Fallout 76 New Duplication Glitch After Wastelanders Patch! Unlimited Ammo, Junk, Aid Items & More!

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76. Video and which i ll be showing you a new duplication glitch. That works with just about anything except for weapons armor and items that don t stack. If you guys do want to enjoy this video or find it helpful.

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So first and foremost just know that this glitch is already getting around a lot. And bethesda is already aware of it i just wanted to put that across as otherwise..

I ll no doubt have some people blaming me for when this inevitably gets patched whether that be later today by the end of this week or early next week. I don t imagine it will last any longer than that even if that long anyway let s get into how it s done alright guys. So. The first thing you need to do for this glitch is go to where your camp is located once you ve done that you want to go into workshop mode.

Go over to the displays tab like you can see i m in right now. And go down to the second option in the tab. Where it says display case you do not need a plan to unlock this or anything. It should just be there now you re going to want to put this display case down close to wherever.

It is that you spawn into the server at your camp. If you don t know where that is then go ahead and just join a server. See where exactly it is that you spawn at your camp and put your display case as close to that spot as possible. I know that i spawn right around this area when i come into the server in my camp so i m gonna put the display case here once you guys do have it down just go ahead and figure out what item.

It is that you want to dupe you can only do one item at a. Time but you are doubling it up so if you have 5000 of something for instance like i m going to have here you re going to turn that into 10000..

I m going to be doing it with my 5. 5. 6 ammo and i have 5000. W.

Here in my stash you want to make sure that the full amount of whatever you want to dupe is in your. Stash so again the 5000. Rounds of 5 5. 6.

Ammo. I have here is going to stay in my stash. Once you guys do you have that all ready to go you re going to want to leave the server and then come back into a server after that and i ll continue on that with what to do for the glitch from there also it can be a public server or a private server. And it does not have to be the same server that you set all of this up and none of that stuff s matters.

You just have to leave the server and come back into one and i ll be back with you guys in a second to continue on alright guys so once back in a server like i am. Now you want to as fast as you can rush over to the display case and you want to go over to your item in my case is gonna be the five five six ammo and you want to choose the assign option that you see in the bottom left hand corner ish for me on playstation..

4. It is square and as you can see i have one of my five thousand five five six rounds now assigned to this display case so as soon as you get into the server. You want to rush to the display case. And you want to choose to transfer with it and you want to immediately go to whatever item.

It is that you want to dupe again in my case is these five five six rounds hover over it in just a one time click whatever button or key you need to you in order to do the assign option once you guys have done that just go ahead and back out of the case. And then you can choose to either in workshop mode. Scrap or store. The display case.

I m just gonna go ahead and choose to scrap it and then once you guys have done that head over to your stash and as you can see i now have nearly ten thousand of my five five six rounds. So the duplication did work it essentially doubled the amount that i had and you guys will see that it does the same thing for you now just an important note about this glitch. You re definitely gonna want to know you re not going to be able to do it with any item that you only have three or less of so those five five six rounds that i did the glitch with for instance. If i only had three two or one of them i would not be able to duplicate them whatsoever.

If you try to do it. With one or three of an item then the glitch will not work and if you try to do with two of an item..

I ve actually found that it deletes one of those two copies of the items. So do not do it unless you have at least four of the item. Otherwise you will either have no success or you will run into issues with losing one of those items aside from that a tip for you guys before you actually attempt the glitch go into your display case before leaving the server and find out exactly. Where the item is that you want a dupe you know figure out where you need to click over to the certain tab that the items listed under see how far you have to scroll down or if you can filter the items in a certain way to make your item closer to the top so it s less time for you to get to it just get an idea of where exactly the item is and how fast you can get to it so.

That you are not wasting any time. Once you re in the server getting over to the display case and getting it assigned as quickly as possible it does seem like you have a decent little window of time to do this but it doesn t hurt to make sure that you are doing it as fast as possible to give yourself a potential better success rate for the glitch. That s gonna be it for this video guys. If you have any questions or concerns just let me know in the comments and i ll do my best to get back to you as soon as i can as always if you ve enjoyed or found this helpful be sure to drop a like down below subscribe for more and click.

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