EVO VR Headset With Bluetooth Controller $15

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“Today we re looking at the evo vr headset with bluetooth controller and this is is what we get in the box. So we get a box inside of a we get the manual with the instructions on how to use the vr headset. We get the qr code for google cardboard. We get another box with the bluetooth controller.

As you can tell is a very compact controller made of plastic with its included joystick to create easier movement. Once we open this bad boy up. We can tell it requires two triple a batteries once we place the batteries. We can hold the power button.

And like that we could go ahead and pair. It with the cell phone in the controller. We also have the a button the d button the b button the c button and finally the add button if you hold the power button also it turns it on this controller does work with ios devices and android devices. The only thing you have to do is switch it to the side that you re gonna use once we turn this bad boy around we get to shooting buttons as well one located at the bottom.

And one on the top and finally on the top. We have the joystick toggle button. Which would be your left right up and down. Now let s take a look at the headset as you can tell has a slick white and black look all around is made of plastic.

Very lightweight and compact as you can tell the door is a semi transparent tinted look that once you open it it has a magnet to secure the phone in place and the door itself we have two adjusters two on the top and two on the side..

The one on the top. It adjusts is the eye from left to right the eye is made of plastic. Not of glass. And you can control each eye individually one from the other and on the bottom ones.

That would be to the left or the right side of your ear. You can control how far away you have the height to your eye. And both of these you could control individually as well and here is the better look at the travel let you get on each one and to secure the phone. We get both padding on the back of the phone and on the bottom.

And this is great because it s going to prevent scratching on the phone surface and it also gives it a tight fit. Which is a definite plus and to make the vr experience more comfortable. We get vents on the top and also on the side. But the most we re in thing is padding because once you place that headset in your face for a couple of hours and you start sweating.

You want to be comfortable. And we can say this one does have a lot of that the strap is fully adjustable. You do have velcro for both left right and top side. Which gives you better control to choose your best comfort level overall using different head sizes.

We did not find any issue when placing the headset..

So that means you can tighten it from a small head to a bigger head without any issue in. Our testing we tried forms from 45. Inches all the way to 55 inches. And they all fit well according to the manufacturer you can fit a phone up to 6 inches.

Once you place your phone and align your phone screen with the vertical line on the headset with your phone you re ready to go overall. We got a clear view with the headset and great gameplay with the controller. The great thing about the controller is that let s say in a scenario like youtube you can play pause. The video and even lower or higher the video when playing music or any video.

So that is a definite plus. Because it makes the experience a lot easier and more comfortable and that s what you re looking for when you get a vr heads and remember like every vr headset. It all depends on the phone that you re using the headset is just the tool to hold your phone in place for the experience that your phone to provide overall. We can say we had a great experience with the headset.

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to drop it in like this is that is how i m going to do it so going to have to grab each side you re going to want to aim towards the middle and just go very slowly and you re probably gonna have to drop it in just try and make sure you re lining it up right your little arrows on the side on the side of the case. In here. You could try to follow those arrows and then when you feel like you re in the middle you just drop. It and feels like it s on something so it s kind of on top of something so.

We re gonna have to do is give it a little push you can actually make look in and make sure that it is that it looks lined up with the port in the bottom. So what if you think it is lined up you re going to go in and you re going to push and you feel it snap. So i am now snapped in feel like it s connected like cou move it around and it s not connected i mean and it s not like wiggling too much and you can t really get it out so. He is connected to the port and we do have our hard drive set up so there you have it to take our casing and put that right in now you just got to be careful that you don t throw it around too much because you don t want to damage the port or you don t want to damage the port or the hard drive by throwing it around too much because it is not very secure since it is just stuck in there so that is how you do you got your xbox 360.

Slim. I have the four gig right here. And you take it out of the hard drive key that you saw here and you just drop it in and it should be fairly simple. Just you got to be very very.

Careful with your xbox 360. Hard drive. So the next difficult. Part is.

When you are trying to attempt to take it out so you re going to have to turn over our xbox and try to attempt you know fit our fingers in there and take it out okay..

So this is where the hard part would be and we want to take it out so you take off the towel. Obviously and you see that you can t really get your fingers in there to take it out i mean some people maybe. But definitely not me so you need to try and get into hell. If it is possible take out like that see that that s how you do it not the most safe way.

But definitely works so there you go so if you have any issues. We could comment you should be able to just do it pretty simply just be careful very careful definitely do not squeeze. Too hard. And don t just try and force it or anything like that because you don t want to damage.

It and then have to buy a new one so until next time guys. I m luna 2224 subscribe to see my future videos for xbox 360. And you know iphone and good kind of stuff follow me on twitter to where our talk twittercom. Slash going into 2020 for now we ll see you guys in ” .


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