the heck. What is that coming from i don t know wait what the hell. Why am. I hearing this what do mushrooms.

Give nothing okay like it s nothing that gives nothing either ah perfect. We get nothing ceaseless. And there s no vain minor on min. I need a minor lucky things like a oh we re going skulls already okay guys.

I know what it is i just can t remember it out it s like a something hammer. I mean something axe. I don t know let s check these cotton seats. Don t give you anything barley seeds.

Don t give you anything okay good to know what about these flowers flowers. Usually get stuff a bucket okay and blocks. Okay we could make a house out of red red flowers. So let s just do that under some white flowers.

It s harvest. Those and there s some different white flowers like daisies take those the chicken. I m going to kill see a golden leg set lumber access to it s called okay so let s just take those this gives us some blocks. I don t know what that is well let s take all this and what is this tin straight into nothing okay.

But the good thing is look it chopped. Wow. That s quick very quick wow that s useful these don t do anything they don t give us anything. But and i think i ll search.

I believe so let s oh. What do saplings do nothing uh. I do not i wasn t a birch okay let s find a birch ii. And i want to get run away from that sound cuz that s really annoying look at that we got so much wood.

Let s see what this gives us oh blocks of emerald. Oh. My god find all the okay versus. These plants.

What do these give us. Droppers. Okay don t need droppers. But we re oh pig wow.

Food and doesn t give us anything. But oh my god uh wow okay that s nothing sure uh okay guys we need birch trees uh cuz birch trees give us emeralds and i don t know how long they ll last. But we need it oh what is it uh iron miner. Wow.

Tak. I ll take it sure i think it broke wow. What was it i gave me it i forgot these don t give anything i should probably stop your sinking. It oh gravel.

What gravel gives us nothing okay. What plant was it not this not this uh. Those. Daisies or something ah okay.

And i m starving already umm. Perfect can we have some red bushes. Though let s see what this gives us fluid duct. It s useful.

But i don t know why i ll have some right now try these all buckets no. But yeah sure why not we need more flowers and i don t know which one it was there are sheep. Though do i have any it s time something to attack them with no i ll use my bare hands uh will you die come on come on die die. Die die die well nothing what stupid sheep come here give me something okay uh.

It s almost night that s not good..

I m kind of scared guys uh. We don t have a safe home. We do have a lot of blocks. Though i can t mine it.

But if i place it down low. So huh gigi those lumber axes. I wish i could get more diesel. Do anything attack.

Oh my god that s annoying. Let s run away let s go. It s a desert. I don t think they re safe what does what give us again whoa a fiery sword okay let s take a couple of those because looks like everything s we started us.

So let s just everything see what we get these only give us anything that doesn t give us anything uh try stuff that are reasonable emerald. A golden bag of holding. Oh. My god uh they are very expensive though.

But let s open this up and put all this in here. Damn look at that is that awesome guys. Oh. My god this is good.

I love this it s dark that s not good uh. We have to survive the night somehow let s put this on easy for now just so. We don t die. Let s get some food out ah apples will do does this give us nothing okay let s eat our apples ii get sports all right.

But this is so cool oh my god like really i wouldn t say it s oh p. Because you re like i don t have a house or good tools. But i do have a sword. And i think i can take on anything right now to be honest.

I just one shot a cheap heck yeah. And i can probably one shot you i won t shot it creeper okay guys. That s cool. Oh.

I m scared now. Oh oh. I m sorry okay. Ah.

That s it guys. I don t want to risk it so i m gonna okay dk house. I don t have torches so sound good. This is gravel ah.

So i could like sure and trap. Now and you guys can probably see nothing so i m sorry about that let me try to turn all my brightness on you still can t see anything i m sorry about that but let s look into what we could craft. Though i do have to test this all out uh. Oh let s try mmm what is this i don t even know no these aren t do anything uh feathers.

Blah blah blah flowers usually give stuff let s look into that so we still get that wood. Oh whoa this i mean i can all what big this gives us copper. Okay sure get some copper from that nothing nothing again sally. We can t get what we want uh.

Sam. No sam doesn t do anything this gives us stairs. I guess we can use that for something maybe oh uh feathers no leather no wood wood still gives us that opie sword. I mean i want to say so yeah.

It is ope. Oh. My god what i say. Oh wiki got that okay about four of these gives us nothing okay still get a golden bag of holding.

And we have we still have a lot of emeril s so that s really good uh. I don t have a way of breaking all this though that s not good can i turn the dirt into. Nothing. Man.

Let s look into the usage of these uh. Oh. Oh. I did one more grab one more gravel come on look at this look at this guy s i just played bail look at that we are awesome.

What else do we have iron minor skin ik..

I can t pick it up because i don t have a pickaxe so let s just use well let s put this junk away right now okay check the rotten flesh. I did uh. I guess i could check the usage of all of these so nothing small apparently can be made well what about these i could make stuff usage looks like a i can make yeti boots. Damn.

I need a crafting table crafting table oh oh if i only had blood planks. Oh hmm very well i think i have wool maybe we ll we ll just do it our whole act. Okay damn it i only have one great light gray wool that s not good oh. My work now the check nope that doesn t work.

It s still is night shouldn t be hiding guys let s just keep exploring because we do have this sword should probably make this one lift. Three okay so we have our swords right now and now we have a money shovel. Sure why not oh now on rooftops cuz. Why not and now we don t and we don t hear that annoying sound.

I think i was kind of getting used to oh. There s some where all i m hearing it again what is he oh i just lost it my pickaxe. But it s not here like might be under stick down well that s a bad pickaxe. There s nothing here.

Let s just place this back up. Oh. There s some new flowers. Let s quickly check that up at all oh come on so you go that s a bad yolo.

And your height are still you for stuff. I need food or i need a lot of stuff. But i got something versus go into inventory world utility and back turn magnet mode on cuz magnet boats useful and it s really isn t cheating so just picks up items that we make this because everything is useful kiddo that s getting louder. Oh my god i ve skinny lottery.

This is fun that is really now i m not and i m angry again it s not good it is day okay. It s killing day some good news man give me something good getting nothing uh should probably get some more birch. Wait. What is it still turn into emerald.

Oh. No it turns into crap yum. And it very crap okay. Sure we don t have a axe anywhere.

But those were gold lumber axes. But hopefully we get more because that kind of speeded up everything by a ton let s get one more. See what happens when we put four of them together and we get nothing perfect nothing again alright alright. I guess we could keep exploring because there s some like kemper or whatever that is it s just keep swimming.

I think on my free time. I played this and i got oh oh blueberries all that s good food well river cane. What is the usage uh. I could make a really good sword.

I can make a die. Dorks cole alright. There s some new flowers here and some opens test these up this gives us drawers. And i don t think i need them so it does not jump anything okay.

Mushroom stuffing sap. Oh let s get to that blueberry. Though so i m kind of hungry first let s check this nothing. So i guess we can eat it wow gives us nothing though barely any food.

I am digging sauna. Why does this turn into anything no i don t know why i tried though let s try some oak again ah i need some something helpful bricks uh for home. But i don t need a home right now i just need tools and maybe something that could help us a move that move faster like some like fast boots or something oh and a pickaxe. We all know that taggart ow.

We re almost at alright so this what the heck. The heck was that why is there a baby sound that is so creepy that s scared really hard way back to start now. We re not oh okay no we re not we haven t left anywhere. Though okay so all the tools there time to test some of these i guess with your stone.

Where s that ease for i can make a crafting table. Oh oh and on sibling. It s which. Yeah.

Why would i well. I wouldn t pickaxe water stuff. Oh put that away that doesn t give us anything that gives us a drum. Which isn t useful right now.

This doesn t give us anything on that note that doesn t give us anything..

I check that oh wow whatever that is and a compact drawer. Oh wait what i could get cobblestone sure let s get some bots. We could get wood. And what does that turn into oh great feel like we just found an exploit right here.

So we can infinitely have compressed cobblestone. Now i ll know why wouldn t we would need some what we do okay. So now you have all the back wrap to use to build ah hope. I think oh okay.

That was kinda like an exploit thingy should. I check these again uh touch. The stone to meet us uh. No i don t need that unix is super useful.

I don t really need it no for that doesn t do anything i need some useful material. What birch army. I don t think i do let s check. Which does the shadow number x all right so i think i already tried this apparently and gives us nothing uh about this well speed upgrades huh sure put this in here.

There wait what what i have two decks. Oh whatever i just dropped that that s like all our items perfect and there s a chicken. So we re let s kill that all i need i need food huh. Where s my food at huh need to find animals.

I could get steak and stuff cooked meat. Fight fine. Ninny looks like we re mainly just in dark forest areas and would be better if we could find somewhere better uh. Right.

Now. We can t try sam sure. Let s try saying nothing. Okay perfect gravel.

Nothing for gravel. Oh. That s not good oh animals don t doesn t this help us for something. Let s just kill all these animals tasks let s just cause some endangerment right here uh try to kill a horse.

I don t think we got loud. There oh. It s okay. Hey weather are kind of about doing that though something new there alright.

Let s test this oh. What okay uh what did this thing. That doesn t do anything perfect. And that doesn t do anything uh do you do anything okay.

I guess not well we are starving. Though and episode looks like it s almost over so let s quickly look into that whoa. Oh. It looks like a lot of cobblestone.

A one style. I don t need stoned oh. But damn well i just got cotton. I can t do anything with it cranking the habitat just put all this year.

Take the second one out and dump everything else in it because i don t need that alright so looks like we are starving to death. And we don t have food because all we find is freaking sheep. Oh. Why can t we find food okay i know what to check though do we have sugar cane yeah sugar cane sometimes give something good except for this time the woods they probably updated by now no they haven t nope okay so that hasn t uh try not to that okay we re gonna die oh my god i need to jump in the water and i couldn t do that alright.

I m gonna try to survive up if you guys enjoyed it please hit that like button. Ah cuz. This scene. This is a really cool thing.

We re doing here uh yeah hit that like button uh you know subscribe. If you re new to the channel and i m going to click this berry bush over there cuz i m gonna die right now yah yum yum yum and yeah see you guys next time thank you guys for watching don t forget to go check out dude. Where s my blog. If you need a tutorial.

I will make ” ..

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