Dungeon of the Endless Strategy & Tactics 1: Meet Ken and OpBot

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“Youtube. I am. Vin star and this is dungeon of the endless strategy and tactics. Tactics.

So now decided to after some positive feedback. Oh take a dive into this here. And go through a strategy. And tactics.

Series for giving some tips and tricks along the way. I may or may not actually finish the run in the sense that it might kill me. But we will learn from our experiences. The other thing.

I m going to do is change up my formatted timing. A little bit rather than doing a twenty to thirty minute episode. I will make my episodes. Exactly one floor long so depending on how long it takes me to complete a floor that s how long the episode will take and on cds like the shorter.

If i die horribly on a floor. So that being said let s get started okay so for a hero selection here. I have a particular pair. That clint fonda.

Now that being said. I can t categorically say that they are the best of the pair s being that i have still not unlocked three of three of the characters here and i haven t certainly haven t experimented with everybody. But for this particular build you want to keep in mind not only the characters statistical strengths weaknesses that they present to you in the item card here you also want to keep in mind. The particular upgrade paths you get from the character when they level up so that being said what you want to do is you want to have a sort of a brains and a fraud.

There s a number of brains and brawn s combinations. You can do over here. My particular pair that i like is up. But and ken for a couple of different reasons one up but gets his operate skill at level three which is insanely early and he s got a really high wit boot.

So he can start doing really good bonuses for us right off of that ken pretty powerful. Pretty fast. It s always good to have somebody fast crystal running and general door opening wish he had a little bit more help. But that s okay these two also they use two different weapon classes.

And that s very useful as it maximizes the chances that a random item or random shop item will have something that one of your heroes. Confuse lastly. These. Two actually have a story line between the two of them that results in the two of them getting bonus treats for free.

After you ve gone through five floors. With the two of them alive. So a little extra bonus. There.

So that being said let s get started. Here. I am. Going to be playing on the easy.

Difficulty as opposed to the too easy..

So that s the most difficult difficulty that i can bring about too yet so let s get started your first crystal room will always only have one exit out this is both a good thing and a bad thing depending on what the rest of the dungeon looks like and how soon or if it yet if it works at all when exploring and you want to move everyone make sure you shift and select everybody before moving healthy. They both move into the room at the same time and both can start fighting hostiles. If there are any other your first room almost always contains a major module. It does there s no reason not to build an industry creator and right off the bat.

It will continue to generate additional industry for you and allow you to build another major module before it becomes the property to do so on first lar always a good idea when you find a crystal especially if you find it early to check out what it s offering even if you have way too little science to actually purchase it in our particular instance here. I m not terribly thrilled with our options here that being said. It is usually good to cultivate at least one module set from each of these categories of equal each of these minor module categories of these three the viral injector and the suppressive fire hood are probably they to two main viable ones. The kip cannon is great later game.

But taking it this early in the game is waste live is it not be of any use to us. Yeah for pretty much the first half of the game. Until we can start our science production rolling emergency generator also useful. But not till much later in the game as well so you want to think early game benefit if you have the excess dust to do so.

It is always makes sense to power the rooms that you just open once you start running into more dark rooms. Than you have dust power. Then you can selectively power on and power off rooms based on your strategic needs rooms. Like this are ideal for fallback chokepoints.

Have a major module for an operator hang back on and a bunch of minor modules for automated defenses is great especially. If you have multiple paths. Branching. Often leading to the same room use that as a fallback point and keep a hero mainly your operator back there in to continue operating and giving you a benefit while also defending a choke point.

Once you have accumulated 25 industry. This time to build another major level in my particular build. I enjoy building a food replicator rather than a science creator right all that is getting up to level 3 as soon as possible will unlock his operate skill which will allow us to well utilize it and snowball our resources much sooner than normal because because the operate skilled adds. Their wit as a bonus.

Even though they re operating the level 1 module. Which only produces 3 extra by adding their wit it turns 3 extra into 13 extra thus greatly. Amplifying bonus from heaven of a module in there when opening up doors off of a multiple branching choke point path. It is always good to continue the one line that you are going down rather than opening up additional pathways.

Until you ve exhausted this line. All the way the reason being is if you have to start leaving dark rooms the farther away from your crystal. You leave a dark room look better guys slip past. You don t done don t free to come back and get them you don t want them to slowly make their way back to your crystal and start dying on it when you start having when you run out of dust to power every room.

They open always good to leave somebody behind in there. Especially. If you re focusing just on one half that will prevent response. Okay extra food and that s actually really good.

Because that kid went up body level up sooner rather than later. I just wonder why all right since we have exhausted this line. Here now is when we start looking into a different a different math layer. I m choosing not to leave somebody in there namely because i m taking a while to get back in case.

We can t force and going to the same methodology here continue down the path that you ve started. We are going to leave somebody in this one here it always fall back up it looks like we got some spawns be ready to intercept them if you take the wave. Separately. Where you don t have to fight them at the same time having multiple waves is not so bad so keeping your darkrooms far apart from each other is released as much as possible well allow you to tackle them independently.

Now now that we have enough for a pot hero to level up again..

We now have a glorious operate skill. Which means he s going to start settling down right here at this crystal. Which is awesome because next turn. He will be making honey bunches of food for us now.

When you have somebody who is settling down and into a crystals. It is this it is quite good to sit down some prisoner karatsu assistant. At least on the first floor. As you start going up the levels and start going on it research.

Having additional items. Unlocked and different configurations. May be more viable. Little cover cover the proper chokepoint defense mechanisms as we research and unlock them.

But for the time being a bunch of persian er prods not a bad thing. This should be all the defense s we need in this particular floor and actually this is probably a little overkill not on itself. But better safe than sorry and we will have more than enough industry to take to the next war so with your operator in place. You obviously want to leave them back by the choke point.

And then just have your have your runner. In this case. Can be the one kicking of the doors. Ah here s another one so we ve got one spare.

We ve got one spare room to light up here. And we ve got a couple of different choices. Here now we could light up that room and not worry about anybody at all coming from that direction or we could light up this room right here that would give us two two different directions. Here.

Generally speaking and this applies more on later levels. You want enemies coming from different directions. This allows you to build defenses in more rooms. Now because this is the first level and doing so would be way overkill.

I m not going to be building any extra defenses on here. But in the later levels. Where in your industry is more plentiful. But the end of enemies hit a lot harder in this particular scenario.

I would i would do it this way set up some defenses here set up some defenses here that way both sets of defense s get to get to hit a particular wave rather than one set of defense is getting overwhelmed by two waves after you kick open a door. It is always good to keep an eye on your event log down here a couple of seconds after kicking open the door and we ll notify you if you have spawns and if you knew how many once it says where what this how many spawns you have zooming out to see the little exclamation. Points will tell you from where they re coming. In this case.

The two different doors. So let us retreat back here now in this case. Instead they are facing everybody at once. It would be more prudent to use their cooldowns.

If we didn t have this many automated defenses as i said before that newless is probably a little for a level one anyway. But still good good good methodology to use again especially since these are the el cheapo prisoner prods. I would not recommend throwing down this many of expensive technology. Just one wool boy um.

The next step don t do it i just did always run your guys back because when you have spawns..

You don t want them get raked over the coals on the way over the level up and actually probably not have him fight to have you retreat you re probably going to use your surgical strike skill. There. Let s take a look at our preston. Again.

Looks like we are ready to go here. Suppressive fire box or the viral injector the viral. Injector is good for your longer. Distance.

Corridor. Ones. Suppress. The fire bot is good for placing implants with these last stand areas.

I think i m going to try any viral injector. I normally don t experiment with that one so i don t actually know how effective. It s going to be but given our our choices here given that we don t want to use our small amount of science for every role here. We re going to go with the viral injector as long as there s at least one door open to the level.

It is always good to start a science project. Because if that happened to be the very last door of the level it would autocomplete your research. However once you ve opened all the doors to a level you are no longer able to research on them ooh. Nice alright couple of different waves.

Here so always a bunker down and sit tighten until those calm. There we go excellent. Easy. Peasy.

And we re making buckets load loads of food here. Operate skill works out nicely. There we re also building up a healthy mixture of how the amount of industry now on the second floor. I usually only ever build two modules because beyond that by the time you can afford a third module.

Unless you start getting. Some science or some industry drops. It is unlikely that those third modules pay for themselves on the first floor later floors generally have more doors and also you ll have access to more industry faster therefore building three sometimes four mot major modules is actually economically viable but on the first floor. I just stick with an industry creator plus one more in my case.

I like those early level of so i can get operators all right now last over yeah you can still get monster spawns. But as you can see it autocompletes our stuff here two waves can come in they re both comics and protection ah. But here s another important point they are both coming from the same direction. But they re coming from different distances.

One s coming from the way over here the other ones coming in this room. That s a good thing because they re going to arrive at different times. Allowing us to process and murder one set of monsters before the next wave gets there therefore allowing us to focus by our firepower and take less damage in the process variable another set of crystals crystals are probably the most harmless of the enemies. If you if you start seeing a lot of crystals now these crystals are later versions of crystals uh become quite annoying alright four crystal runs the first thing you want to prioritize is a a clear path from your crystal to the accident.

If you have excess dust left over from that you want to prioritize rooms that are either behind or to the side of the crystal. Because you don t want monsters spawning into the face of your crystal runner. So in that case that would be that room in that room now that being said. We are going to get some spawns into the face of our crystal runner.

But they re going to hit our room of lasers..

So i m not too worried about that now as you can see here because their number is green that tells us that we can afford level up. But i don t like spending. My food particular level namely. Because that would that leaves me very little food for emergency heals.

It also starting with the second floor. You re almost always going to get yourself at least one improvement. Offer and you want to be able to have enough food to recruit them on the spot so that being said. I m just gonna leave our food alone.

I ll leave it as background in this case. I m going to have a pod one more round of operating ken is going to be our crystal burner. And it s also the faster of the two with a speed of 37 versus. Some pots of 34.

So ken gets the nod for the runner of the crystal after you pick up the crystal. I always like to zoom out and pause the game and then order your crystal runner to go to the exit. This will ensure that not now you don t waste a second of looking for and finding the room while monsters are spawning. So that way they start their run right away.

Watching your crystal run from this view is actually probably more strategically advisable. You can see from one sub. The monsters are spotting. Many are spawning and the progress of your crystal runner.

Once your crystal runner has made it past all of the areas that could spawn monsters go ahead and get the rest of your arrows in place. Here. So. If you can catch up and have a nice easy run to the exit.

When you see text in yellow. Here. This isn t them making random conversation. You ve been stumbled upon pair of characters that have a story arc glued to each other.

And this arc will span a number of floors before resolving itself and give some extra bonuses. So when you see characters addressing each other by name that means you ve got a pair these two are a pair. But they are certainly not the only pair and i m still stumbling upon them so sometimes you ll get lucky. And you ll find yourself a pair of people in and keep them both alive.

Long. Enough their story will resolve itself. And they can get bonus traits. Often it these two.

I know for a fact take five floors to resolve your mileage may vary with other people all right so a decent amount of resources to take to the next floor. We certainly have enough to build module after module here. The rapid fire like so we can get our production. Doing quite quickly.

So i hope you like this episode and next time mouth or number two so if you like this video hit the like button hit that subscribe button and leave me a comment good battery. Different your feedback is always welcome so until next time this has been pin stop signing out ” ..

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