Fallout Shelter How To Get More Dwellers

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“Is going on guys are up here with a quick tutorial today showing you how how to get dwellers to your vault. If you re having trouble in fallout shelter you do start out in fallout shelter. Quite a few dwellers show up and you re going to have a big number of people to start out with but eventually they just stop coming and you ll have to create your own offspring by doing the dirty to get your dwellers at the beginning before you can afford to get the radio shack. So what i like to do is take a man obviously.

And i put them in some night. Wear or something that gets his charisma up so that it goes quickly sort of a lady up there as well and i ll put her in something that has some charisma in the outfit as well so that she ll have a higher level. Because it makes them go pretty quick..


And you can um. You know get a couple kids banged out in maybe like 15 minutes or something. So that s what i do as you can see it adds a little bit of charisma. The night where is my favorite because it adds three and there s not a night.

Where as well that adds five. They ll be making babies sometime. Soon..


I m sure you can put family. In there sometimes and they ll just say oh i love hanging out with the family and they won t make a baby. So that s unfortunate. If you re trying to get your dwellers up the other way that you ll get dwellers to your vault.

Is by opening. A radio station and once you ve got that going you probably want to put as many people as you can get in there. Just so that it s as successful as possible and also you need charisma for that as well to get people to your vault..


I like to put them in the night where because it s three charisma points added to they re special and i also have a naughty night way which gives them. 5 charisma so that s really awesome so they re in there working and we have these guys we make such a cute couple. And i bet you ll make such a cute baby. They re going to go back.

There all smiles good stuff. And that is how babies are made ladies and gentlemen so those are my tips for getting dwell. There s two year galt and fallout shelters nothing really fancy..


Unfortunately it does take quite a bit of time. I think i ve got about maybe three or four dwellers since i ve out been that radio station. So if i expand it and stuff like that which i plan to since i ve got some money then hopefully it ll start bringing in more dwellers quicker. But for the most part.

I ve just been repopulating and making lots of babies to get my druthers up so i hope this helps you out guys you ll be able to get your population up in your vault. And we ll see you in the ” ..

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