EDIFIER S350DB _ (Z Reviews) _ The Basshead 2.1 / Soundbar Killer

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“These all right edifier contest. I m a couple months ago. Know like hey s3 s3 50. Db.

And i m like a what and i looked at up to 100 bucks alright edifier. I like how to fire. I a lot better fire turns out edifier makes the nicest stuff. And i m not joking.

I unbox these these these and this little little cube. Little baby speaker that s smaller than my hand with a little time thing has the best edges and line ups and finish. And nothing was out of place. It was like this no speaker.

Up there. None of them have this sort of like attention detail at these add. And i ve been abusing them for a couple of months yes. This is upside down and ignore that and then you pick it up and it s like well this is gonna be lightweight this thing weighs i think i weighed them on the unboxing.

I m pretty sure. This is like five pounds. It s like a five pound little little speaker cube and it s all the weights in the front. Here you ready well unplug.

It for a second ready ready ready ready where s it tipping point. Where oh there it is that s how far i need to tilt. It forward before it flops onto its drivers. Because there s so much magnet in here.

So. I m gonna get right to the meat of the situation. See us why would i spend 300 on this when i can get ellis aw. Well.

Then i can get three or five peas throw in a little bit more and get. Adams. Identifier makes are there 20. Systems.

And the point is this comes with it. Did you not just hear john wick as i walked in you re buying this because you re a basehead or and get this this has been my main listening set up on my computer. My computer. This is my workstation would i swap things in and out.

But when i m done here. I have the long trip home of there and when i m sitting there. I have headphones stuff and the speakers. Which are nice and small and flat.

We re under my 40 inch monitor right there with this big ass 8 inch. Subwoofer behind it and the fact. I can t if i wanted to listen to the fluids right now those fluids those fluid audios and they re great to put them on the desk. Doesn t work it does it have to stick off here.

And it doesn t fit. I ve can t put it under so these have a very very good niche to people need this and you only need those two to make them a product people who want the base and this delivers it or people who want really small speakers. Now you don t have to have it up. Here.

Like what was that swann set up the mt 110 m. One ten ten ten. I won ten ten ten. Where the volume knob was on the sulfur and you had the little baby cubes.

But it was part of the system as small as these are you do not need to have this covering a lot of like the vocal range. When you when you got a set up at really tiny satellites you tend to hear jumping. But shrill highs and then like the actual very walk when the burner wife starts talking when barry white starts singing he comes out of this and barry. I would still come out of this because he s barry white.

But she won t be offended by what these little babies can do without this well you ll always be this because. This is what s powering everything let me show you around so little baby monitor little baby little baby stand monitor right. This is the passive one goes in the left the wire is detachable. It is a five pin old ass keyboard wire like i even before my time keyboard and i m gonna put that right up there.

This is the powered side well no as you know that s not the right way to describe it this is the controller side. So you get the same speaker in the front. Except for over here. You get an indicator.


This thing has five inputs pc. On auxilary are full size rca s it s got this fiber optic. It s got coaxial digital. And it s got bluetooth and they re all switchable.

So here s your indicator that shows you what you re doing by the way i drop this and i m really sad because i okay here s your side controls. I m gonna talk about these for a minute because remember that whole build quality thing like those 1100 hour fluids or other visit you turn the knobs on these like this one is a digital knob. This is the volume and inputs lets you press it and your front you see optical coaxial bluetooth pc which is what i have the rca s and do right now and then you turn it and it sit there very nice. It s all metal.

These are metal knobs and they re like there s flat sides and it s great then you come up here and these are the bass and treble adjustments and they re analog and they they go negative six positive six and i swear to god on my channel. There is no other knob. I ve ever turned that feels as smooth as this the only one i could think of that comes close is on that thx 789 amplifier. Which is a gain switch.

Which is like this is a knob field. Where s the knob field dude get in here come come touch my bass knob. So you get bass and treble adjustments right on the side volume right here. Oh.

And then you get to the back. And you realize that this is an attached cable. So where s that one has five pins and come out this one doesn t have five pins. Then come out because it has an asked to do by amplification for the tweeter and the woofer and then the control panel in the front and then a digital knob for the volume and then based and then travel because the amplifier isn t care creaky chairs creaking.

So let s and this thing is heavy heavy heavy like doc brown and mario fly. Heavy. Is there something wrong with the world s gravity. In the future.

Yes doc. There is these speakers are heavy this thing. This is why we re interested. This is why you re interested you see us i like bass.

See us. I want i want the bass well studio monitors will give you enough like i make arguments all the time. I will see people who are like that and i m like look don t buy a piece of cuz you like bass buy this and it ll be better for you and up until now that s been the way. I ve been able to go about things like get get them jbl s at home get them.

Three or five peas get them into the atom t. 5. Vs. They ll appreciate the sound and the separation.

Everything and then naked add bass later. But what if you could appreciate the sound and everything and then have bass now and it s only three hundred dollars. And it comes with a remote that s another thing. I usually recommend powered monitors and stuff.

And while there s a couple out of fires. They you see a little more money than this and then they they do do good bass. But oh my god you cannot beat a dedicated subwoofer. An eight inch subwoofer cannot be beaten by like trying there s any speakers that could do it have a fight in the comments.

I like when people fight in the comments looking at the back of this because. This is where all the gold is standard power plug figure eight here s where the five pin from the left channel plugs in and i m distracting. You now. I m looking around low with my phone.

And there s and here is where the db 15. Plug is for the right channel seriously out of fire. I mean they re running by amps so need to for that and to for that just like this has five pins. I guarantee you re only four.

Though are being used to for that and two for that so they need four pins on this side. Plus. The controller plus. The led in front plus.

The power for the led because everything s coming from here so satellite speaker right you you re gonna take a trip back to memory lane. Whose computer monitors kids used to be run on these computer monitors. Yeah yeah no like hdmi but like old for old people. I m not can i screw it in i m just going to screw it in i miss i miss the satisfaction of screwing these in my um mine ass has an esata cable that has those i m like i miss tightening.

These just tight and wiggle it then you tighten it some more you remember doing that i know you do so. When am i back here oops sorry plug the power to coaxial digital. It s upside down shut up coaxial digital input optical input was a little capital don t keep right there so i could hook this up straight from one of my optical leads right now the army dax using it so your coaxial input optical input. Which means hello television sound bar destroyer sound bar destruction.


Some bars can go themselves. How s that can i make a t shirt on teespring and put it in the put it on my store. That just has sound bars can go themselves is that allowed. I said it in youtube so why wouldn t they be able to printer on t shirt.

Don t don t argue with me methodological wallace so you got four rca s they re both inputs and i ve got it set right now to pc. Was one pcs. Too let s plug in our power. You got a main power bus switch here.

Which does not it s not what you re gonna use to turn this thing on and off at night for that you re going to use the side of this that inputs which you hold it down speaker turns off ready and i turn it off it s off i turn on it s on weird everyone cool. We re all cool with that very cool cool cool. I m cool you re cool. We re cool thank you so imaging.

But let s talk about how speakers sound lumps abase. Great. I actually have the bass turned down a little bit. When i m like in this configuration and when it was behind my monitor.

I turned it up a little bit. Because you i love my bass. Sometimes yes. That s some spaceballs.

You knew you were gonna get it i should have held it to the end. But yeah. Some spaceballs is playing and you get trumpets and you get like they did a really really good job of picking these drivers and setting up if you re running by amplification that they know the amplifies for amplifiers in here. Actually.

Five one for the driver and then two and each their dsp correcting this to the nines because these sound amazing. The imaging and the when it s quiet. It s quiet when it s high it s sharp you get this across like you do on like really good. Even with no waveguide oh by the way did you notice.

I don t know if i pointed it out did you notice that around the tweeter here that s a ring of foam to soften the edges as it curves around like a wave guy would do it directed. It s just just killing the ah and i ve never that s good. Okay spaceballs. No that s very loud now very loud on a desk is like i it is cute.

But i m talking about taking these into your living room. I m talking about you have five inputs bluetooth. Let s not count so four inputs game console home theater pc straight out of your tv. If you want to do you know i watch amazon on my tv boom plug it in fiber optic bluetooth added bonus.

It s a sound bar killer. It s just fiber optic cable in the description. This video will be two links this and a fiber optic cable. If your tv is built since like 2013.

And should just have a fiber optic output by this pull out the subwoofer down on the right all i should point out one thing. This cable for the left hand side. Which is nice and removable and doesn t match. The cable on the right hand side my ocd is fine.

It doesn t care that this one is like bronzed and clear and that that one s black well it does bother. Me is that this one s 11 feet long. And that one s 5. So that sort of limits your placement options now there on the desk here no one s bothering you i mean i m doing a review of it has to be here.

But in a real life scenario. This would be on the floor. And it would have to be on the floor over there because i can t put it on the floor over there i mean i could if i switch. The speakers and then plug the left and right in but then if i m using bluetooth or a coaxial or fiber optic.

It s going to make that the right speaker. So it s just i wish that this one was longer or detachable and i can go out and buy a dv 15 cable. If they even sold anymore. So a little bit of a wonkiness with like 11 foot on that side 5 foot on this side sort of this is always gonna be to the right so.

If you have a television set up where you can t put the sub on the right you actually know don t you i guarantee you you know what this would be three links in the description. These a fiber optic cable and a db 15 extension cable. I m gonna find one even have to go to ebay to find it so you could extend that speaker further away than it currently is and then you can put this so i know you want to go because it s just a little bit short. Where was i was i talking about things all the remote.

We should get to remote by the way very very little distortion in this sub. When you crank it like i can get it to sound like i get this port on the side to chuff a bit. But i m pushing it to the point where i m like trying to break it and the speakers never give up either cuz again good quality design. Dsps will fix everything the remote is round by the way it pops from my dac not from from the way.


My fubar is set up not because the speaker s it s when it goes. That s from kasuba that my god it s so dead it s like having it s so weird because it s like having two tweeters one that s at the very high and when this it s a pretty high and yet. There s still vocal clarity that comes out of it like i could turn the bass down. All the way just there down all the way that s cymbal just stick.

I need to i need to find a chair doesn t squeak well it adds. What do you think i ll make you squeaky chair. Say so in the comments because my squeaky chair bothers of of me bass backup. I need you to understand that these are good speakers.

I m not just saying hey everybody here a pair of speakers. I m bad about it come with a minutes. If subwoofer bro. So you re gonna be blasting.

Them tunes bitches be on your dick constantly no. I m saying that these are a really quality set of speakers. Tuned finitely to listen to the finest in music. And eat the finest of cheeses and drink the finest of wines.

I don t know this should be a 600 set alright. I saw them for 300. I m like alright when i unbox them. I m like wait a second these are built way too nice for 300 and then you hear the minutes like five so deal the century what i d say take them over like adam t5 v.

s well that comes down to if you need one of these and one of these if you re a bass head. The adams would get low. But nothing get what i don t think i have get low and of course. It s not searching things nope.

I have yellow submarine and lindsey stirling. How do i have a little john lil. Come on lil. Jon oh that sucks i feel like my day is ruined.

Now till. The niggas that behold in the wow. Yeah. I here s a boy number.

One don t put it here. I m suffering getting hit by this thing and those are up really loud like very loud like i know they work in a living room. Because of how loud they get so they get vanessi. They can get so phoenicia.

So we could turn the volume down like this each other volume of the remote. Remember. The remote let s talk with ramon. It s round.

If you haven t noticed yet. It s round and the problem with a round remote is you don t know. Which side is up and down you have a little bit of indicator. If you see the window.

But if you seen the window. It s backwards and you look on top and you ve got power and then all five options so you got pc auxilary bluetooth coaxial optical and then center is play pause. Which when you re on anything that s not bluetooth acts as your mute buttons. So you could have you just mute.

It turning on or off is almost as fast as muting it but just mute it oh my kilowatts here by the way and 12 watts is about the most i can see out of it before i want to die. 12 watts. When it s paused and there s nothing playing seven and a. Half.

When. You power. It. Off 22.

Watts. 21 watts. 23. Watts 22.

Watts. Because it s waiting for me to turn it on so two months when it s off turn it on and nothing s playing seven seven point six. When something is playing 1 for 10 to 13 so 10 to 13 watts. That seems remarkably efficient by the way for the amount of sound and the factor.


Pushing an 8 inch subwoofer. So the this is the i d really need to get like a piece of tape and put it at the bottom. Here just like a big fat piece of tape this one i m reaching for this when it s when the lights are not quite as bright and it s sort of in the shadows. You can t you don t mess up left right you mess up completely 180 degrees.

Then you go to touch things me look like an idiot. I do like it just feel good in the hand. It s like oh. Wow.

Mmm do it to me. Daddy. Bach. Froze.

A hybrid. Bock bock. Sounds. Great here.

I. Think edifier might have has edifier ever put out a stinker not really they asked me to review some cheap headphones are theirs. And i literally went like. But i mean these speakers did this this whole generation.

The edifier air pulse. I may have to steal off a truck because take this design like the clean lines and everything make it a six and a half inch actual speaker with a giant hair motion tweeter for like a thousand dollars. I i i don t even know let s let s see if i can finagle those out because this this is an amazing introduction to edify. If you ve never had it delicious.

It s just quickly down under by the way. If you haven t seen that movie tom selleck plays a american cowboy who goes to australia because snape wants him to shoot aborigines and he s like i ain t gonna come shoot aborigines and he s like well i m gonna shoot you says snape and then he goes running out into the wilderness with with laura. Sandra comon with the big titties and then he has to side with the aborigines. But they re all trying to kill him and they re all a strand.

So they re dumb as and then not that australians are but back in that movie they re just like oh. We re australians. We can kill them and at the end is a great shootout now it s great it s great movie. Maybe i ll link to quigley down under on amazon video.

These feel so light. The word is light here s the thing. The word on these speakers is light and then you look in the middle trying get something bassy to just kick on i can t there s a reason that these have been on my desk for like six months four months three months at least three months. Maybe four they sound amazing imax.

I do my head if i m not feeling limp. Like wearing headphones. Which is something that happens to me a lot because apparently i have to do that for a living. But i don t feel like wearing headphones that i m doing like sound demo editing.

These are fine. These are light and these is this is heavy and these are cheap and they re well made and that other than the remote having an annoying quirk and that wire being too sure which i m gonna fix with the link in the description. These are a hundred percent better than any soundbar throw more low in than any powered monitor you can get like eight inch ones. They re small they re puny while though it s pretty and beautiful the pewt full and i m done talking about them um.

I don t have a sound. I m up for these yet and i m pretty sure i m gonna have to make one like i m very sure i m not to get the anointment out. But until then wallpapers in the description sound demo is probably in the description links to things are in the description links to my patreon. Which will not be getting these i have the box and lunch should i sell these and i just i m gonna put them back.

There and made meet another couple months maybe something else comes around that i could replace them with. But until then nothing beats these for a cramped desks location. Because you put this in the floor. And look.

These are smaller than a foam block alright go my minions spread the loaves for the word over the es350 tbh. I m the patreon in the upper right in the description. Yeah. You know what i m doing also there s a yard sales and the first 1 10.

Where i was other things that are not these so if you want to bid on any of that stuff for cheap. It s only 5 a month. And if you actually bid when you could save a lot of money and if you want a bid. I m going to pledge 10 a month you got into a super secret super cool club where are like 60 people and i just discuss how the peasants go about audio and really hahaha.

I wax my feet with vinyl that doesn t make any sense shut up alright. I m done here we done. ” ..


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